Friday, May 31, 2013

TGIF {confessional friday}

FRIIIDAY :) Thank god!
well i guess wednesday was like my friday for two months? hahah
Anyways I am glad it's friday! It was overcast and not hot enough for 
pool weather so i skipped the laying out yesterday.... womp :(
I hope it is better today!

I am pretty ready for this weekend because I am going to Warrensburg to help
my sister move into her very first apartment tomorrow! I am so excited
for her & cannot wait to get her all kinds of decorations for her place!

But before i head out to the grocery store & hobbly lobby
where i plan on getting kale & trying kale chips....
I am linking up with the gorgeous Leslie for

Confessional Friday

I confess...

...that I am kinda jealous of  my boo lindsey for buying her first house! She is 22 and just
closed on her first house. Granted I know
 I am in zero financial position to buy a house, 
i am still kinda jealous she has this place

...that i am a little too excited that my apartment got a new a treadmill & have been
in the gym before 9am both yesterday and today...gotta start somewhere?

...I wish i could be in my classroom already. I know I probably won't
be able to get in until most likely July, but I am psycho and would have been in there
yesterday if I could have!

...i continue to run into D's footboard of his bed & this is what happens..
it's even darker now... just in time for shorts weather
 *ignore cellulite*

...I am still obssessed as ever with 'Cops' I have been watching it EVERY day
lately..D thinks I am crazy.
Oh & hardcore pawn is in there too.

...Real Housewives of New Jersey starts Sunday & I cannot effing wait!
#prostitutionwhore #tableflips 

...i have polished off half a bag of Dove Dark Chocolates in less than a week.

&&& just a little funny for friday of Lindsey & I teasing our hair..
before smoothing it out...

any confessions this week?
have a great weekend lovers!!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

summer staples {part three}

Life is grand. My first day off from school is amazing.
I already got a work out in & i am going to be pool side
as soon as i run to the library for some more reading material...

an good suggestions for books to read this summer?

So today I am bringing you the part 3 of my Summer Staples
series. You can find the first two parts here and here.
Today I am gonna tell you about my
Summer Staple cuisine!
We all know girlfran loves to eat..and summer cooking is one of my favorites!

BBQ- duh. I feel like all i do is talk about BBQs these days. I cannot help it!
Hamburgers, hotdogs, BBQ chicken. YUMO!
I love it all. I just love the way the grill makes it taste.
I cannot get enough.

shish-kabobs. These kinda go along with grillings since you most likely
are making them on the grill.  I love how you can make them
your own & basically put whatever you want on them.
I find pre-made marinades and put my meat
in them the night before then skewer on
my ingredients right before they go on the grill.

My fave skewer ingredients are---
pineapple, chicken, steak, onion, pear, asparagus, & zucchini

sangria. UH YEAH. This is SOOOO needed.
I love buying sangria or making it myself..
either way momma is happy.
put a cute straw or an umbrella in my glass?
even better.

Salads. Now during the summer time I don't always want a heavy
meal. Especially if i have to be in a swimsuit at any point.
So salads are a great way for lighter meal that will also fill me up.
I love trying new stuff in my salads. I love romaine lettuce
and spinach leaves as the base of most of my salads.
 Lately I have been including
sunflower seeds, cranberries, chickpeas, boiled egg & crab meat in my salads.

watermelon. mmmmm :) I love me some watermelon. I literally could probably
eat a whole one in just a few days..all to myself.
Watermelon just reminds me of summer time & I always seem to crave
it when it gets hotter.

There ya have it. My summer food staples.
What do you love to eat during the summer months??

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Today was quite the day. We had an early release @ 1:30.
The day pretty much flew by. 
We played lots of games, went on a nature
walk, read lots of stories & had a candies!

We had cupcakes!
I wore stretchy pants...again ;)
*yes, this is how i went to school on the last day!*
These are the bags that i made for my kids.

The pictures I feel do not do them justice BUT they loved them.
I included candy, fruit snacks, pencils, erasers, bookmarks,
a special poem, stickers etc.
They also got a silly straw on the outside.
My helper :)
* we made these last week *
I got a nice break at lunch & i got read more in my book FINALLY!!
i am almost half way through & I am so ready to read more in the series! 
I made a delicious dinner last night.
Tilapia, mashed taters, & asapargus with a soy and honey sauce.
Now that I am done with school for the day...
a nice nap on the couch & DIY projects are going to be filling my afternoon.
haha I am nerd!
yesterday's OOTD 

tomorrow? laying out & the gym.
yeah I am gonna get used to this!
Happy Hump Day!!
linking up with Shanna.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

phew that was a fabulous 3-day weekend!
It was relaxing & productive all at the same time! 
Just how i like it.

new blog design? What do we think?? The fab Steph put this together for me!
Simple & Sassy, just the way I wanted it!! Thank you so much princess! 
You are the best!!

alrighty onto the shenanigans that was my weekend!

