Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting!

Is it Wednesday already??
I am alright with it!
Today is a bit chilly-er.
Spring, WHERE ARE YOU???

Last night's trivia was a blasty blast! Hanging out with my friends
and getting to know prospective new members is a wonderful time! I think I held my own
well..mostly on any reality tv/pop culture trivia...other than that, I was useless.
SHHHH don't tell my team! I am sure I made up for it with my sassy remarks
and loud obnoxious cheering and woop wooping.
What can i say? I am supportive of the whole trivia team sport scene.
We did get second place!!


Tonight is bowling. If you think my trivia skills are stellar, just wait for bowling.
bumpers not acceptable?? Just call me Gutter Ball Red.

I am hoping this will be an individual competition.
i don't want to lose friends.

But I am excited to see all my franns & to hopefully knock down some pins!
(booze is outlawed at these let's hope I can at least hit one pin..because I have zero excuses for sucking)

Oookay on to the link up!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
Source: via Dixie on Pinterest
Source: via Anna on Pinterest
Source: via Mary on Pinterest


**if you are interested in guest posting email me** 

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spinach Quesadillas & a Hot Mess

Good Morning Sunshines!
How are you doing today? I am doing pretty fab if i don't say so myself!
being positive! Think, act, believe.

Yesterday was a pretty great day! I didn't have to sub so I had a pretty nice 'Sarah' Day!
I got up early ( it was 8:30, but on a day off that's early!) made hot tea
and a little breakfast and perused blogs all morning!
It was grand!

 Lipton's green tea & scrambled eggs with spinach/jalapenos with
one slice (40 cals) of provolone cheese and wisp of ketchup

Then a bit of cleaning and putting away clothing, aka everything i tried on for the weekend and 
then decided not to wear that was strewn all over my room. All hung up & put away.

Then a little running around town going to the grocery store, walgreens, and the bank.
I am SUCH a bum.  
Please look at what i wore in public.
VS yoga pants & MSU sweatshirt-- outift completed with
Old Navy flip flops. (fashion blogger i am NOT)

I am a hot mess!

Then after I got home girlfriend made a FABULOUS lunch!
right off the top of my head, zero planning...proud. DUH.

  Spinach & Chicken Quesadillas

This was literally SOOOO easy peasy.--

  1. I took grilled chicken (i have pre grilled chicken in bag from the store-freezer section- or grill your own) put in on a tortilla added seracha for heat right on top of chicken
  2. Then sauteed a handful of spinach in a pan (i added garlic salt/cumin/splash of olive oil to spinach while sauteed ) 
  3. Then added spinach on top of the chicken.
  4. Put a piece of the provolone (40 cals a slice-- Sargento Brand) on top of the it all and then put the other tortilla on top. 
  5. Crisped up each side if pan! (i used same pan from spinach, just wiped quickly with a paper towel!)
  6.  Lastly added a dollup of Greek yogurt (Plain tastes JUST LIKE sour cream  &WAY less cals)
ta-da! Took less than 15 minutes!

did i just share a recipe? who am i??

After lunch I was a bum and DID NOT want to drive to the gym so
i tried this workout i found, and WOAH i am feeling the burn!
*I added a 15 second water/breather after the jump rope and a 1 minute jog in place/
water break at the end before starting it over. I did it 2x like the workout said. It was just a little over 20 min and I was SWEATIN' *
Did some intense abs workout and then settled down for the Bachelor
& a little DIY project
 I will share the project this week!!
Great day overall! I am ready to be back subbing though 
and workin' for that money honey! 

Tonight there is an event for my business organization i was in during college. It is rush week
which means trying to get new members blah blah. anywhoos it's TRIVIA and i am stoked.
fingers crossed my trivia skills will be payin those bills....i mean impressing my friends.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Cara Box Swap!!

Hey there lovies!!

Monday is here again...merp.

Today i am VERY excited to share my cara box swap with youuu!
If you do not know what the cara box swap is, pop on over to
Kaitlyn's blog and check it out!

