Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Confessional

I am so glad it is friday!! This has been quite a week getting used to
subbing everyday for this class. They can really wear me down. They seem to still
like me and we are getting through the lessons and no ones has died
I'd say so.
Source: via Kim on Pinterest

I am ready for school to be over today because tonight caleb and I are
going out with some friends for his friend's bday.
I am definitely needing it!
But before i head out for the day, let me leave you with some confessions
for Miss Leslie's link up.
I confess-
...that I am so excited but so stressed and anxious STILL about this long term sub assignment
...that I wish would time would sloooow down. I am not ready for christmas!
...How i cannot believe I have lived back in springfield for almost 2 months
...that i really don't know what I want for christmas
...that i have been overwhelmingly exhausted this past week and i have taken
a nap almost everyday after work
...even though i know caleb and i shouldn't stay together every night, i get sad panda
when i dont see him everyday
...I still have thanksgiving leftovers in my fridge
...I have two over due library books and i am not taking them back til sunday
Hope you have WONDERFUL friday and of course and even better weekend.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

Oh hey thursday!
I like you because you are friday's very close neigb.
anywhoos as promised here are all my pics from thanksgiving!
I had dinner at my cousins house and dessert at my dad's mom's
house (grandma on the other side)
  I also braved the crowds and shopped black friday.
I was that person who shopped for myself..
TERRIBLE...i nknow.
a few things i got were
seven7 for all mankind skinny jeans for  30 bucks!!
thats right 30 bucks.
Also inital ornaments for caleb and I.
The due date.
A framed black and white photo for above my bed
(i will eventually take pictures)
Made cookies saturday which caleb and I have already demolished.
Saturday night I caught up with some friends from HS that i haven't even seen
since High School!
Great weekend if i do say so myself!
Onto the pictures--

im awkward. Og and my bottoms were just plain leggings
My sister and I on the way to dnner.
told ya...awkward.
My aunt playing with her grand-daughter Rylnn
Cousins playing GO FISH
all the side dishes
my cousin casey carving the turkey
my plate...errr first plate
Black Friday shopping
outfit for when i met up with the girls
Wellll finally a week later I have updated you :)
Happy thursday lovlies!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!!

Is it really already Wednesday??
love it.
Alrighty, so I am subbing everyday this week and I AM SO
excited! I love it. I am in the same 5th grade class all week.
They can be a bit of handful but are wonderful kiddos
and I am really trying to get the 'management'
side under control--- they are chatty cathys.

in other news I am guest posting over and one of my very
most favorite bloggers, Allie's blog.
you should prob go check it out.
Anywhoos I SWEAR I am going to put up all Thanksgiving photos
tomorrow! I am uploading them as we speak. They are nothing too
spectacular but I will get you all filled in on my holiday.
Moving on to one of my fave link ups-
Oh How Pinteresting!
Do ya follow me?

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

happy hump day pretties!
Enjoy it!

PS have you checked out Amber's 1000 follower give away?
Take a look!
If you don't follower her, you need to!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Harry Potter Link Up. HEAVEN.

How are you?? How was your holiday?? I hope well!
Things have been a little crazy and emotional and just all kinds of msnksdjbvkjdsb
around my life lately which is why I have been a little MIA since Friday.
I promise to share all my photos etc either tomorrow or Wednesday.
Anywhoos I am linking up for A FABBBB link up
i just found.
Now I know you guys know my love of HP and HELLLLO, look what 
i found,
i am sick. don't care.

On to the questions!

1. Creature you'd most like to study in Care of Magical Creatures?
Dragons. Scary? yes. Exciting? DUH.

2. Favorite wizarding candy?
Chocolate Frogs. I think are cute and pretty hilarious.

3. Favorite founder's item? (Sword of Gryffindor, Diadem of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff's Cup, Slytherin's Locket)
I think my obvious answer would be the sword, BUT as dark and scary as it is, I think the locket
would be amazing.

4. Favorite plot twist within a single book?
100 percent Snape. I never saw that coming. I spent the entire series hating him
and then he turns out to be good, its crazy.

5. Whose death was the most powerful for you? (This can mean the best written, most epic, most painful, most shocking, most meaningful...etc.)
Dobby. I was absolutely heartbroken. It just proves the innocent are not spared.
I cried in the book and in the movies the hardest. He was so innocent and kind
and he still lost his life in the war. It was painful.

