Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inspire me healthy

Alright well I am back on the fitness bandwagon.
I am really trying to make my workouts counts and really push myself
Sometimes i feel like i have a little drill sargent
in my head screaming,
"YOU BETTER KEEP GOING! Anyone can make it another 5 minutes!
Get your ass in those jeans!"

but pretty much the whole time i hate it.
i hate working out. I just want to be a skinny beesh
who can eat whatever she wants
however, i cannot. my metabolism is zip and i gain weight
 just driving by a mickie dees. that is the reality.
so i gotta get my butt to the gym
and live on oranges and broccoli.
(okay that last part is not true, but sometimes i feel like it)
All In My Twenties

Ookay- to the link up. let's see what i did at the gym this week!

Thursday- 9/20 (yes i know i shared this last week but
 i wanted to put it in with this one)
30 Min on Elliptical
Weight machines-

Friday- 9/21
30 minutes on Elliptical
Weight machines-
upper chest/biceps
Hip raises
regular crunches (feet on exercise ball)
side crunches
Leg Stretching

Saturday & Sunday- 9/22-23
Filled with the garage sale and
diy projects for my mom...
thus no working out. Headed back tomorrow morning!

Monday- 9/24
30 minutes on treadmill
(i didnt keep track of how many i was doing--at least 30 per each though)
Regular crunches
Crunches with legs on exercise ball
lower ab raises
side crunches
Weight machines-
Inner thigh
Outer Thigh
Leg Stretching

30  minutes on Elliptical
10 minutes (high intensity) on the bike
-------Total 45 min of Cardio
Weight Machines
Inner Thigh
Outer Thigh

Wednesday- 9/26
No workout

30 minutes on treadmill
50 Regular crunches
30 (per side) side crunches
30 hip raises
30 lower abs

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

happy hump day.
of course I am linking up for
Oh How Pinteresting!
but before we get to that I just found out that
all the office people in my new apt complex got the boot.
That's right, all fired.
Worrisome? a bit.
However this puts a kink in my moving plan.
Since they will be hiring/training new people
they most likely will not have anyone in the office
a week from saturday, which is when i plan to move in.
Well I am NOT about to wait until Monday, and plus
if i want my parents and Caleb's help moving
(which obviously i do!)
I need to do it during the weekend. SO i get to drive
down next week probably wednesday evening
so i can get my keys thursday morning. I will
be moving my clothes and other odds and ends that day, so it
is less we have to do on saturday. THEN i get to drive home
friday morning, to load all the stuff in the storage locker
into a truck, load my car/parents van up
and drive back to springfield on saturday morning.
lots of driving.
who goes and gets themselves fired from an apartment complex office?
so annoying.
 okay to the link up----

 if you don't know what this means
youtube it. thank me later
i need this!
i love this
I love this whole outfit

are you linking up?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Man Candy

I think the title says it all.
Man Candy.
Who doesn't love looking at an attractive man?
I know I do and I feel no need
to keep my obsessions crushes to my self.
So here are just a few of those men that get this girl
drooling. They are sexy, fine ass men who
i honestly don't think i could look in the eye
if i met them in person because of how
attractive they are.

Blake Shelton
Chris Pine
Sexiest Man Alive- George Clooney
Justin Long 
Luke Bryan, OH MY GOD
Adam Levine
and then of course the RYANS EEEEK :)
Mr. Gosling
Mr. Reynolds
Gorgeous eh?
there are of course many others that are just
as sexy and drool worthy but these are the few
that came to mind first.
Happy Tuesday
PS speaking of sexy men
have you seen that the backstreet boys are on the
newest old navy comercial??
check it out



Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Funnies

Oh hey there Monday.
Why did ya get here so soon?
Nobody likes Mondays. If you do, you are crazy.
Here a few funnies to help your monday blues.

I know I need them today.
I don't want to go into much detail but I have having a
rough time in one aspect of my life
and it is causing me a lot of
stress and worry. I want things to turn
out for the best and my stomach is just in knots
thinking that it won't
some good vibes are needed.
Now on to the funnies.


all photos via//
Let's get through the next five days til the weekend

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Social

Who am i?
Posting twice in one weekend?? This never happens.
However, after the garage sale yesterday
(see post below on how much joy that was)
I am ready for a quiet sunday.
I may or may not be watching QVC-- in the kitchen with david
while writing this. Embarrased? Not at all.
I love QVC, well basically only the kitchen stuff.
Anywhoos, mooooving on.
I am linking up for Sunday Social which i very rarely do.
I really like the questions this week and so here
ya have it ladies--
1. What is something you have wanted to do but are afraid of?
Go on roller coasters/Six Flags. I live about 40 minutes from six flags
and i have been twice. WHAT? yes, only twice. Basically everyone i
who lives around here goes atleast 4 or 5 times a year. ATLEAST. However I
am so afraid of roller coasters thus i do not even attempt to go.
One day I will conquer my fears.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In a stable classroom in a district that I love. Possibly married?
and happy.