Cara Box

Basically you get paired up with another girl and you send her
a fabulous box after getting to know her! I was paired up with
Holly and I sent her box with lots of love & hopefully she enjoys it!

Now onto the gorgeous gal who had me!
Janna was my swap partner and she is fabulous!
She blogs all about her life as a momma, wife & life in the Military
She put a lot of thought into my box and
I am so grateful she is my very first Cara Box swap partner!
You should pop on over there and check out her blog!!

Let's check out my goodies!
My presents :)
During our chats I told her about my rough break up and also how I am trying to get back 
on my fitness track! She really listened and sent me--

-a workout water bottle
-hair elastics to hold back my bangs. BTW obsessed with these
because they have littler rubber grippies on one side to the headband wont slide off!
-Chocolates: a little stash of happiness
-a notebook to write down happy thoughts/things I am thankful for. Sometimes 
i forgot how blessed I am and I am going to start writing them down to remind me
-a wine bottle turned snazzy.

Sweet note inside my new notebook

Wine bottle filled with sand & seashells

already on top of my fridge :)

Thank you so much again Janna! 
Have a great week lovlies!

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Harry Potter Fix- Fashion Week Pt DEUX

Happy Sunday Friends!

This weekend has FLOWN by! Friday night got a bit crazy...
thus saturday was filled with TV & chinese take out.
Literally did nothing on saturday.
and i just don't care!

This sunday has been fairly lazy with TBS movies
(you would know this if you followed me on twitter, because I have been tweeting all day about it)
do ya follow? No?
go on then-- @LittleRed809

and a teensy bit of cleaning..mostly just dishes.
I am a bum..what can i say. I am not as young as i used to be. 

Alrighty, onto my Harry Potter!
Are you linking up??
it's fashion time AGAIN :)

Fleur Delacour

Fleur Delacour by sar789 featuring goti

Hermione Granger

I am obsessed with this link up!

Hope your Sunday is going fab! I am trying to be positive and focus on the good
things I have going for me! I hope you do the same!


PS wanna swap buttons? Check out my button swap page!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Confesh Sesh

happy friday lady frannns! We made it another week!
thank the lord.

Anyhwoos I am off today! I swear I a going to be productive..

gonna clean my apartment, get my nails did, shopping
blah blah blah---
One of my faves is coming to town tonight for some weekend college
type fun coughdrinksondrinkscough
and I cannot wait to seeee her pretty face!
Lord help me this weekend!

anywhoooos before I go i am linking up with Miss Leslie
for Confessional Friday.

I confess
that I bought and read the newest cosmo in one day.
 Julliane Hough is GORG!

also that said cosmo was not a wise purchase because it was the
'love' issue. excuse me while i vom. being heartbroken & reading a love issuse was a POOR choice. sick.

that veggie chips are sick. I saw them at the store the other day
& thought I would try them out..ya know trying to be healthy.
SICK. never again.

That i just got a HUGE check from my long term sub job and all
i want to do is spend it.

I have fallen asleep THREEEE times this week on my couch and never got up to move to my bed.

I have only worked out 2 times this week & i had mexican on tuesday

that all i want is my own classroom and that i praying to those teacher
gods that I will be blessed with one.

that i am entirely TOO excited about the possibilty of a blogger vacay/sleepover at Marcy's in August and I PRAY it all works out.

that i am SO glad its friday and cannot wait to have a drink in my hand.

xoxo lovies

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Guest Post {introducing Katie}

SO glad it is already thursday! 

Anyways today I am VERY excited to share someone with you.
She has a wonderful blog and happens to be my real life friend!
Katie and I have known each other since junior year of high school where we hit it off the first
day of Algebra! She quickly became one of my closest friends!
She is an amazing person and a fabulous writer. Her blog actually inspired me to start writing
mine. She lives in Vegas now with her hubby 
(I ALWAYS knew katie would get married and start a little family right away :)) 
and they are just too adorable!!

