Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Happy Tuesday Friends!
Phew, we made it through another monday!!

I am so glad of that! The weather is gorgeous here, thank god.
We have map testing (which the state wide tests given to grades 3 and up)
which means schedules are different & my kiddos hate that.
so i am sure they will be sassy today!

Anywhoos here are some of my 'currents'

I am currently--

Drinking: Sweet Tea, i am obsessed as per always
Eating: Chickpeas. I made some baked ones last night.
I wrote about them here.
 DELISH & healthy

Watching:  Real Housewives of Orange County.
I got all caught up last night!
alexis is bat shit crazy. GET HER OFF THE SHOW!!!!

Wearing: My 'bird dress' as my first graders used to call it.
I love this outfit today!

Needing: To get back on the exercise train. I made a food/exercise
log and have been logging what I am eating & what i am doing
workout wise

Reading: When we went to the book fair, I picked up 
'Back in Black' by zoey dean. I just started it & i like it so far

Wanting: to know when i can get started in my classroom!!

Needing: to go grocery shopping.  I SWEAR i am going after work tomorrow!!

 What are you currently up to?

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Monday, April 29, 2013

it's monday...so that means a weekend recap, right?

Happy Monday lovies!
How was everyone's weekend?
Mine was pretty fab, i won't lie.

But alas Monday is here again....eff em ell.
The weather is absolutely stunning! High of 81 degrees!
I cant wait to see my second graders though...i am such a teacher nerd!
I miss them! 

So I s'pose since it's monday I will give ya my weekend recap!
Of course I am linking up with Miss Shenanigans herself, Sami
for Weekend Shenanigans!

Friday,WTF it effing rained all day. It sucked! It was cold
and awful out! After work I came home & laid on the couch until about 8pm
when i gathered my life  laundry and went to man friend's place. Literally
I did laundry and fell asleep by 10:15. LAME.
But hey when it is monsoon weather I cannot be expected to put on button 
pants & hit the town....well not anymore at least!
Oh we did start mad men on netflix!
I think I am gonna like it...we are only two eps in though.

Saturday, we did NOT sleep in.
 Probs because i was in bed when many of my friends
were just hitting the town. We got up & D made breakfast. Homemade breakfast
sandwiches..YUMO Then we headed out to this flea market type place.
There was so much to look at.

I picked up these little mason jar mugs
5 bucks for all four!

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps0c31a91e.jpg
old school VS sweat shirt & sperrys

Then that evening I went out for little girls night
downtown! It was a great time! We had a pot luck before hand
& there was many delicious foods & wines!

  photo DSC01699_zpsbb3c6e67.jpg
even though I was feeling a bit rough, I got up &
cleaned a little. Then D came to get me and we ran errands all day
and went to lunch. Then there was lots of napping!!
We went to a BBQ at our friend's house and it was SO NICE!
The weather was gorgeous and the food was even better :)

 photo DSC01690_zps7047862c.jpg

Which brings me here!
The sun is out & I am about to head in to see my second graders :)
 Hope your monday is treatin ya right!


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Friday, April 26, 2013

Pit & Peak---VLOG


Today i am breaking many bloggy blog blog rules...again.
I am doing two link ups.
one being Pit&Peak
and I am doing a vloggity for ya!

i am awkward and say 'awesome' too much.
shoot me.

&& I am also doing 
Friday Fancies.
it's all about rainy days & it's perfect because it is ultra stormy here!

FF-Rainy Day

There ya have it babes!
I do what i want.


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Thursday, April 25, 2013



for anyone who does not follow on me on twitter
(@LittleRed809 ..shamless plug)

I found out yesterday
i will officially be teaching 3rd grade next year in a town close to springfield!
I am beyond words excited! 

So I interviewed a week ago yesterday! 
I got offered the position last Thursday...and I HAVE HAD TO WAIT
to tell anyone until yesterday! I had to be approved by the school board
before it was 'official' but as of yesterday at 11:30 I was officially offered the job
and i will be signing my contract hopefully by the end of the week!

i cried.
both times.
when he offered me the job & yerterday when he said it was official!

