Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Ramblings.


i know I am not the only excited one!
I actually have a four day weekend...
perk 456169 of being a teacher.
having the good friday & the day after easter off!!
I am going to be heading to STL tomorrow
to spend the weekend with my family & i am pretty excited!!
even if it will be a short one!

BUT tonight is my friend hannah's bday celebrations!
I went out with her for st. pattys day!
she is a hoot & a half!! I cannot wait to celebrate with her..and knowing her
 things are bound to get crazy.

last time...

I didn't get off the couch til one pm.

pray for this old lady that she can keep up with those young & free 22 year olds!
god help me.

I actually might be bringing out the new man friend this evening
to meet a few of my friends... we shall see.
this happened the other night
:) No one has ever brought me flowers before..
it was nice.

Last night I was over at my friend leah's place & we watching the 5 year engagement.
HILARIOUS!! I am so in love with emily blunt, i actually cannot stand it.
I am sure everyone else has seen it because I am always behind the times on
movies etc. But if you haven't go see it.

So anyways is anyone else sad RHOBH is over??
I know Lindsey is. But we all know that both her her & I need reality tv rehab.
like yesterday.
But i am sad. I love that city. AND am i the only one
who doesn't hate adrienne? I mean i am over her & don't care she is off the show
but i don't hate her.
 or faye?
everyone all over twitter and...well yeah thats about it
hate them. I think we should focus on the fact that brandi is the devil

 i cannot effing stand her.

i do like her gifs though ;)

But orange country will be back and that will make all right
with the world again.
 I need to sort out my priorities.

I really need to be working on apps but it is so rainey here
i just want to lay on the couch... or go shopping.
ya know like i have money or something?

Buy for me?

soo this post is going
everything was a freakin ramble...i apologize.
have a fab friday.
and an even better weekend lovers.

see ya on the flip side.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cara Box Reveal

HEYO friends :)
So today I am revealing my Cara Box presents!!
I was linked up to send to Melissa who hopefully will 
be getting her box today or tomorrow!!
The lovely lady who was paired to send to me
was Sybil! and did girlfriend deliver!

This month's theme was 'first letter'
so the box had to contain contents with only items that started with the first
letter of your name...
I got only S things.

She did fabulous! Inside my box was two bags
and it was my 'substitute survival kit'
one was for day & one was for night!


Thanks you so MUCH sybil!! I loved it all!!!
* i already ate the dark chocolate bar & used the candle :) *

Read more about cara box here.
I would highly recommend signing up :)

One more day til the freakin' weekend!!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting

Hellllo there beauties :)

Yes, I am alive!! Sorry for being MIA yesterday but I had a lot of running around
to do most of the day and Monday night I didn't get home til after midnight post.

BUT i am back to all your shining faces today!
So things have kinda been same ole' same ole' around these parts.
Just working on many applications, delivering resumes
blah blah blah.

kinda borrrring.
I will tell you though that last night I had one of those progesso soups
the light ones that have been all over the TV & they talked about it on biggest loser.
100 cals a serving & there are two servings in the can...aka 200 cals for 
sign this girl up.
I had the pot roast & veggies last night...freakin delish. I get on kicks like this
 & will probs try them all.
Now what i liked most is that it didn't taste 'canned soupy'
YUMO... get your tush out there & try it.

....did i just spend an entire paragraph talking about soup?
yep... sorry friends.
I was amped.
So before i go back to working on apps & wanting to poke my eye ball out--
I am linking up with Michelle for 
Oh How Pinteresting!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Didya link up?
go on then.

PS date three is tonight.
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Monday is here yet again..
and oh wait..yep we have snow.
more freakin snow.
pssssh. I hate that effing groundhog who said spring was around the corner.
what a tease.
and a liar.
both i hate.
*i should probably stop bitching because my parents got 13+ inches in STL*

how was your weekend? 

Mine was pretty much a combo of all three.

Friday was spent working on applications during the day since school was canceled.
I made puppy chow. OMG. it is so delish. I could gain 3215613 pounds
from it alone. I used this recipe. Easy Peasy. It is literally all i can do not to make
another batch.

Then Friday night I had a date. Yes friends, a date.
This is our second one but i am not ready to talk about him just yet because it
is so new. I will say that he is very sweet & a complete gentleman.

 OOTN- cardi//NY&CO Boots//Rue21

Saturday I woke up bright & early and cleaned my apartment.
aka cleaned up the clutter from this week. Then i braved the chilly weather
& went shopping. GOOD FREAKIN LORD
the mall was a mad house! Now let me explain to you
that it was spitting snow & rain and i still parked at the very end of the lot
and it was packed with fanny pack wearing wild ass un-ruley children
and men carrying their lady's bags. too much for me.
it is cold & wet...stay the eff at home & let me shop in peace.
...DO NOT even get me started on kiosk people trying to put lotion on my hands.
I only made it to yankee candle. and let me tell ya..
i cleared out.
They were selling their waxes ( like scentsy)
for ONE DOLLAR each.
one dolla..

