Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

happy hump day :)
alrighty it's time to link up
with Michelle at the vintage apple!

I hope you are linking up too!
There is no rhyme or rhythm to any of these

too cute for words

preach it Dumbledore

I NEED this jacket...NOW!
god i love this movie
eeek I love this gender reveal!
i sure hope so.
big bang theory..duh
have a wonderful wednesday loves :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I am still here but I have not
had the urge to blog the last few days
I am having a rough time in my personal life
and I am just not ready to share about it yet.
I have been an emotional mess the entire weekend
and I don't really know how things are going to end up
and I am just... upset/angry/sad/exhausted and
all other emotions that are not good.
So please bear with me.
I am hoping to be in better spirits
after this next weekend..
i hope.
I am going to be doing the pinterest link up tomorrow
but after that I might not post til next week.
I just ask you send me good vibes and good
thoughts. I will be keeping up with
your blogs though! I just can't bring myself
to post about anything because i would
feel like I am being fake if I act as if everything
is going great.
Hope your week is going well!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Social {First Timer}

Happy Sunday!!
Well I usually do not blog on Sundays but I always see Sunday Social
Link-Up and I figured I would partake this week since I have a little
time to myself this Sunday.
Are you linking up?

Sunday Social
1. What is the first website you log into each day?
Facebook. Its on my favorites bar so I just automatically click on
it everytime i get online.

2. Give us some funny websites that you visit that we need to know about.
You will spend hours laughing...out loud.

3. Pinterest or Facebook? Why?
Oooh, this is hard. I am obsessed with Pinterest.  I cannot get enough.
However, I am creepster and facebook allows me to do that in privacy.
Haha, I kid. It's easier to keep
up with my friends and family, especially since i moved back to STL.

4. Twitter or Instagram? Why?
Twitter, duh. Well I don't have Instagram bc my phone barely takes pictures
let alone connect to the internet.

5. Favorite YouTube video. Post it!
Harvard baseball team cover of 'call me maybe'
it literally never gets old.
Sexy boys from harvard...WHO PLAY BASEBALL??
yes please.
Watch it.

6. Biggest online pet peeve?
hmmm... a lot of things bug me.
Mirror pics of ANY KIND. People who instagram just themselves 4-5 a day
everyday. Duck faces. Pop-ups. Apps on facebook. thats all i can think of now.
Happy Sunday :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Garage Sales & Family Visits

Well hello Friday!
This week went pretty quick! Well probably because i was
in Springfield for two days.
So as the weekend is approaching I am pretty  excited because my Aunt
Connie is coming to town. She lives in Nebraska and is going to
be visiting from tomorrow
through next weekend.She is my mom's sister and i
love my mom's side
of the family. I am not really sure what we all have
planned for the week, but it should be a good time.
I do KNOW that tomorrow during the day
I get to help my mom price crap, errr
unwanted items in the basement for the garage sale.
The garage sale is going to be sometime in September
and I CANNOT wait for it. Our basement looks like something
off Hoarders. Siiick. But we will be pricing all day
in the basement, which won't be too bad because at least it
will be cool down there. Missouri weather (as expected)
freakin' rose about 25 degrees and has been in the 90's
for the past few days. Ugh, HOT.
Then hopefully we will be going out for a nice dinner
or perhaps some home cookin' when Aunt Connie
gets here.
Other than that, my weekend is full of....
I am going to try to get to the gym early in the morning both
Saturday and Sunday. I am really trying to eat healthy and make
it to the gym at least 5 days a week. Spending so much time
in Springfield is getting in the way of my workouts
which is TOTALLY unacceptable. I am going to start bringing my
30 Day Shred vid to do when he is at work and probably just start
buying/packing stuff for salads etc instead of eating out during the day.
I am determined NOT to have to buy new jeans this winter. I
have two totes cute pairs of Silvers, that THIS BOOTY
will be getting into!
 gotta get going!
Oh and I really need to pay my library fine.
Evidently dropping your book into the pool
is considered unrepairable damage.
I am terrible.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

