Monday, December 31, 2012

Weekend Recap!

New Years Eve already??
How is tomorrow January?
I cannot believe it. I am hoping that 2013 brings many positive things
my way and I can find my happiness again.

Before I head out for my NYE plans which  I am going with my friend Alex
to her friends' house for a party. I got a sassy new dress to wear
and cannot wait to see smiling faces & of course that ball drop
I wanted to link up for a weekend recap!
(i know they aren't linking up but, i still am being a faithful link up button stealer)

This weekend was pretty low key.

Friday- I went to dinner & drinks with my friend Lisa. I got a fab turkey
burger and even better berry mojito. YUM-O. It started intense snowing, which of course didn't
stick or anything, and i just went home. In bed before 11 pm on a Friday.  WIIIILD.

ootn- navy blazer: Charlotte Russe -- Scarf & Tank: Target

Saturday- Got up bright and early and went the soulard market
It is an open air farmers market with a small inside section with a bakery,
meat market & spice shop. My parents love going down there & I fell in love too.
The bakery/spice shop was closed until after new years, BUT we still got a lot of produce
and homemade pasta and peanut brittle. It is of course a little slower during the winter 
time but it was still fairly busy. We are going back again next saturday, 
because I am obsessed so I can get produce etc for my place back in springfield.

 knitted headband- forever21
(i am awkward...)

I did a little nappin' & a little fajita cookin' that afternoon.
 Then Jess&I went out for a few beverages. The first bar we went to, which i was SO
excited for because a) i had never been there and b) there was a local band playing.
but let me tell SUCKED! first of all it was a screamo band, which is SO not my scene.
and i always forget that you are allowed to smoke in bars/restaurants in St. Charles.
(there is a smoking ban in public places in springfield)
it was small cramped bar & usually the smoking wouldn't bother me so much but
because of how close we were to everyone it was overwhelming.
Wastey people running into me & blowing smoke in my face.
no thanks!

so we ditched that place quick & ended up at the casino.

(that's the casino we go to in St. Charles)

I lost like 5 bucks on the penny slots.
my gambling days are numbered done.
So as jessica contintued to play i meandered over to the bar got
a budlight and posted up shop. I LOVE people watching and lemme tell ya,
the casino (next to the airport of course) is the best place to people watch!

Sunday- i slept in. loved it. then mom & i braved the mall because i had
to return something & look for my nye outfit! Since i am just going to house party
I didnt want to get something to outrageous but i did get a cutsie little dress that I cannot wait to wear tonight. I also got a new peacoat for 5 BUCKS!! mage clearance! I also nabbed
two pairs of flats on clearance at payless as well as booties at F21!
(i am a bad blogger who didnt take any pics of it)
when i wear them I will post pics!

then after my sister got off work we went out for dinner to finally celebrate dad's birthday!
We went to Red Lobster & i ate way too much shrimp, literally almost exploded!

I was a good girl and went to the gym this morning!
if anyone wants to be fitness/workout/health buddy with me..let me know!
having someone to do it with you always makes it easier.
I am just looking for someone to be able to email/text/whatever to keep on track
share workouts/recipes etc

let me know!

anyways I better go pack all my crap to take to alex's to get ready!
lord knows its going to take me forever to get my hair teased high enough ;)

Have  a wonderful new years loves & I cannot wait to hear all about
your evenings!

See you next year!
(cliche, but love it)

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Social NYE edition

Happy Sunday lovely ladies!
Can you believe tomorrow is new years eve?? I can't.
I am ready for a fresh year.I am ready for new & exciting things.

Today I am linking u with Ashley for Sunday Social. 
This week's questions are all related to new years eve.

1. What is the best New Years Eve you've ever had? hmmmm that's a hard one. Honestly I don't think I have ever has an AMAZING new years as an adult. I know when I was little we always had fun. We would go to my grandparents and at midnight bang pots&pans and have sparkling grape juice. Maybe this year the tide will turn and I will an over the top amazing time.

2. Are you doing anything for NYE this year and if so what? I will be hanging out with my friend alex at a house party with some of her friends!

3. Name a book we should all read come January? The Help, if you haven't already.

4. What are your new years resolutions? Keep working out & be more persistent to finding a full time job. and of course be happy.

did you link up?

Sunday Social

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Recap!

Good Morning!
It is a very cold day here in little Missouri and I am all snuggled under the covers watching
bravo and catching up on blogs.
Ahh the perks of being a teacher and having a large break after christmas
not complaining at all.