Then of course I picked up a ceramic votive holders..and some votives.
i am so weird about my apartment smelling good & i always am paranoid it doesn't.
Then i got the effing hell out of there.
But my itch to shop was not over so I headed over to gordmans & got a
few home goods. #retailtherapy
Saturday evening...good lord.
Akpsi (an organization i was in during college)
had an event for the new members & of course I had to attend.

 OOTN Jacket//F21 Boots//Steve Madden

There was LOTS of dancing & a vodka cran or two.
Let's just say yesterday morning...i was paying for it. But it was worth it.
I love my friends & it is so nice to be out with them.
not to mention they are crazy.

Sunday as always was a lazy. It snowed/spit rain most of the day so i stayed in
and made yummy comfort foods--- chicken noodle soup & pasta with red sauce.
Then I basically watched a lot of Roseanne & Remember the Titans.
lazy & perfect.

Source: via Lucy on Pinterest

Hope your weekend was swell.
oh and in case you missed it...
this happened on friday.
I am awkward...

now go get down with your bad self & link up
with sami. She is a doll & you know you want to!
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Pit & Peak-- FIRST VLOG!!

Friday Friday Friday!

Why do i only post pictures where i look awful??
fashion blogger I am not.
literally.. i need to probably try to look cuter on my posts.... 
Anyways just sitting here reading blogs & staring at the snow..
yes friends it SNOWED AGAIN!
yeah it snowed oohhh about 5inches last night
school is canceled, so sarah is not working...
but i won't bitch anymore about the snow.
I am too happy it is friday & about my plans for this evening!
eeek :)

BUUUT today i am trying something VERY new!
I am doing my FIRST VLOG!!
video+blog = VLOG!

It was scary & awkward! 
I want to apologize for all the talking with my hands i do & my weirdo eyebrows.
Anyways this is all for my two loves Brin & Allie!

They do pit & peak link up each week! They have done vlogs a few times
and i was too chicken shit to join in! BUUUUT today is the day it changes.


Sorry i am effing awkward.
but really..just look at the paused face.
sexy.oh wait....not

PS incase you were wondering about my life.

Left- Friday 80 degree. Right- yesterday when i got home! 27 degrees!

Happy Friday Babes!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things I don't love.

Hi pretty friends!
So did you know tomorrow is friday?!
yeah i like that shiz.
anyways I am subbing today for some fabulous first graders
and i just cannot wait to see their shining faces!

Did everyone watch duck dynasty last night???
I watched the re run version at like eleven.
i am obsessed.
but i feel like this isn't trashy reality tv so it is more acceptable to be obsessed with.

Source: via Marion on Pinterest

speaking of reality tv, i am over at another reality tv addicts
blog today! She is one of my loves & we have SOO much in common.
She is a babe

 so last week i told you some things i was loving
lately. but today i want to share with you some things that i am SO NOT 

1. Lindsay Lohan not going to jail. WTF. HOW IS SHE GETTING OFF
with no jail time again?? They need to treat her little ass just like anyone
else & make her serve her time. Guess why she acts the way she does?
because there are no consequences for her actions..except rehab. HAVE YOU
SEEN THE REHAB FACILITIES?? They are like vacations.
bitch needs to be in jail.
I wonder how amber portwood feels about this? Girlfriend got 5 years
in jail for two or three offenses and LiLoh has had 548725 offenses
and walks  crashes her car drunkenly free.
I guess teen mom isn't high enough celebrity to get a
'get out of jail free card'

2. this effing weather. it is going to snow today.
i am SOOOOOOO over snow. and cold weather.
where is spring time? I have 8000 flip flops & my little piggies are ready to breathe!
GTFO winter. See ya never.

3. People not washing their hands after they go potty.
yah i said potty, i teach kids...
anyways, i was out to dinner last night & was in the bathroom and TWO
yes count them ONE.TWO ladies walked in, peed, flushedand walked out!!!
 No washing, no nothing. SICK.

first of all you are gross ma'am. secondly not only did you go to the bathroom
and not wash your hands BUT  it was public bathroom. 
sickos. yeah i judged you!

so yes those are few things that are really grinding my gears as of lately!
Anything you are not diggigng??
tell me all about it!

PS tomorrow is friday.
we can make it ladies! we can make it!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random Wednesday

It's wednesday! woo..only a few days til friday
aka my fave day of the week!!

So yesterday was spent totally at my apartment..i literally did not leave!!
However, I was very productive!
Finished a job applications & got my cover letter all spiffy! 
I am going to be delivering my resume etc to a few schools today!
Wish me luck I start getting called for interviews..gah!

Then I made a fab crock pot dinner & banana bread.

Oh and of course I watched a little big bang theory..which means 2 hours
worth. I love it..anyone else??


