Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014, coming at ya!

Well the New Year is here!
Did you have a great NYE? I sure did :)

I spend most of the day yesterday recovering and laying on the couch.
insert prison break marathon.

So since it is the new year, it is ALL about resolution. I am going to have my kiddos write some resolutions & i thought I would too. I have seen a lot of resolution bashing...why? Everyone is all like 'why must you try to better yourself on this day and not all year round'

this is how i see it. It's a new year, a fresh start....oh and let me people do whatever they damn well please.

Anyways here a few things that I want to work on in 2014.

*Workout harder. Try new things to strengthen & tone
*Love my body & not be so self conscious.
*Be more organized at school. Don't procrastinate.
*Do more nice things for D, put him first more.
*Send snail mail to family & friends
*Do laundry more than just once a month.
*Add to my savings account
*Continue to meal plan & stay focused on healthier habits
* Focus on my happiness & not be jealous of what others are doing.
*Do more DIY & try out new recipes

What are your resolution or goals you want to focus on this year?!

the last day

of 2013 is already here. I cannot get over what a year it has been.

The start of this year was hard. I was broken, sad, depressed and did not have a great attitude about the future. I was so devastated over my break up that i literally thought I would never make it.

BUT then 2013 said, get the eff up girlfriend! The best is yet to come!! I met the most amazing man I could have ever asked for, started my dream job and everything else started to fall into place. This has to be the best year yet. I have grown so much this year and realized even more than ever that, 'life goes on'

tomorrow could be the best day ever, you just have to get to it.


have a great NYE! Be safe, get a DD if you need it!

PS you can find me here today!

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Christmas Hangover

Oh hey there.
I'm alive. I took a small holiday hiatus when D & I were in STL! But I'm back! I'm upat school to work & organize! I still have a week of vacay! Eeek! As much as I am loving the break I will be happy to get back to a routine and see my kiddos.

Okay onto the holiday shenans----

{1} D & I at his patents on Christmas Eve 
{2} on our way to STL :)))
{3} Sissy & I on Christmas Day
{4} one of the gifts D got me :) #michaelkors
{1} Cousin time :)
{2} Emily opening presents
{3} the little ones opening gifts
{4} more little cousin time!
{1} getting Christmas night started
{2} Christmas dinner aka my moms made from scratch lasagna
{3} OOTD from Fridays shopping 
{4} family game night :) budlight&taboo
On Saturday we went to the Saint Louis Art Museum.  I saw a painting that looked like Simon Helberg (aka Howard from Big Bang theory) and so I tweeted him to him and then he tweeted me back!!!! Ahhh!!

OKAY now that you are all caught up, how was your holidays?!
Happy Monday!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bev Hills & Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas EVE :)

Is it really Christmas eve??? Holy Smokes kids!

So D & I are heading out to his parents this afternoon & i am so excited! We are also going to exchange our presents today before we go. We were gonna break it up into a few at his parents & mine. BUT then we decided to just do it privately. I cannot wait for him to see his presents eeeek!

mmkay so can we please talk about RHOBH please.
I obvi watched last night. I know I am going to sound heartless blah blah blah, but could brandi be anymore dramatic. YES dogs/pets are important and can be part of the family. I totally understand & I am not putting down or minimizing a pets worth etc, BUT GOOD LORD, she can be stupid whore bag who says the most heinous things to people....yet all must stop because her dog got out.


come ON!
*I get it, i am heartless* 

Also i am pretty much still boycotting Vanderpump Rules. LOVE lisa, but stassi is such beyotch. EFF. Hey whorebag, you are a waitress. While I am glad you are making that money....you are not a celebrity. You are gonna be a nobody soon enough.

Get off your high horse bitch.

side note- I did google SUR's menu. Ya know just in case I am ever in beverly hills & I want to go there I need to know how much monies my wallet needs. It was expensive but not as crazy as I thought.

who wants go with me?

So this was so pointless. I feel like I need to add a christmas photo to make it more appropriate for this time of year?


oh & it snowed AGAIN yesterday.
Have a good Christmas EVE lovlies

Monday, December 23, 2013

Workouts & TV

That is what my weekend consisted of...

Oh Happy Monday loves! I hope you are off today, we all know I am. I have to finish up christmas shopping..thus I have to brave the crowds. Fingers crossed i don't kill anyone..I kid.

sort of.
mkkkay on the my super exciting weekend...

{1} Healthy grilled chicken enchiladas with greek yogurt and black beans.
{2} We FINALLY watched White Christmas. It NOW feels like christmas :)
{3} D & I selfie on Sunday
{4} Playing Aggravation at D's parents--let's just day it gets INTENSE!
Getting my saturday sweat on listening to mr. chesney :)

mmkay that was my weekend. Throw in some Prison Break and it's all there.
wild, duh.