floating {recap}

AH okkkkay!
So I am finally getting to sharing my weekend of floating and camping.
Where to start--
Alright well, I drove down a night early (last wednesday) to surprise caleb a day early.
Well i think he was surprised. He said he kinda knew something was up when I was asking
him all about his plans for the evening. He was excited none the less. We just laid around the
rest of the night watched footloose. We are wild, I know.
Thursday night, we ran errands all over town getting last minute stuff for the float.
We got a sweet floating cooler/tube plus food stuffs. We went to visit his friend Jimmy and his wife
Lacey at Jimmy's parents house (they were floating with us) for a bit then ended back
at caleb's and played 80's power hour and ended up at this little bar & grill with his friend joanna.
I may have had a few cran and vodkas too many, but it started storming so we ended up
playing in the rain like little kids. Soaked to the bone we finally made it back to
caleb's and crashed.
FRIDAY we left! After he got off work we headed out to the river! After picking up Jimmy and Lacey we taveled a quick 45 minutes to the camp grounds. The boys proceeded to set up the tents and the get the fire started, Lacey and I unloaded the foods/coolers/ bags etc. WELLLL we are minding are own business (btw its only about 7:30pm at this point and completely light out) and these two drunkards stumble from the campground across from us (we later found out that they had wandered over to that camp and were not from it) and start yelling profanities left and right and just being obnoxious. Now, I am all about having a great time, but come on--its not even 8pm you are
wandering into someone else's campground being out of control. GET IT TOGETHER. Let us fast forward about 25 minutes. One of the drunk kids came back to 'apologize' for being obnoxious and when jimmy (who was busy grilling etc) didnt give him the time of day and wouldnt shake his hand, THIS KIDS COLD COCKS HIM IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD...WHAT THE EFF? yeah that happened. The kid ran off. We were all so shocked because it literally came out of nowhere. We just continued on about our business. WHO DOES THAT??
saturday we floated all day and the water was freakin freeeeeeezing. My little toes were quite chilly and let's not get started about my bumbum that sat in the water the whole time. Anywhoos after we got off the float, i am minding my own business taking a shower in the lovely aka absolutely filthy camp showers, and i start hearing someone shouting "get out! get out!" then i heard a huge BOOM. So i jump out in my little towel and run outside, and oh yeah the the electric box is on FIRE in between the bathrooms! Truelife. 
After that we grilled and ate and drank and had a marvelous time. Ooh yeah and these kids across from us got left by one of their drivers, who happened to leave his 8 person tent. So instead of breaking it down and bringing it back to KC for him they sold it to me for 10 bucks. A coleman $150 tent is now mine for 10 bucks.
Okay phew, i tried to recap quickly and to the point.
now here are some pics of Caleb's dog that i got play with all day when he
is at work. Her name is Roadie because she loves road trips.
eeek i love her!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

Okay I am the worst, I know! After driving back last night, I had zero motivation to write
all about my weekend! I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was vedge on the couch
and hang out with the parents! I swear I am working on the update about floating post and it will be up tomorrow!
However, since it is wednesday I gotta link up with Michelle at the Vintage Apple
for oh how pinteresting!

Hope you are linking up too!
Enjoy pretties!
All the pins this week are semi-themed. I am really
trying to get healthy (and let's be honest, skinny)
and hit the gym etc again so all the pins are
just a little push to get this bod into shape.
ah, love Nike sports bras
omg so true!
sexay athletic gals
cute atheletic fall outfit
one day
Have a fab wednesday dolls!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Manic Monday

Well that weekend went by WAY TOO FAST!

I am not back home yet because I decided to stay an extra day in Springfield with Caleb. :) The weather is too beautiful to sit in a car for 3.5 hours It is in the mid 60s with a clear blue sky and puffy white clouds.. So I am stay until tomorrow and plan on playing with his dog and enjoying the weather all day!

I promise to give a full update on the weekend and the camping, because let me tell you it interesting weekend.

a preview--
(in bullet points)
  • Bathroom catching on fire
  • Caleb's friend getting punched by a drunk idiot within the first hour
  • dynamite explosion
All true. Fuller explanations later.

Anywhoos I hope your Monday is going splendid and I promise to catch up tomorrow


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

well hello there!

So i have decided that i cannot take one more day of not seeing
caleb, so I am driving down tonight to surprise him a night early :)
I know i am too mushy and it's obnoxious but I cannot help it.
He is just too cute and i like him.
(insert huge cheezy smile here) :D

Well anyways that's the plan. I still have to make sure he isn't going out with
his friends tonight. If he is, i will just wait til tomorrow morning because
i don't want to ruin his man friend time.  But hopefully I will be
heading out in a few hours to surprise him!
I am getting more excited to float and camp. I actually
just picked up stuff for smores and i got a 12pack of
lime-A-ritas. SO delish and that way I won't be drinking beer all day
and get all bloaty .(The less bloated i am the better I will feel in
my swimsuit. ugggh)

I will be MIA until Monday though :( I promise to try very hard to take lots of pictures
so I can have a fun post on Monday.

let's be honest...I might end up finding time to post thursday or friday...I cannot stay away
from you guys and my blog stalking. sad but true.

okay so let's get to the fun stuff
I am linking up with Miss Michelle over at the The Vintage Apple for
Oh how pinteresting!


Bahaha- SO true!

how adorable? I would have loved if someone had
asked me to prom like this.

:) i just love this movie

seared scallops and Parmesan risotto. I LOVE scallops.

i totally believe this.

omygosh. adorbs.


all photos via pinterest

Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Harry Potter and grimey bathrooms

Where did the weekend go?
It just flew right by!