GAH it has been so hard keeping it a secret!

here is what i wore to the interview

&&& not to brag
(but i totes am)
I actually interviewed at another building in the same 
district & got a job offer from that principal too.
Since i had already accepted the 3rd grade position
I had to decline that principals offer, BUT it feels so wonderful to have gotten
2 job offers from them same district, 
i feel like I am truly suppose to be there!
That's what i wore to that interview.

I am feeling so incredibly blessed and excited and nervous
all at the same time!!


you guys are beyond words wonderful!!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I am LOVING!

Happy Hump Day!
Well Friends it looks like we made it half way through this week!!
thank god.

last night i did a whole lotta nothing.
literally i went through a few boxes of teaching stuff & watched food network.
yeah...i didnt even have dinner. i just had a few snacks.
what is going on with me..

get it together sarah!!

Tonight D & I are going to this HUGE book close out.
well i don't know if it 'close out' is the best word, but the local libraries etc
bring TONS of books & sell them super cheap.
and we all know momma love a bargain! duhh.
 I am trying to stock upfor my classroom!
 I am really excited to see it & spend some monies!

ANYWHOOS I wanted to share with you something that i am

Scentsy. I am obsessed. Now I won't lie i want a new (or two) warmers
& I don't just use the scentsy brand..i have used better homes & garden
from walmart, but I love them! I have 3-4 scentsy waxes plus 2-3 from
but advice--how long do you lets yours burn? I have had two wax squares burning in mine
for abut 2 weeks..I usually turn it on when i get home,  then try to remember
to turn it off when i go to bed, but after two weeks... i cant really smell it anymore.
any tips???
I love this warmer!

I am loving my long term sub position. It was is stressful because coming in
at the end of the year & trying to plan is HARD! Things were left in a bit of a mess
but I am working past it & trying to get things smoothed out!
I will share more about it next week!
But the kiddos are great & i jut adore them :)

spring weather. Granted it has been crappy around here the last two days
this weekend aws GORGEOUS! I cannot wait til the back & forth weather stops
and it is just beautiful spring days :)
Windows down, country music up & barefeet..
it makes my heart happy!
How effing cute??
makes my heart melt!

new nail polishes. I swear I am turning into Allie.
I keep buying new nail polishes & have been re painting my nails
every other day it feels like.
here are a few colors I am diggin'

i lvoe this spattered look.
all my gorgeous followers :) thank you so much for following me
and being even the least bit interested in what I have to say!
I know i promised a give away at 100 members...well i TOTALLY
forgot. /badblogger.
BUT i am shoppin this weekend & i will get it all set up for next
week for me one hundred & thirty something give away :)

XO pretty ladies!
see ya tomorrow!
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Good, The Bad & The UGGGGLAY

it is raining pretty hard here in Springfield MO
and i am not diggin it.
Granted it is so soothing...indoor recess is the pits!
such a teacher thing to say..but really.
okay so since i am always like 53156 years behind on everything,
i mean hello i still have a slide phone
and in the bloggy sphere i am even later on everything...
i am stealing the idea of the good, bad & the ugly i have seen floating
around these parts! I know everyone else did it like a million
years ago, but hey better late than never!
I am not sure where it got started, but i am hopping on the bandwagon!
- I am a very compassionate person. I put myself in other people's shoes
alot and i feel for them. I tend to let other people's problem's affect more
than they should. With that said I think that it is still a wonderful trait.
-I have virgin hair. My hair is naturally this color. I usually love being a red head
and i get complimented on it a lot.
-I tend to be very open minded and accept people of all walks of life. I try very hard
not to judge people because of their situation or their past. Try being the key word, sometimes
it is hard, but i do try.

- I get jealous easily. It is awful. That little green monster inside me
pokes his head out every so often. I need to learn to be satisfied with everything
i have & not compare myself to others.
-I am terrrrible at math. I can do basic things, but after that i do not get it.
I am so thankful for calculators & formulas. My mind does NOT work that way.
I am so worried about teaching math to kiddos..
-I have zero patience. Yes, with students i do, but outside the classroom it's like
a switch goes off & i have NOTHING! I get annoyed/irritated/pissy way too easily
over the smallest shiiit. It's not cute.

- I cannot remember the last time i cleaned my shower.
GA-ROOOOSS! I hate cleaning my bathroom..let's not even talk about behind
my toilet.