3. What are you looking forward to before the end of 2012?
MOVING IN to my apartment in TWO WEEEEEKS :)

4. What are your hopes for your blog?
Well of course for it to grow but also for me to find my niche.
I feel like I am still looking for that in this blog. I want to always have something
to write about that people, and I, find interesting.
I also want to share the going-ons in my life
and allow myself to share and more and more without feeling
like i could be judged.

5. Do you always see yourself living in your current town/city?
Currently, NO. I am ready to get out of St. Charles. In all honesty
I do not see myself living in Springfield(where i am moving in two weeks)
 for the rest of my life either
but for now that is where I want to be.

6. What is your morning routine?
Well since I am not working for the next two ish weeks
I will post what my morning will be
when i start subbing again.

6:00- alarm goes off (hit snooze)
6:20- After hitting snooze twice, finally get up
6:20-6:45/50- Get ready--
Dressed, brush teeth & other hygeine,
do my hurrr and makeup
6:50-7:10ish- Make breakfast
7:10-7:25- eat breakfast and watch TV or get on the net
7:30- Head out to wherever I am subbing


Sunday Social
Are you linking up?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

HAGGLERS BEWARE! {garage sale day!}

Garage Sale- DONE
It wasn't as 'poppin' as i thought. A lot of browsers
not a lot of buyers. I mean we did make a bit over 
300 bones. Not to shabby. We still had to haul a lot
of crap back into the garage though that
the salvation army is coming to get later this week.
It started up at about 7am which means this little ginger
was up at 5:30 begging for coffee and putting all our
treasures out on the tables and the yard.
Also what is with these hagglers?
A lot of our stuff was priced at between 50 cents
and 5 bucks and people were STILL haggling.
"will you take 3 dollars for this purse priced at 5?"
"hell no lady. I will take five!"
"How about a buck for this 2 dollar candle holder"
"get real"

Bigger ticket items (ie over ten bucks) I can understand bargining
or haggling. Under 5 buckeroos, HELL NO.
Then there were the people who looked at items for about
25 minutes that only cost ONE DOLLAR!!
you got it, i had this lady look at wall hanging
deal that was priced at a buck for over
20 minutes. She hemmed and hawed
and then walked away.
You can't spare a dollar for something you took that much time to look at?
get outta here hussy.
Well whatever it's done and over with.
and only two weeks until
the big move. WAHOO :))

excited at 6am, i would say so!
northface fleece, leggings, slip-ons and a scarf
perfect fall comfy outfit
my first bed frame from my first 'big girl' bed
mom is so excited! (oh and thats my dad and my
aunt kathy in the back!)
Hope your saturday was fab!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fancies- Football Frenzy

Now i am not the most fashionable gal out there
mostly because bank a-la Sarah is loooow on funds.
However, I do think that i know what looks good
and i sometimes know how to throw a look together.
Well i am linking up for the
very first time for
Friday Fancies.
I have seen this link up a few times and i really liked it.
This week's theme is Football Frenzy!
I of course had to pick my fave team.
 Nebraska Cornhuskers!
Love that red & white!
So here is what i would wear to a game
in mid september.
Really simple and comfortable
but classic.
What do you think??
The garage sale is tomorrow so i get to do last minute
pricing and organizing for the rest of the day.
Enjoy your friday lovlies :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

To-Do Lists && a Garage Sale

Is it already Thursday?
this week is flying by. Granted I spent most of it in Springfield
but still, geez. This makes me happy, i want the next 16
days to fly by, because then I WILL BE officially
moved back to springfield. EEEK :)
I cannot even begin to think about packing. Yes, I know
most of my stuff is in the storage locker
(and let me tell you unpacking that is going to be a beyotch)
but that is mostly furniture and boxes.
Which means I cannot forget anything in there.
Out of the locker and into the truck.
The house is a different story. I have lived here for
four months and who knows where i have put things.
I am afraid i am going to miss something.
Then there is the actual packing.
The packing of my clothes in my dresser
consisted of shoving them trash bags.
No folding. Just Shoving.
Now I know that I dont really have to worry about packing
for a little while but I am already making a to-do list.
I am SO excited to move back, if it wasn't
crazy I would start packing NOW!!
Well my mom's garage sale is this weekend.
Oh joy. (sarcasm)
here is the before photos.
hopefully all of the crap treasures
will go home with some lucky people.
almost all of this stuff is for the garage sale.
my parents garage NEVER looks like this.
old school exercise equipment.
yep, selling my easy bake oven
who even knows..
Oh and you might be wondering why I am not linking
up with inspire me:healthy this week.
WELL...i have not worked out ONCE
since last week. I was in springfield
and forgot my sneakers. Not an excuse I know
but, it didn't happen. I did go to the gym
this morning though-

Thursday 9/20
30 Min on Elliptical

Weight machines-
enjoy your thursday:)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well HELLO mr. sunshine.