Friday after work I came home & passed out for FOUR HOURS!!
yeah that is right! 
I laid down to watch my daily obsession
that is 'Cops' & next thing I know I am waking
up to a text from D at 9 PEE-EM!
wtf is wrong with me? 
Well after getting Jimmy Johns & waiting for D
to come over we watched the Cards game. They wooped up on those Dodgers...
 7 to ZIP! 

Saturday we were up & at 'em early! We ran a few errands D needed
to do & then headed to Barnes & Noble where I picked up a few children's books.
I am obsessed with their children's section. I need
more monies to buy all the books I want. Then we went to our
favorite restaurant in town. It is so great & mmmm everything
is so good that i can never decide what to get!

gorgeous sky, unedited

We ended up at Hobby Lobby
where I picked up paints for a DIY project I am making for my sister
& a few other things for my place. Then a lot of napping was had.

Saturday evening Lindsey came to town & we went to 
our fave karaoke bar...of course, whats new?

 Dave & I

Linds & I

I love this one :)

Sunday was LAZY! D & I watched Mad Men (duh...)
then he went to his parent's house &  I cam back to my place and was a total bum.
What is with me & sundays? I am SOOOO lazy!!

I did start on the DIY for my sister and cleaned my kitchen.
so i did feel a wee bit productive.

Monday I cleaned the apartment!! I deep cleaned my shower
& bathroom floor..SICK! I freaking hate cleaning my bathroom
which is probably why it gets so icky.
I finished up the gifts for the teachers I have worked with
during the subbing & watched RHOC.
I made BBQ chicken, smashed potatoes & corn on the cob
for D & I for din.

Linking u with Sami

How was your three-day weekend??

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Fancies {memorial day edition}

We made  it!!!!
Three day weekend here we comeeeeee!
too effing bad i still have a day & a half of school
left next week.
I am not sure exactly my plans for this weekend BUT I am pretty
sure I will be headed to Branson for at least a day to see my
muffin Lindsey! I am loving the fact I have a three day weekend

so I am Linking up for Friday Fancies.
This week is obviously all about Memorial Day Wear!
here is what I put together---

FF-memorial day

My favorite thing about spring/summer is BBQs...if you didn't already know.
I LOVE representing my Cards so pairing that with jean shorts & sunglasses
is my perfect BBQ look.
Secondly, I know there always a lot of concerts, specifically country, around Memorial Day
so a little plaid dress & cowboy boots is my favorite thing to wear
to any country concert. Swipe on some red polish & you got yourself
an American holiday outfit

What are you wearing this weekend??
What are your plans??

Get down with your bad self this weekend!

See ya next week!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

What have I been wearing??

SORRRRY this is so late.

* my computer was all messed up today & I couldn't log on.
thus LATE POST*  

THANK GOD it is thursday!
Today we had field day at school
aka our morning was spent outside playing games
then then in the afternoon the kiddos were in the cafeteria watching movies
and we are doing stuff in the classrooms.
Also My kids got popsicles today after the movies..i was SUPER excited!

Last night Dave and I went to dinner. One of my super amazing teachers
i am working with during this subbing gave me an applebeesn giftcard
so I treated D out to dinner :)


We made finished treat bags for my kiddos last day AND then watched more mad men!
I cannot get enough.
 D literally had to turn it off & make me go to bed last night.

OOKAY on to today...

Well we all know  a fashion blogger I am not!
But here are few things I have been throwing together..
ya know outside of yoga pants.
which BTW i get to wear to work today because it's Field Day.
Life has really come full circle...Stretchy Pants to work?

I wore this one ngiht when D & I went to dinner to
a casual Chinese place.

Just running errands around town.

Working girrrrl.
More work.

This was from our fancy date night last week :)


I NEEEEED to do some shopping.
I say that, but have at least three tops with tags still on them..
But i know target has some cute stuff i need to see & own!

Happy Thursday!!
ONEEEEE day til a 3 day weekend! We can do it!