-I ate a box of cheez-its in less than a week...ALL BY MYSELF!
granted it was reduced fat.. that makes it better, right??
yeah, #fatgirlprobs

-I could spend HOURS watching reailty tv. And but could, I mean I DO.
trashier the better. Lizard Lick Towing & Hardcore Pawn
are my two faves lately.
it is sickening.

Tomorrow is Hump Day..we can make it!

What's your good, bad & ugggglies?!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans


Monday is here again & i actually welcome the betch 
with open arms!

On Friday I got called to long term sub for the 

wooooop woooop!
It will be in a second grade classroom. I am not sure why the teacher could
not complete the school year & i am sure I will find out more info
when I get to school today!
I AM SOOO excited!!
 I cannot wait to meet the kiddos &  i hope we have a wonderful
rest of the year.

OKAY on to my weekend shenanigans!
 Linking up with my girrrrl

Friday I subbed all day in PE, we played kickball all day..can't complain.
Then after work I headed to Warrensburg. My sister goes to school
up there & it was family weekend for this organization she is in!
It is only a 2 hour or so drive...not too bad!
 I am pretty..
Carmel iced coffee

We all got in late & so we just hung out at the hotel & went to bed!

Saturday, we got going early! We did a little garage saling
around town, and then just did errands until it was time for the picnic
 that her organization put on.
It was a little chilly, but then sun was out so it was great!

 Em & I in the car
Mom & I at the picnic.

After the picnic they had trivia & a basket auction at on the buildings 
on campus. We didn't do that hot at trivia, BUT we raked in the baskets!

I got a teaching basket.
Emily got a kitchen & a coffee basket
My Aunt Kathy got a scrapbooking & kiddo basket (for her grandbabies)

We had dinner at a local sports bar..YUMO.
I had Shock Top Cider for the first time..GOOOOOD :)

Sunday was pretty boring. We had a fab breakfast then I drove home.
I cleaned the apartment & laid around.
I am a bum.
Man Friend came over last night & we lounged and had a lazy dinner.
GORGEOUS weather though! I had the windows open all darn day!
Spring, i love you baby!

Which brings me to today!
Great weekend!

Alrighty I am off to school!
Hopefully the kids are ready for meeee!

happy monday babes!
4 days til friday!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Pit & Peak

friday, hello old friend.
glad you got your ass here!
took your sweet time huh?

So this post is coming to you late because I had a crazy morning
& then subbed all day in gym class..thus no computer access.
PS we played kickball all day...yah my day was better than yours

I am so glad it's friday!
 I will be heading out to meet up with my 
family at my sister's school for her family weekend!
 I am so excited to see them!!

BUT today & I am linking up
with two gorgeous gals for 
Pit & Peak


Pit-Worst Part of your week.
Peak- Best Part of your week!

I am not vlogging this week because honestly i never got around to it!


let's get the bad stuff out of the way..
Getting passed up for those jobs i really wanted .
It was tough. I was really bummed out, BUT I am staying positive & moving forward.

Read more about it here

Finishing some DIY projects. I made a lotion/perfume stand for my bathroom.
I will share next week!

Have a great date night with D. After having a rough day going out for a good dinner
& ice cream made me feel a lot better. Swell guy :)

MMMKAY that is all i got for ya.
short & sweet.

Happy Friday babes! 
Bring on the weeeeekend!


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Thursday, April 18, 2013

What comes before Part B...?

:) a little laguna humor!

Anywhoos I am linking up with one of my favoritest bloggers out there
for the debut of her new link up!

'The party don't start til we walk in'

Now this is all about parties.
it doesn't have to be
 the get wasted fall down drunk show your
hoo-haa kind of parties!
All types of parties are welcome!
All types of posts are welcome!

TOOOODAY I am sharing some of my fave drinks
that i like to indulge in while at the bar or at a party!

frenchy: 1 1/2 oz pear vodka, 3 oz pineapple juice, 1 oz cranberry juice.

Source: ecurry.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Bahama Mama

Fish Bowls

and duh...

Source: google.com via Samantha on Pinterest

Now onto somethings I want to try--

Red Velvet-tini

Sweet Tea Sangria

Drink up!

Makes me thirsty just lookin at those!

Get on over there & link up!


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