Happy Tuesday!
Well i am still in springfield but I am heading home tomorrow
morning! I planned on leaving this morning, but Joanna's
(caleb's freaking awesome neighb that i am obsessed with)
birthday is today! So I had to stay for her dinner tonight.
however the cash flow is getting narrower and narrower
so it's time for me to head on home and start getting ready for the
This weekend was fun but fairly uneventful.
Friday- Caleb's softball game ended up not getting canceled
so we headed out in the damp chilly weather.
Jo and Jessica joined me as we paper toweled the picnic tables seats
that were still soaking wet and watched the boys get their
butts kicked. They were actually mercy-ed out in the 6th inning.
yikes. However we all ended back at caleb's and a few guys from
his work came over and we downed a few brewskies and
had a grand ole' time.
Saturday- MORE EFFING RAIN! We were going to tailgate
for the MSU football game, but it sprinkled/spit/rained ALL DAY LONG!
So we ended up just staying in and watching college football all day.
Napped, ate, napped and had a lazy lazy day. Saturday evening we went
out to electric cowboy and danced and drank and did the damn thing.
Sunday- YOU GUESSED IT! more rain/overcast.
But we did grill burgers and brats and watched Chiefs football.
Caleb LOVES the chiefs, so you can imagine his feelings
on how they played on Sunday. YIKES!
better luck next week! 
oh and more napping happened.
Well there you have it.
was my entire weekend!
 and i am not complaining!

Today there is finally some SUNSHINE :)
and i am loving it!!

I am feeling like a terrible blogger
and i promise to be much better


Friday, September 14, 2012

What you got in that cup?

Well hello lovlies!
Its pouring down rain here in Springfield to I have been couching it in
for most of the morning! Caleb was suppose to play in a
softball game tonight but looks like it will be canceled.
I was really looking forward to drinking budlight and
watching the boys make fools of themselves.
 just kidding :)
Anywhoos just wanted to drop in and say hello.
I didnt get to read blogs yesterday, JUST ONE DAY
and I feel like I am so behind!  I promise to catch up though!
I wanted to share with you this 'newer' artist
that i have recently really gotten into. He isn't brand new to the scene
but recently became popular. I am a country music lover
and I am entirely TOO obsessed with this guy!
His name is Thomas Rhett.
His newest hit is
'something to do with my hands'
which i fell totally in love with! So as per usual
I scoured youtube for more songs to. I found a few
(okay i love all of them) that i adore! He is 22 years
old and a total babe. Well of course he as a great voice
and seems to be a genuine guy.
That is what i like most about country artists. They always seem
to be genuine and good hearted.
Except taylor swift. hate the bish.
Anywhoos- check these out.
you will fall in love with him too.
'If I could have a beer with jesus' 
'what you got in that cup' 
Isn't he adorable!? There are more videos on youtube.
So far I dont think he has any actual music videos but these are just
fine for me. I really hope he makes it big!
What do you think?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

inspire me healthy

All In My Twenties
So as I said last week, I am using this linkup
as a way to document my workouts.
Alrighty let's see how i hit the gym this week--
Thurday 9/6-
30 minutes on the elliptical
Weight Machines-
Inner thigh
Outer thigh
Leg stretching
Friday 9/7-
30  minutes on the elliptical
15 minutes on bike
------------------ Total 45 minutes of Cardio
50 Regular crunches
30 (per side) side crunches
30 lower ab lifts
leg stretching
Weight Machines-
Saturday & Sunday 9/ 8-
No workouts. I was driving to & from Springfield
and apartment hunting while there.
Confession: I had fettuccini & french fries (not same meal)
while in Springfield. Back on track tomorrow.
Monday- 9/10
30 minutes on the elliptical
15 minutes on the bike
----------------------- total 45 Minutes of Cardio
Weight Machines-
Inner thigh
Outer thigh
Tuesday- 9/11
No workout.
i wont even make an excuse. Aunt Flo came to town
and I just wanted to lay on the couch. end of story.
25 minutes on treadmill
15 minutes on bike
------------total 40 minutes of cardio
50 Regular crunches
30 crunches with legs on exercise ball
20 hip raises with feet on exercise ball
30 (per side) side crunches
leg stretching
Goals for next week-
Do more running for cardio
Use more weight machines that focus on my arms
Alright ladies well I am in springfield until monday.
have a wonderful weekend :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh how Pinteresting!

This week is flying by!
The weather is absolutely amazing here in the Lou
and I am trying to be outside as much as possible.
I plan on cleaning out my car, and I mean deep
Vaccume, windex, canned air, swiffer duster.
She is a hot mess currently and needs a
clean up asap.

It's that time of the week again!
Time to link up with Miss Michelle
for Oh How Pinteresting!

anyone else?
my mouth is watering
love everything.
Don't forget
Best Pregnancy card!
i would totally send this to one of my friends.
haha, i loved the cosbys!
this is EXACTLY my style
all photos via//
Enjoy your wednesday!