Happy Monday lovers, tomorrow is Christmas EVE :)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Letters

& it is friday!!

at 3:10 my two week vacay begins!! WAHOOOO :) I am so ready!
I am not sure what the weekend has in store for us but I am praying its relaxing...oh ps we are suppose to get a crazy amount of snow..AGAIN.

I can't take anymore snow.

alrighty since it's friday, onto the friday letters.

Dear kiddos, I am gonna miss ya over break. Even though you made my crazy all week I will miss your sweet faces1 I hope you enjoy your break and stay nice and cozy :)

Dear classroom, I will not be back in you for at least a week (til i come back up to work and re-arrange)

Dear snow, stay the eff away from you craycray hooker.

Dear healthy diet, We have done SO well this week! I am afraid for what might happen next week when I am home & my mom's cookies and treats are in arms reach...yikes.

Dear Zumba, I LOVED trying you out on Wednesday! I cannot wait to go back after break!! #zumbawednesdays

Dear Christmas, uhhh how are you 5 days away!!!??? I haven't even finished shopping!!

Happy Friday Loves!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Get outta here with that

Hallelujah its thursday.

these kids are NUTS! I mean who can blame them though? Christmas is exactly one week away! How is this even possible? I feel school just started...well sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I have been teaching forEVER.

anyways today should fly by seeing as I have two specials plus their rescheduled music performance is the last part of the day. Then tomorrow is half day for the kiddies & then potluck for the teachers in the afternoon :)

So yesterday D & I were listening to this song and it said a phrase that I simply hate. That got me thinking...there are plenty of things sayings I cannot stand & I wish they would just go away.

{1} 'Tie one on' (this was the from the song) I hate this phrase for getting a drink, I think it just sounds gross.

{2}"...in a coons age' I guess this means you haven't seen/done/ etc in a long time. I think it just sounds stupid (ps dave and my mother  says this once in a while & i just want smack them!)

{3}'ain't' While this isn't a phrase, so many of my kids say this. AIN'T IS NOT A WORD PEOPLE!!! stop teaching this terrible vocabulary to your children.

{4} 'no offense but...' hey ass hole you do mean something offensive, so just do not say it. but if ou must do not try to make yourself feel better by saying 'no offense' IT IS OFFENSIVE.

any phrases get under your skin?
maybe it's just me??

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mason Jar

Now I love mason jars. They are all over my apartment and my classroom. I think they look rustic and chic YET there is so MANY possibilities you can use them for. They are totally versatile & that is why I love them.

Now I am a bit of cheapo errr.... resourceful. So, instead of buying mason jars from craft stores or Walmart, I just use pasta jars, jelly jars, or whatever else I buy that comes packaged in a mason jar. I wash it out  & take of the label and TA DA! It is good to go. I am all about using what i got!

So when i was contacted by Personal Creations to check out this page that has 50, YES 50 ways to use mason jars, I WAS STOKED :) As I browsed I kept saying things like.. "WOW that is such a great idea" and "I NEED to try that!"

 I knew I had to share with my lovely readers. I selected a few favorites (which was hard because there were SO MANY great ideas!)

 {one}. Individual salads! This would be the perfect way to a pack ingredients for a lunch and/or pincic I tend to go through baggies/little Tupperware containers when bringing the toppings for salad to school. I love the idea of layering my toppings in one container and I am ready to go! Less wasteful and less dishes to wash. WIN-WIN!
 {two} Inside herb garden. I LOVE cooking and trying out new recipes! In a lot of my recipes they have different kind of herbs and instead of having to buy the dried kind, why not have fresh right at my finger tips? I love the idea of using a mason jar to grow the herbs that I love to use to brighten up recipes. They can be arranged in a wooden holder with handmade tags for a perfect homey touch!
 {three} uh duh, we all know this girl love an alcoholic beverage. Vodkas etc can get price for the really good stuff. I love a flavored vodka but sometimes the taste is not exactly similar to what they named it. Why not make your own?! Fill a mason jar with your favorite plain vodka and then put in different fruits (my favorite would be pineapple) let soak and BOOM home-made flavored vodka, delish!

{four} I literally would have never though of this idea! a PIN CUSHION! stuff your favorite fabric wrap around the flat part of the lid secure rounded lid an d then there ya have it, a gorgeous pin cushion. I love this idea because you can sue your favorite fabric and you can stash extra material, thread, tools inside the jar. It is quite compact plus its very cute!

{five} ORGANIZATION! I love to organize! I have actually done this in my own place! Using the mason jars get all the odds & ends of a bathroom, office, kitchen and place them in mason jars. Set them in a chic line across a counter or if you have handy man (hey, or YOU could be the handy one) and build a shelf etc to put them on. The jars could be painted or labeled to make them even more personal.