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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

pick a peck of pickled peppers

One week from today i will be DONEEEEE!
thank god! As much as i adore those beautiful second grade faces
i am so ready for summer and a break. These last two weeks of school
have been rough to say the least.
Today we get extra recess & I cannot wait to be outside with
the kiddos :)

Wednesday Selfie :)

So today I am yet again borrowing stealing from the
ever so gorgeous Stephanie. She is one my favorite
and you need to get your hiney over there & see her!

yesterday she posted about things she is picky about. I laughed out
loud as USUAL but also there was a lot of
"ooooh ME TOO SISTER" thoughts in my head!

I am a pretty picky person. I wouldnt say I am a picky eater
(and my hips would agree) BUT on many other things
i can be a little crazy, almost OCD about.

So here is my list of things that i am picky about

Toilet Paper. I am snob. end of story. I HAVE to buy
cottonelle ultra. I feel like pretty much any other toilet
paper is WAY to rough. I like my toilet paper
to be very cushion-y & cottonelle gets the job done!
I am not brand specfic on a lot of things.. great value, yah walmart i see
your off brand & i buy it. However, with toilet
paper only cottonelle!

it has to be. It is not only color coded but it is also in order
from tank tops to shirts to dresses to pants to jeans to skirts
it is just the way it is.
AND i will know if you were in my closet because i know exactly where
things have to be.

Towels. I fold my towels a certain way!I always fold my towels like

what pisses me off is when people fold like this-
I just think it looks messy & i cannot stand it.

Black pen. I pretty much write in pen every day & it has to be
in black. I do not like writing in blue. I have no idea why...I have just always been
like this.

Yellow candies.  I do not like the yellow candy...of anything
*except runts*
I always leave them out or give them away. Even M&Ms
Yes I am aware they taste the same...but i do not care.

What are you picky about?
Happy Hump Day lovers!
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Staples {part two}

Morning Babes!!

sorry for being MIA yesterday!
i am trying to get everything ready for the last week
of school & had no real time to get a post together.
PLUS my weekend was pretty quiet
well.. D & I ate a lot of good food and started
Mad Men on netflix...i am obsessed.  
we napped a not a whole lot to share..

So today I bring you another part of my
'summer staples' series. In case you missed the first part
check it out here.
It was all about summer staples in fashion.

Today I bring you my summer staples on Health & Wellness.
Now I am no doctor or anything but these are few things
that are important to staying healthy & well throughout
the summer months.

we are all gonna be outside a lot & if your weather is anything like
Missouri's it is gonna be hotter than hell. DRINK UP!!
Stay hydrated! I don't want any of my pretty bloggy friends
passing out from heat exhaustion.
PS don't forget about the fur babes either. Dogs/cats etc need extra water
in the scorching heat too!

& hey now you have a reason to get that Tervis/camelbak you have been eyeing.

sunscreen. I love the spray on kind. They absorb quickly & you won't
have to worry about greasy hands.
Yes we all wanna be bronze goddesses and layout for
hours by the pool/lake/beach so throw on the sunscreen.
a little SPF never hurt anyone.

chapstick. EOS, duh :) but really any good chapstick is great!
We are lathering up sunscreen, DONT forget about your lips
The sun can easily dry out your lips (mine get super dry)
 especially when you are spending hours
out in the sun!

 hair ties. I pretty much always keep a hair tie on my wrist
but especially during those summer months. You dont want to be somewhere
& be all sweaty with your hair stuck to your neck.
GROSS! keep hair ties/bobby pins handy
so you can put your hair up quick!

 D-O FOR YOUR B-O! haha
personally i feel like body odor is the worst smell out there..and we all get it.
well i know i do...
 & the last thing you want to do is offend someone with nasty B.O.
I really like Secret Gels. They go on clear &
 i feel like it lasts all day!

A RAZOR! now i effing hate saving my legs  as much as the
next girl but with shorts & skirt weather upon us
i guess we are just gonna have to grin & bear the fact
that we gotta shave our legs.
Don't for get your pits ;)

how do you stay healthy & well during the summer??
Happy tuesday lovlies!
Catch ya later alligator.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Baby!


man i love me a friday!
even better? A friday with drinks after it! PUHLEASE sign me up!
i am gonna need a few brews after this week...

*one week left of school... 21 8 year olds make this lady CRAZY!!!*

I am so glad that i have two days off to relax & recoop!
I have zero plans as of yet for this weekend..
i think D & I might go to an antique/resale store & hopefully play outside!
fingers crossed!!

so to get us through this friday
and make it to happy hour I will leave you with a few things
to make you at least a little happy :)

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

happy friday lovers!
play outside this weekend.
enjoy it.
you deserve it.

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