So things have been pretty calm around here. Wednesday night i went out
with jess and had way too many vodka crans. So i spent most of the day
yesterday recovering. I am too old. 2 am is WAY past my bedtime
and I cannot party like I used to. Anywhoos after I got my life together
I went out for sushi with my friend Alex and then got to see her new apartment!
TOO cute :)

i am gonna head out to the gym soon
(gotta get this booty back on that treadmill...kill me)
and then I am having dinner with one of my bestests-- Lisa tonight.

Anywhoos I wanted to share some pictures from christmas day!
This christmas was very laid back.
Christmas eve was filled with baking & christmas movies.
Christmas day I was at my Aunt Kathy's house with most of my mom's side during the morning
and the afternoon. Then we headed to my dad's mom's house christmas night.

It was relaxing & wonderful!

My parent's fireplace on Christmas Eve
Emily mixing cookies
christmas day. me and seeeester
Aunt Kathy & Cousin Sean making breakfast
Lillian (my cousin's daughter) PRESH :)
Opening presents
Dad and his new sandwich maker
dad, me, seeester, & momma on Chrismas morning
me & lillian

hope your holidays were wonderful :)
I am excited for the new year & all the good things 2013 is going to bring.

BTW I just made a button swap page up top.
take a look!

I'd love to swap with you!!
Don't forget gues tposts. 

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

oh how pinteresting!

How was your christmas??
Mine was wonderful. I am kinda sad it's over.
the post christmas blues.

anyways all of our presents are scattered all over and I really need to get it organized
but...i have a week & half til i head back to springfield
so i shall procrastinate another day.
I will post a pictures of my christmas tomorrow! Today I will be enjoying scanning through
all of yours. I love holiday photos & all the family togetherness :)

today I am running errands with Jess, and of course possibly spending some of
that christmas money..literally burning a whole in my pocket!
then tonight I am heading out for ladies night at one of the bars here in town.
I am so ready :)

alrighty on to the link up--

happy wednesday!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Where are your pants?

Happy Christmas Eve :)
I don't even care that it's monday..mostly because I am not working
and we are gonna be baking all night tonight.
why the eff am i baking?
Literally I cannot eat one more holiday food.
and by cannot i actually mean should not. I have got to stop...

I have worked out everyday I have been home though! 
good lord i missed this gym.
i am planning on buying a pass to workout at my friend Jessica's apartment gym.
now that i am back on the market, 
girlfriend needs to get her ass in shape. 

anywhoos being back in st. charles is always a blasty blast.
oh wait, but not. I mean don't get me wrong I LOVE being back with my family.
I am glad it's only two weeks.

But let me preface this with the fact that i know that Springfield
definitely has it's 'classy' spots and by classy
i mean the most white trash shit you will ever see. ALL towns do.
and i still LOVE living in Springfield
 even with it's bath salt using (is that still the cool drug phase? I wouldn't knowhomeless people downtown
but sometimes i just have to shake my head and think 
what the eff? and in my head i actually use the 
F word.

Anyways I am out n about yesterday in St. Charles
which is suppose to be a little more upscale than the Springfield.
Its more..... suburbia.
 aka less mainstream bath salt users in public
 There aren't any 'shady' places for the most part
but anywhoos I am out n about and this lady
is walking around the store smokin a cig while pushing around her child in the cart 
sans clothes. 

that's right people, no clothing. 
This kid was post diaper age.
 I will say it looked as though the kid came in  
with clothes but had stripped down in the cart while in the store.
Ma'am, put your child's damn clothes on.
Now I love a little nakey baby running around the house.
Hell, I hate wearing pants, all day everyday.
Naked kiddo tushy is adorable.
inside a public place. 
kids do shit. I get it. But she wasn't even trying to make this kid
who was at least 4 years old put his clothes on.
She was totally ignoring her butt naked kid who was being obnoxious and drawing all sorts
of attention to the both of them.
and to top it all off she was smoking inside.
WHO does this?
then i realized I was in Wal Mart after dark. Always a dangerous choice.
I have only myself to blame for what i saw.

people just amaze me.
 Needless to say i tried not stare
got the rest of the stuff for baking and my new loofa and headed to the door.

So that is how I spent my weekend-
driving three hours.
eating everything in the house.
the gym.
and a pantless child in walmart.
how was yours??

Hope your Christmas Eve is wonderful.
Have a very Merry Christmas tomorrow!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Social

How is already the day before christmas eve??
where did this year go?