6. Choose a generation to attend school with: the Marauders (Harry's parents), Harry & friends, or Harry's children. Which would you want to be a part of, and why?
Harry. The ending, the final defeat of Voldermort would have been amazing to witness
and be apart of.
7. Marauder's Map or Invisibility Cloak?
Invisibility Cloak all the way!! The Marauder's Map is cool and all, but who doesnt wanna be
I totally get if you are not a harry potter fan
but if you are, get on this link up.
Have a great day. :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Fancies {Black Friday}

Are you out of your turkey comas yet?
I barely am.
Yesterday was filled with food, thankfulness, and great memories.
i will share all my pictures and stories next time
but today I am linking up for
Friday Fancies!
Now I love/hate this link up.
I mostly love it because I love fashion and clothes and shopping and everything
that comes with it, BUT i hate this link up because i get stressed out about finding cute outfits
and then when i look through others who posted i feel pretty inadequate.
but i am pressing on and hopefully one of these weeks i will have an outfit
that can compete with all those fashionistas out there!
This week's theme is
Black Friday!
Another one of my fave holidays. I am actually getting ready to head out with
my mom and sister to brave the crowds and shop. I am not and will never be
one of those people up at 2 am or well these days camped out three days before
for the doors to open on THANKSGIVING!!
its called black FRIDAY not thursday.
/end rant.
But i do like to go get some deals such as dollar movie at target and pretty much anything
else i can find. i don't have a set list or anything. It's really just a fun time
to spend with my mom and sister.
here is my little outfit based around

Of course I had to add a pop of color with the shoes

However you are spending your black friday, i hope it's a good one!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day
filled with turkey, stuffing,
pies and of course football...
well and napping.

I am watching the macy's day parade and eating homemade
jam and toast. Then I am headed out to induldge on all
the tasty turkey and fixins' i can handle at my cousin's house!

Have a wonderful day ladies!!!

Source: via Giovanna on Pinterest
If this isn't the cutest thing you have seen all day I don't know what is?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tis the season to be thankful

Today is my Friday.

I sub today and then I am as free as a bird.
I get to make that lovely 3.5 hour drive back to
St. Louis tomorrow.

I am looking forward to it..cant ya tell.

Caleb isn’t going with me since he has to work Friday morning :(
So he is just heading to his parents house which is only
about an hour from here for the night.

Since this is Thanksgiving week and all I wanted to share with you
a few things that I am so thankful for.

Yes there is tons of focus on turkey and football over the next
few days but sometimes you need to take the time
to remember what this day/week is all about.

Being thankful.

So I am thankful for--

My family
 I am so blessed to have such amazing people supporting me through
everything I do. I have not only great parents and sister but also extended
family that wants the best for me and have always
been behind whatever it is I chose to do.

 Me, my sister and my mom

me ,my sister, and my dad

My friends
. I have some pretty great friends who are always there no matter
what I need. Whether it is a night out on the town, a dinner date
or just a shoulder to lean on, they are there.
You don't have to have hundreds of friends if you have
a few that are true.
a close few that are the best
 and that’s really all I need.
Me and of my bffs lizz

On of my other BFFs lisa

I am so very lucky to have such an amazing boy in my life.
I have never felt this at ease and comfort with anyone before.
I have always believed that a sign of a strong relationship
is the silences. They shouldn’t be awkward or uncomfortable
and with him I have found that. I have found someone who
makes me so incredibly happy and I truly I hope
I do the same for him.
My able body
.So many people out there have had the gift of walking,
using their other limbs taken from them. I can run, jump,
cartwheel, and play. I am so thankful I am able
to walk up and down the stairs of my apartment and that I can
work out when I want to. That is such a gift.

My education.
I don’t just mean my college degree. Yes that is one of my biggest
accomplishments thus far in life, but I mean an even more basic ability to
have received a quality education. I am privileged to be literate because so many
people around the world and even in our country do not have that ability.
I want to continue learning and growing and have the amazing
to pass that along to my students someday.

And last but not least

Yep, I am thankful for cable. I love reality tv, especially that of the BRAVO
and E! variety and without cable I wouldn’t be able to get my fix for my

What are you thankful for?

Hope your thanksgiving week/day is filled with thanks
and great company.