Well there you have it! Go check out the personal creations website and get your own ideas on how to use those mason jars!

I was not compensated for this post and all thoughts based on the product were mine.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Well the kiddies & i made it through our first day back after missing 6.5 school days.

We are getting back into the swing of things, slowly. We just gotta get to Friday :)

I am in desperate need of cleaning my apartment...any takers? Oh & laundry too.... My to-do list seems to just keep growing and growing!

Anyways I am linking up again for the 12 days of Blogging. Today's theme is Christmas Traditions.

I wouldn't necessarily say we have a lot of grand traditions. But here are a few that we do each year...

{1} all of our presents from Santa were always unwrapped. Whenever we cam to the living room there was the wrapped presents from family and then the gifts Santa brought us were unwrapped in front.

{2} We opened our stocking gifts (which were wrapped) first.

{3} Sometime during break we always made Christmas cookies & fudge. Sometimes before, sometimes after the actual day.

{4} We always spend Christmas morning with my mom's side and Christmas night with my dad's side.

What kind of traditions do you have?
Happy Tuesday beauties!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Is it already Monday?!

 I sure hope my kiddos are good today & not wild..... Haha right!
I only  have 5 days til a two-week christmas break...we can make it third graders, we can make it!

My weekend was a mix of quiet napping & productivity! Just how I like it!
{one}. OOTN. One of my friends who I used to work with graduated & I went to a celebratory dinner on Friday.  Loveee sparkles 
{two}. Barnes & noble shopping 
{three}. Got tons of grocery shopping done. I have all my meals etc planned out for this week and I am feeling motivated!
{four}. Snuggled up with Dave's mom's dog while reading the comics on Sunday.
{five}. D & I out at our fave karaoke bar Saturday night. {I think i stole his hat...}

There ya have it. Nothing too crazy & wild :) How was your weekend?
Happy Monday!

Friday, December 13, 2013

5 on friday {& a new blog design}


I wish i was tgif-y, but let's be real. i have been off work all week... Granted I did work at school on Wednesday/Thursday...i was sitting in sweats with a large sweet tea and christmas music playing...

&incase you were wondering I am out again today because it is already sleeting & freezing raining.

alrighty onto the 5 for friday!!

{one} UHHH HAVE YOU NOTICED SOMETHING NEW AROUND HERE?? UH yeah that's my gorgeous new layout!! This lady did it for me and I am so in love! She literally channeled exactly what I was thinking :) She is obviously so talented and so sweet to boot! Go check her out, NOW!

{two} I am a lover of all things Christmas, le duh. BUT since I have been home I have been blasting Christmas music. I have been just looking up playlists on youtube. This one is a fave because it has a lot of older artists (Bing Crosby etc) doing the classics.

{three} Sparkles. duh, we all know I love sparkles. Lucky for me this is this weeks theme for Friday Fancies.


What do ya think? I just did a collage of all lovely sparkley things :)

{four} I am almost done xmas shopping!! I need to finish up my mom & sister this weekdn & THEN BOOOOOM this girlfriend is done.

{five} I have started meal planning. I am hoping to stick to it. I am trying to be healthy and workout but I gotta get meal planning under way! I told D I am gonna start doing it. I mostly need to be able to say NO when he wants to eat out so much! Gotta stay strong :)

Have a great weekend lovlies!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Welp, it's wednesday & I am still not back at school.
I think we should have been back in school...BUT since it is a rural district, they are being safer than sorry.
I am heading up there today though to work on a few things and re arrange my lessons since we will have been out pretty much a week if we go back tomorrow!

Alrighty well keeping up with the Christmas spirit I am linking up again for 12 days of blogging. Today is all about DIY. Now I haven't done really any DIY projects BUT i am a wannabe DIY goddess so anyways I found a few that I think are easy yet so cute for the holidays.

this is actually a 2-for-1 type of deal. The first, trace a photo (reindeer is very holiday) , then coat in glue and cover in glitter. I would probably spray a clear top coat over glitter so it stays in tact. The second in the mason jar with the little trees inside (i'd check the dollar store)

this is the perfect give away gift for co-workers, neighbors etc. Take a plain, clear, glass ornament and fill with hot coco ingredients. The mix, marshmallows, & crushed up candy cane. Add a ribbon and BOOM, a perfectly cute gift. Not to mention super easy on the wallet.

 Lastly, going along with my snowmen theme in my apartment, i found this little guy. Spray painted cans (veggie, coffee) all glued together. Add a few details and you have a handsome little snowman for put on shelf or table

Have you been doing any DIY holiday projects??

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

12 days of Blogging {Favorite Ornament}

Good Morning Dolls :)

I am fully immersed in the Christmas spirit. So when I came across this link up I had to join!!