So i made back it to St. Charles last night!
it was 50 degrees and I wore flip flop on the December.
i am SOOOO not complaining! I love this
kind of weather. Snow? Who needs it?

My mom, my sister and i went out to finish up dad's gift.
i think we did pretty good and it is all done so that is no longer stressing me out!

is all my shopping done though?
almooooooost! I decided to add to my sister's gift a little more
so i am heading out with my mom here in a bit to get something else for her present!

but before i head out I am linking up for Sunday Social
Sunday Social
1. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? gosh I love ice cream.... but I think I am going to go with mint chocolate chip
2. What is your favorite smell? Fresh laundry! I love walking down the laundry detergent aisle at the store!
3. What is your favorite TV commercial? (Past or Present) hmmmmm... i still laugh out loud everytime
thanks mrs. A BAHAHAHA

4. What is your favorite day of the week? Friday baby!!!

5. What is your favorite way to waste time? Pinterest & Bravo
6. What is your favorite article of clothing? currently, my new seven7 jeans. oooh and leggings, obv.

PS, like the new blog look? Yes I know its pretty similar, but i love 
clean & simple and wanted to make it more stream line.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Confessions

usually I am so excited it's friday, but this time not so much.
It is my last day of my long term sub job.
I am kinda bummed.
I have literally had a reason to get up and something to do everyday
and now it's over. sad panda.
I am praying for another long term sub job next semester that will hopefully
*fingerscrossed* lead to a full time job!
I am not really looking forward to going home mostly because I am not
in the holiday spirit at all.
So bah humbug
Sorry for such a depressing start to my post but I am having a hard day
today and i think realization of everything is hitting me pretty hard today.
I am trying hard to get out of this funk, but it is so difficult.
moving on-
I am linking up with Leslise over at A Blonde Ambition
for Friday Confessions.
I confess---
-that i have not wrapped a single present. I am planning
on wrapping when I get back to STL this weekend!
-that I have not done laundry in almost 2 weeks!
WHHHAT?? Since I don't have a washer and dryer & paying to
use the one in my apt complex is not on my to do list, i am just waiting til
i get home....i s'pose.
my laundry basket looks similar to this..
-that I am feeling so blessed by all the presents my kids
have brought in for me this week/today. Lots of candies, baked goods
& socks...the fuzzy cozy ones. :) YES!
-I am glad the world didn't end. I mean, this cannot be it..right?
-that I am hoping 2013 is much better than the end of 2012 and that i can
get back to my positive polly self.
-that i haven't worked out in almost a month.... WHAT?? Yeah unacceptable.
I need more motivation.
-that my friend Alan made me dark chocolate mint fudge last night.
DELISH... (this is not helping the fact i haven't gotten my bootay on
an elliptical in a month)
-i totally watched the Jersey Shore finale and reunion. I expected a whole lore more
drunkeness/hot mess-ness/nakedness!
anyone else indulge in this disgusting behavior last night??
I wish I was more ashamed.
but i'm not.
alrighty well I need to grade a few more things
and pin to my hearts conent while the kiddos are at computers.
do ya follow me ?
You should! I'd love to follow you back!
Enjoy your friday :)

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

one for you & one for me

presents presents presents.
christmas shopping is a nightmare.
not really, i am being dramatic.
I am the worst christmas shopper ever.
Literally I have the mentality one for you, one for me.

 I would like to point out HOWEVER  that anything I bought for myself
was always on sale.. does that make it better?
Anyways I have finally finished shopping
and I am pretty excited.
Since budgets were tight all around this year, We just bought for the immediate family.
Mom, Dad, Sister.

We always did a gift exchange with my mom's side, 20 or so people,
but this year we decided not to, and instead each family made a donation to
this organization in Nebraska for mothers trying to get out
of abusive environments.

I think I did pretty good especially with only getting paid once a month.
Trying to keep to that budget.

but anywhoos, here a few gifts that i picked up for myself...

 recent shopping trip
glittery gold 'tom' style shoes from Aldo, on sale for 15 BUCKS!
unmentionables ;)
 Giannini Binni Wedges at this resale store for 10 bucks!
New polishes from Pac Sun... 2/5$

Chambray shirt, i have already worn in an OOTD but its a
new purchase.

OKAY now that the Internet knows i buy for myself around this time
feel free to judge :)

have you bought any 'you' presents?
have a fab thursday!

PS I added a new sponsor page.
all free stuff--- check it out :)

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