So without further ado--
Hi, ya’ll! I’m Katie Garrett of sweet pea’s blog. I write about my life as an Air Force wife, momma to two fur babies, and knitting pretty things. I love to create and bless other people by them. sweet pea’s is my little place of the interweb where I can share my life and loves with others. 

I’m almost always working on some knitted project. Whether it’s my newest favorite right now: bow ear warmers, or my more perfected patterns of fingerless mitts and sweet little baby booties, I love having something that is a work-in-progress. And I always have a scarf I’m trying to finish. Besides knitting, my hubs & I love to ski in Utah. It’s such a great mini getaway for us to get out of the desert and into a winter wonderland. I’m in my student teaching semester of college for the sweetest first grade class ever and love every second of it. I can’t wait to have my own classroom of my own! I’m always go-go-go but love to take time out of my day to walk our dogs around Nellis Air Force Base, lounge on the couch with my love, or catch up on blogging a little. 

Austen & I.
Sarah and I have known each other since high school. She’s pretty dang cute, isn’t she? Some of my favorite memories with her are rushing back to my locker after lunch and between classes to get mints and giggling about boys. I moved to Texas right before our senior year, and during our sophomore year in college, she completely surprised me by coming to Texas for New Years. I had no idea it was her until she got off the plane (my sister lied and told me someone else was coming in town…Sarah was a much better surprise!). 

See? We were pretty excited.

I am so grateful that Sarah offered to have me guest post on her blog today! I’d love for all ya’ll to stop by sweet pea’s and follow if you’d like, and leave a comment introducing yourself. I love meeting new people, even in the not-so-little blogging world 

matching sweats, we are toooo cool. ;)
NOW go check her our 

have a great thursday pretties!!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Facts of Me {Link Up}

Happy Tuesday!!
is your's going like that? Mine sure as hell isn't
How are you this morning? Me? I am FREEEEZING! It is cold in Missouri
and I am SO not digging all.
and where is my beer? Oh wait its morning time and that is evidently not okay..

Last night my friend Leah came over to have a little girls night!
I made Eggplant Parm & sauteed veggies.
rachael ray...what???
Little lady is a vegetarian and total health nut..which I NEEEED to be.
health nut, not vegetarian.
anywhoos it WAS fab and so nice to sit around be with a good friend!
Plus the bachelor makes any monday WAY better.  
Sean is literally so hot it hurts for me to watch the screen

I am still deciding which ladies I love & loathe. Tiara or whatever her name is
well, she is at the TOP of the hate list. 
Kacie B is this homegirl's FAVE!

Tonight I am going my most favoritest Mexican restaurant in Springfield!
there are legit too many to count, and I have been to most, if not all.
oh em gee. DELISH! 
The spinach & chicken quesadilla is CALLING my
well plus the strong margs & good friends aren't going to hurt either!

But before I head out to sub I am linking up
with Whitney who i am newly OBSESSSSED with. Literally her witty
posts are must reads each day! This link up is all about the
facts of Moi...

  • I love queso. Obvi by my tush, you probably know that. But good lord yumo.
  • I have only been on a plane twice. To and from texas to visit my friend Katie 
    (WHO BTW you will meet on Thursday!)
  • I only write in black pen! I HATE blue pens. 
  • I LOATHE doing dishes, and not having a dishwasher makes me physically angry 
  • My hair is a virgin. I have never dyed/highlighted/anything to it.
    a few bad hurr cuts, yes (sarah should never EVER do a full bang) 
    but this ginger is el natural.
  • I have not grown since sophomore year of high school. Still rocking the 5'1 bod
  • I get carded FOR pretty much everything. Even rated R movies...
    when buying them at Walmart. fml
  • I use hashtags WAY too much on twitter. I annoy myselfdo ya follow? 
  • My road rage is unacceptable. I blame stupid springfield drivers
    and growing up in STL where being a crazy road rager is the norm.
i swear I don't flip everyone off..
Go link up!
Its a one time only thannng.

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