Today's theme is 'favorite ornament/decoration'


This is actually 1 of 4 in a set. Most of my Christmas decorations are snowmen and my mom has helped stock me up on cute ornaments over the past few years. I love these guys because they are all in different poses. They all look like they are sliding. This is my favorite of the four & of course its special because my mom gave it to me.


This is probably my favorite Christmas decoration over all. It is a music box of sorts. The angel has magnet in her and when you wind it the music starts and another magnet inside the 'rink' moves & it looks like she is skating. I received this from my grandmother when I was very young. I love this decoration and I cannot wait to share with my kids when they come along.

What is your favorite ornament/decoration?
GO link up! There are different themes each day!

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow apocolypse shenans

Well friends, what a crazy weekend.
I am home from school again...
The main roads are pretty much cleared but all the side roads are rouggggh, & since I work in a rural school district they called, but so did all the other districts around here so yeah...

anywhoos my weekend includes the following--

one. I downloaded a new chrismasy background
two. started a DIY project
three. Sending selfies to D when he was out n about
four. Made jambalya with turkey sausage & fixins for saturday din with the boy!

two. D, I &  a few friends went out for a few drinks on saturday #cranANDvodka
three. D & i selfie on the way to his parents

*Oh and it misted and froze over when we were at D's parent's house. They live a bit out in the country & there hilly roads and long story short Dave's truck got stuck going up a hill on the way home & we had to leave his truck in some strangers drive and stay at his parents house.*

But i am home safe & sound this morning!
How was your weekend??

linking up hereeee

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Friday Fancies

 D & I decorated my xmas tree last night :)

& yes I am sitting all curled up on my couch because school is canceled because of the heavy amounts snow received. I guess I was wrong about doubting the weather man.

I am linking up for  Friday Fancies & the theme this week is Holiday Party. I did a little twist and picked two looks for two different parties.

FF-Party mode

The first look (left) is for a cocktail party. I am loving lace currently and black is always classy. I paired it with a nude heels because  they are classic. I also picked out a studded purse to add a little edge.
The second look (right) is for an ugly sweater party. I chose a sweatshirt with an image from one of my favorite Christmas movies 'A Christmas Story' and added black jeggings & cozy boots. I like to be warm but also comfy when partying, le duh. 
Have a great weekend XOXO
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Snow & Housewives

How is it already thursday? Thanksgiving was a WEEK AGO??

So this post is just gonna be random...and I am okay with it. Hope your are too :)

So anyways my christmas shopping is almost all done.  Dave is done, my mom is half way done & I know exactly what else I am getting her, my sister is done & i just have to order my dad's present! BOOM! I am feeling accomplished!

There is supposedly a huge snow storm about to hit southwest MO & northern Arkansas. AKA I am praying for a snow day tomorrow. BUT it's Missouri which means i will probably be a light dusting since they are calling for so much...but that is just my prediction.

 This would be amazing though...

I have been playing christmas music for my kiddos this week & they are loving it! I just picked a playlist off of youtube. It is more contemporary musicians singing chrismas carols but I am loving it nonetheless.

I still have not decorated my tree. We got it put up with lights and went to wrap the burlap i bought around it & I didn't have enough...eff. Anyways I fixed the problem & we plan on decorating it tonight...hopefully. ;)

I am actually all caught up on my bravo shows. (okay that is a lie, not RHOA, but i fell asleep half way through the last episode so i am only a half behind) I am still debating on the new RHOBH ladies. I think I am gonna hate carlton. She seems extremely conceited and thinks she is better than everyone. Then there is Joyce, currently i like her...but i just feel like that will change. I have decided not to watch Vanderpump Rules, because I hate stassi.

 She is such a brat and thinks she is literally above everyone and NEVER WRONG. She actually threw a tantrum because scheena is working on the same magazine...like WTF. I just can't.

okay well that hodge podge needs to be done.
happy friday eve.
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Bucket List

Um, how did it become December?
It was my birthday & July just a few days ago, right?

circa july 2013 when i spent my birthday on the river

anyways since it is December and feeling wintery around these parts is obvious I need to make winter bucket list. A) I love making lists and B)I love thinking of stuff I want to do/accomplish.

So here a few things I want to do during these crisp winter month--

1. Make snow angels

2. Buy more scarves, le duh.
3. Build a snowman
4. Drink Hot Coco

5. Wrap all my Christmas presents & not resort to bags (sorry, but there is just something about wrapped gifts)
6. Cook more Crock Pot Meals
7. Go Sledding
8. Drive around to see Christmas Lights
9. Make a gingerbread house- I've never made one

10. Complete a few more DIY projects

What are somethings on your winter bucket list?
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