Here's a weekend re-cap--

Friday- Watched movies with my mom and got mexican. I am cool, I KNOW!

Saturday- Woke up bright and early to go get my huurrrr did.
In reality, I got it trimmed and my eye brows waxed. Then mom, myself
and my aunt went car shopping for my aunt. She actually found a nice one at the first place
we went. THANK GOD. Car shopping is obnoxious (especially when we can test drive the fun ones).
 It was pretty painless and now she has a new and shiney ride.

Well then Saturday night, i went to main street (which is the 'downtown' st. charles PAHAHA-
like we have a downtown) in reality its just a street with bars on one end
and antique store on the other. FIRST off let me explain that I HATE MAIN STREET.

for a few reasons.
1)I hate paying cover and then four dollars for a beer. Yes I was spoiled in Springfield because
it is a college town and drinks are cheapo, but still four dollars is ridic.
2) Its a like a high school reunion. There aren't too many places  to really 'booze' in
St. Charles so everyone goes to Main. If we didnt talk in high school there was a reason
i dont need or want to talk to you now. Ps you were probably really hateful to me
bc you didnt think I was 'cool'
3) All the bars are the same. They are loud, packed and grimey. I prefer a place where i can sit
and chat. I DO NOT like being grinded on by 10-15 drunkards while trying to find the bathroom where i have to squat to pee and flush with my foot. No thank you.

So anyways i got talked into going to main. I actually didnt have an awful time
(mainly because of who i went with),
 but needless to say, I probably won't be heading down there for a while.

Sunday- Harry Potter Marathon and Olympics Closing Ceremony. BOOM.

ohmygawd. he is such a babe.


ookay i will stop. I am too obsessed.
all photos via//

Somewhere in there we have my 'room' aka my mom's new craft room 'After' part TWO
check it out--
from the door. Re-painted dresser and put up chair
rail. It's hard to see, but its the molding
in between the grey and white.

New bedding. Oh and don't mine the fabric on
the bench. Mom is going recover it soon.

More of the re-done dresser.

The accent colors are going to be red. So
I think we are going to get small red pillows
for the bed.
On the side wall (across from the closet) is going to be my mom's work area.
She is going to have a long table and canvas cubes for all her scrapbooking
and craftying supplies. We are also decorating with old movie posters for the walls
but that will be another weekend.

Have a great day :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

always sometimes never TGIF


alrighty well i know this link up was for yesterday but I didnt see
until late last night so I am doing it today. k? k!
So I am linking up with three lovely ladies for something called
'always, sometimes, and never'

always will hate waking up in the morning. I don't care if
it is to do the most exciting thing in the whole world or i got 12
hours of sleep the night before, I will hate it.

Sometimes I wear my hair in a messy bun for a few multiple
days in a row, especially this summer without ever
taking it down to straighten...or brush it.

I never sleep with my socks on. I cannot deal with that.

I always listen to music everyday when I get ready
and when i am in the car.

I sometimes know all the words.

I never know the names of songs (and rarely with the exception
of country music know who the artist is).

TGIF dolls!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

One week {baby}

thursday. thursday. thursday.

well this week is flying by! This also means it is one week until I head to Springfield for an extra long weekend with cute boy. I haven't really talked much about him. Well his name is Caleb and we have been together a short time, only about 2 months. We unfortunately live about 3.5 hours away which is no fun at all! I haven't seen him in about 2 weeks (which means it will be 3 next weekend) so I am itching to see him!  Since we don't see eachother a lot it just means that we enjoy the time we get together and this next weekend is going to be a blasty blast.

A quick preview of our plans--
we are camping friday and saturday evening. We are also going to be floating on saturday. I am SO excited--well being in a swimsuit for hours upon hours with no coverup won't be fun, but I am going to just have to get over it. We are floating with his best friend and his wife, Jimmy and Lacey.
I met them about a month or so ago. They are also the parents of one of Caleb's godsons, so I know it will be a great day!
I hope the water is up and we don't bottom out a lot. I guess we are taking tubes
which means we will be actually be in the water all day which is going to be fab!

our view probably won't be this gorgeous.

Oh and I JUST FOUND OUT one of my best friends Kelsey, (who lives in Kansas City now with her amazing big girl which means I haven't seen her in almost two months) is also going to be floating on the same river on the same day!  I am praying she is on the same campgrounds as us and that we float together, it would be literally too much to handle.

This was a 'why are we still in this bar?' picture?
love this beeeesh!
I am going to try my darndest to take pics this weekend. I won't be taking my presh camera on the actual river, but hopefully during camping I will snap a few pics to share.

EEEE :) I am so excited to see him and to float!
Okay okay I will stop being mushy, I am even making myelf sick.

Have a great thursday lovies!