OOoh and i painted my nails.
interesante? i mean i think so.
I got two opi packs for 7 bucks at tj maxx the other day.

girlfriend LOVES her deals!!

alrighty so i found this page a while back and it just has a list
of things, so incase you have a little bloggy brain fart, it can get those jucies
flowing and help ya write!

SOOOO today I am picking number 2.
Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1. Ending up Alone. I have seen so many failed relationships during my life
and it scares me. I want to have someone to grow old with and to share my life with.
I like being around people & having someone to depend on me, and visa versa. I am very 
cautious in relationships and i hope one day to find that 'special someone'

2. Robbers. Oh yeah i was that little kid who never wanted to go to bed.
I was always afraid someone would break into my house and kill or rob us.
i am a psycho.
even to this day, i pretty much check every closet in my apartment  everytime
i come home && i have to sleep with some sort of noise (tv/radio) when i sleep!       

3. Butterflies. OKAY before you start laughing your head ass off,
let me explain why. I know deep down they cannot/will not hurt me.
I hate how erratic they are. They just bounce fly around
land on you etc etc and it just frightens me. I literally had a panic attack at the butterfly
house at the zoo when i was 13 or 14.
 im crazy.  judge away.

Now that you know my fears.
what are yours??

OH and we all know I LOVEEE big hair.
so to make your day a bit is what I look like after teasing
my hurr BEFORE smoothing it out---


Have a fab hump day lovers!!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hi pretty.
How is your tuesday going?? I cannot complain about mine
Things are going pretty good today...EXCEPT i found we are getting a lot of
snow this in by thursday the ozarks will be white. FML. I was wearing shorts
this weekend...springtime come back to meee!

So anyways even though i am having a great today
i won't lie to you guys. I have been struggling.
Struggling with a lot of stuff . I have been fighting with the whole being sad...all day thing.
I sometimes let myself slip into negative thoughts & allow it to take over my whole evening.
or even my entire day. I am not making myself stay positive & look forwards instead
of backwards.

Everyone says it gets easier.
and it has.
but when will i fully be healed?
I cried for the first time in over a month the other day. 
I was feeling lonely and really sorry for myself.
I hated myself for it. I don't want to feel that way.
I do not want to cry or still be hurting after almost 3 1/2 months, but I am.
It is better, i promise. But i slipped and let the 
saddness take over for a day or two and sometimes it is hard to get past it.
or to pick myself back up.  
I am so blessed & i don't know why sometimes
i focus on the negatives and how badly the hurt is and not on the love
of my friends and family.

I had to let it out. I always want to be honest on this blog.
I want to share exactly how i am feeling and what I am doing.
 I swore I would never sugar-coat anything and i am trying to be more open
and honest about my life on this little blog.
I know I am going to be fine, but  I wish I would hurry up & get there.
So there ya have it.

and not let that be my whole post.
I want to end on a more positive note and share a little present i got in the mail
from my love Stephanie!

We have decided to send little presents to each other
every once in a while & this is what she sent me :)
*the cutest hot cocoa mix
*Nail Polish
*Notebook & Pen

She is the best!!

OH and i made the most fab dinner last night!!
Dijon Chicken & Asparagus with a soy & honey dressing.

Alrighty, enough with my pity party.
I love you guys for putting up with me over the past almost 4
months and reading too many depressing posts. More than anyone wants to read
I thank you.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

So I am sorry this is coming to you so late! Springfield was hit was a massive
thunder storm yesterday, and i haven't had internet since saturday night..
thus i was unable to write a post all about my weekend!
BUT LET ME TELL YA it was a gooood one :)

Friday was GORGEOUS! I am talking almost 80 degree weather!!
I did TOO much shopping.. i balanced my checkbook & realized I had 300 more
bucks than i thought i HOLLA.

 OOTD for running around town. I was channeling my inner hippie.

Then Friday night, was gorgeous as well so Jess & I went downtown
for just a patio beer  & fried pickles.
HAHA well we wanted to appetizers but since i can't have cheese...FML
that narrowed it down to fried pickles.
 Friday OOTN- NEW SHIRT :) Body Central

Saturday was AMAZING weather too! I did a few errands, tanned & got
my pub crawl wristband. Then there was harry potter watching & finally
getting ready for pub crawl! I went with two girls i used to work with
Hannah & Leree and Hannah's boyfriend Cory! IT WAS A BLASTY BLAST!
Green beer, beads, whiskey, GREEN GREEN GREEN :)

Sunday is stormed ALL DAY! No internet..So i laid around and watched
tv..aka Golden Girls marathon & Duck Dynasty. I did make it to Jessica's
for chinese food & helping her with student teaching stuff.

NOW i am here. Monday Morning & it's not even 40 degrees.
bleeeh. I am getting ready to head out to get my last letter of recommendation
and then begins the never ending applications!
please pray for me.

***btw i KNOW THERE IS crayyyy crazyyyy business about google reader. I use my
dashboard, so i dno the big deal BUT many of you guys have already followed
me via bloglovin, if you haven't yet click the button down over there ---> ***


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