PS I am guest posting over at Keepin' up with Smiths about the rules of thanksgiving day.
Go ahead over there.
Amy has a cutsie pootsie blog and i am so excited to be over there.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weeken Recap && Swap Reveal!

oh hey monday.
i don't hate you as much because i only have
two days of work (YEP sub jobs both days)
and  i am going home in three days!
so I will not give you my hate parade today..
but next week you better watch
Anywhoos a quick weekend recap--
Friday-  I went to a Friendsgiving. It was GREAT! One of my fave couples
hosted and they made the turkey, and everyone who came
brought a side dish and a few brought an adult bevvy or two.
I ate SO MUCH. It was all way too good and I loved it all.
So before falling into a food induced coma I made my way
(in stretchy pants and all)
over to calebs and we headed out to our fave kareoke bar for a
few of his friends' bdays. It was a blast. Those guys were a hoot
and it was just the evening i needed.
Now I am not a kareoke singin' type of gal
but Caleb is a kareoke junkie.
He sang a good 4 or 5 times!
There is also lots of dancing, and lets just say my boyfriend
is a dancing FOOL.
The night was definitly one for the books.
my first attempt at a self taken outfit.
(black skinnies, long cardi, fuscia flats, long black tank and long necklace)
Caleb and his friend Evan
told ya..dancing fool..
Jessica & I
Saturday- LAZY DAY. I literally did nothing. I put away laundry.
that was it.
Caleb and I laid on the couch and watched Friends and
college football.
Sunday- More football. Caleb made dinner.
Chicken & shells n' cheese.
He used a spicy coating, that set my mouth on fiiiire
but was DELISH!
Pretty great weekend if i do say so myself.
Now onto the swap.
Coley from Planned Spotaneity had this
swap called the Sip n Share swap where you were suppose to
send something written (share portion) and something to drink from (sip portion)
My gorgeous swap partner was Shelagh from Brunette City Blog
She is pretty spectacular.. go say hello!
Here is what she sent me---
-A mug she wrote on with one of my fave harry potter quotes

"It's our choices, Harry that show what we are truly are, far more
than our abilities"- Albus Dumbledore

-Butter Beer Recipe
-Three lip glosses!
 (yeah i am a bad blogger & used the middle
lip gloss before i took a picture...)
My harry potter obsession was hit right on!
Thank you so much Shelagh!!
Hope your Monday is fabulous :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Introducing Jenn {Guest Poster)

Happy Sunday!
The weather is amazing here.
63 degrees and sunshine for miles. Pretty perfect if you ask me!
This sunday has a been fairly lazy. Caleb and I couched it in last night,
with the exception of picking up our entirely intoxicated friend
who was HILARIOUS around 1am.
We watched a friends marathon and ate pizza.
(not part of get skinny plan... i know)
Then this morning, being the fab girlfriend that I am
 I got up and made pancakes for caleb, I and our drunky (now hungover) friend.
Other than that its been a lot of chief football and windows open kinda day.
Anywhoooos on to my lovely Guest Poster
Jenn. She is adorable and I am so glad to be sharing her with you.
Without further ado---
Hello all you lovely people of Silly Incatiations !

I'm Jenn from Hello Gutentag I'm from a little province called nova scota in Canada. My blog is basically about everything and anything that happens in my little life.

I'm super excited to be here hanging out on Sarah's blog today !. Shes awesome I know. Thanks for having me here today!!

Today I'm going to show you things that are my favorite !

Favorite song
I love just about anything from nicki

Favourite TV show
Loved Gilmore Girls ever since I was little. Have every season !

Favorite singer
Brad Paisley . Sexy yes I know.

And a few of my favorite things to do is read and do gymnastics and I also love to coach gymnastics. OH and cant forget my MOST favorite thing to do is cuddle with my little pups Digger <3 p="p">

Thanks for checking out my post and thank you sarah agian for having me here !
Jenn xo
Isn't she great?? Go ahead and meander on over to her blog
and say hello!
Have a great rest of the weekend and get ready for
a short week and most importantly

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fancies

Helllo :)
Sorry I have been so MIA the past two days. I subbed both days
and stayed at caleb's and I was rushed in the mornings I didnt have time to
post. But I am back today!
I have a pretty great weekend coming up and
that its here.
Tonight I am going to a friendsgiving and then out for
one of Caleb's friends bday. Then saturday
a few of us gals are gonna hit the town.
(Caleb is hunting..PRAY he gets a deer)
Lots of sleeping in and hopefully a few DIY projects.
Anywhoooos I have a lot to get done today
as far as making foodies for the friendsgiving tonight,
I am making green bean casserole and cider. :)
Today I am linking up for
Friday Fancies.

This week's theme is Autumn faves
and it can be based on anything fall.
Here is my inspiration-

Adult Pumpkin Shake.
My Outfit-
What do you think?
I m DYING over that scarf and leather jacket.
Also this is a perfect way to turn a summer dress into
a fall one.
Add tights and a jacket
Have a great weekend!