Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Random Wednesday

Hey Dolls!

I am getting ready to head out to school to work...all day haha :) Then I get to go grocery shopping. Being an adult sucks. There I said it.

First off let's get some business outta the way. I am looking for Guest Posters for next week! I have new teacher meetings etc all next week from 7:30-4 EVERYDAY so i am gonna be pretty pooped with that plus working in my classroom, so instead of giving lack luster posts or *gasp* taking a week off, i'd love to promote some of my beautiful readers!! Just email me --- if you are interested. It can really be on anything you'd like! Lemme know!!!

My apartment is a disaster. Someone come clean it for me. Dishes..clothes..just crap everywhere. BUT since I am going to the grocery store i PROMISED  D i would make din din tonight. I must be productive.

I will be getting a mac book!!! Yep, every teacher gets one! I am SO SO SO stoked! Its going to take me forever to learn how to use, but I have never had a lap top (yep still rockin a desk top) & now i get a macbook! Granted its only for school, but i know bloggers works on there :)

I am behind on all the housewives...eff. I am a bad fan. I need to get up to date stat. Don't even get me started on Princess...

&& to end this random post here are few things i wore last week/weekend

 The first night my parents were in town we went to a little bar & grill

What I wore to the dinner with teacher I student taught with
uhhh a sweet two dolla tee shirt D picked up for me when he went to the thrift store.
he is pretty Swell.

That's all I got for ya.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Do I just skip Monday posts these days?


 I promise I have not given up on posting on Mondays but the last two have just be hard to sit down and write. I was so exhausted two weeks ago and yesterday I was just in a funk. I do not know why, but I was feeling down. I cannot really explain it..I think its a combo of I had a doctors appt yesterday I was anxious about & I am getting stressed out about school & my family was here all weekend STAYING  at my apartment...all just seemed to drain me. BUT i am fine today & ready to conquer the world (haha)

I ALREADY got a work out in..I was in there by  8:30. I am trying to get myself up earlier and earlier so I can be ready to workout at 5 am when school starts...iiiiiick :( But it wasn't the best work out, I am not gonna lie to you. My legs were dying. I literally felt like they would no longer support me during the run. I dno..but i cut my cardio a little short. HOWEVER I did make up for with extra ab workouts! I am going to start trying to vary the workouts & not have it just be running everyday. I have looked up & saved some circuit workouts I am going to get in  on days I don't run. Also, gonna dust off the old elliptical and see if that helps with my ankle not hurting so much.

ANYWHOOOOS I am not going into a huge drawn out weekend recap. ---
my parents were here.
We shopped.
Looked a new apartments (i move in less than two months!!!!)
Went to Karaoke.
Made Walmart trips.

pics from the karaoke night

that was about it.

I am meeting up with the rest of the 3rd grade team to work on a few things and then I am heading out to my classroom to work some more!!! school starts TWO WEEKS FROM TOMORROW!! AHHH :)

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Friday, July 26, 2013

I've got a crush on you..


So last night we went out for dinner with the teacher I worked with during Student Teaching. She is such a great person & helped me more way than I can even count. It was nice to go out to dinner & share all my ideas and just chat.

We were suppose to work in my classroom tomorrow, but the wax won't be dry in my hallway..thus its not happening.. SO BUMMED!

Today I am linking up with Friday Fancies because the theme is 'style crush' Now i am always jealous of pretty much what everyone wears but i don't know if its because I have been watching 'The Hills' every day but my jealousy of lauren conrad has grown. Thus, she is my style crush and who i am modeling this weeks look after.

Here is my take on Lauren Conrad's style

FF-Style Crush

FF-Style Crush by sar789 featuring butter london nail polish

What do ya think??! I am obsessed with that dress!! 
Have a fab weekend, see ya on the flip side lovers!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

I wonder

ONE DAY TIL FRIDAY!! we can do it :)

Happy Thursday Friends!! My parents are in town and we are gonna run errands all day possibly go to branson & do some shopping. My parents are staying at my place this week so save monies so we can do more fun things, which is just fine by me. However since I only have a one bedroom & one couch (that is currently being occupied by my sister) so i am a nomad who has to beg her ever so sweet man friend to let me stay at his place this week. Good thing he is such a doll & said yes before i actually had to beg :)

Okay so do you ever just WONDER about things? I do a lot. I always wonder about other people & how they do things, why they do things etc etc. SO here are somethings i wonder--

  I always wonder if bloggers have two twitters? Do they have one they use for blogging purposes and one for like IRL families and friends? I guess this kinda goes along with if people in IRL know about your blog. I don't go around flaunting it or talking about it a lot, but i have it as a website on FB and i talk to bloggy friends on my one and  only twitter.So anyone could figure it out if they really cared.

I always wonder how people sleep with socks on a normal basis. I guess i can understand if its winter & freezing, but just on any normal day? NOOOO, how is this comfortable?? D sleeps with socks on..weird.

I also wonder which people face in the shower. I am not being creepy but i always face the back of my shower (away from the water) even when I am shampooing my hair. I just step away from the water so it doesn't hit my hair, but some people turn around and face the water.

I wonder why snooki always is so defensive on twitter saying no one really knows her when people bring up her partying and binge drinking when THAT IS EXACTLY WHY SHE IS FAMOUS!! She spent her first  4 or so years in the public eye being a drunk idiot and now doesn't know why people judge her or call her out on things...girlfran, YOU DID THOSE THINGS!!! Don't get me wrong i still follow her and read all her tweets but i bugs me.

I wonder what i did before blogging. Because I feel like i still watch a lot of TV but what did i do before this?? hmmm....

What are somethings you wonder??!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh so you're new around here.

Happy Wednesday Friends!!

My parents are getting in today! They are staying til Sunday morning which makes me very happy! We are going to dinner with the teacher i did my student teaching with tomorrow night & then doing 'springfield' things the rest of the week including *hopefully* working in my classroom AND i am taking them to my karaoke bar with Dave & I on Saturday :)

So with all these new faces around here, I thought I would share a little more about myself. I know a lot of you are from Allie's giveaway but I am so excited you are here & hope you stick your little hineys around! I really need to update my 'about me' page but that just seems like a huge effing that will have to wait.

Here are just a few pretty important tidbits about me

{1} I am a 3rd grade teacher. I just got my first full time real big girl job! I am starting my first year of teaching THREE WEEKS FROM TODAY...can we say 'holy shit!' in unison. I am scared & happy & nervous all the same time.

{2} I love a glass of wine. I enjoy sitting on the patio or just my couch in sweats and enjoying a nice wine. Oh and by 'nice' i mean 8-9 dollar per bottle max. And by glass, a solo cup is just fine by me.

{3} Country music soothes my soul. It simply completes me & i cannot think of one day I have not listened to it. Plus those country artists, they are DAMN fine.

{4} I am reality TV obsessed. You name it, there is a 95% chance i have caught at least one sode. I am very partial to anything on Bravo, specifically The Real Housewives franchise.

{5} I love to eat. Which probs explains the size of MY HINEY, but i also love to cook & make healthy things. I don't share a lot of recipes on here, but every once in a while i do.

{6}I have a teeeeny attention span. I tend to be bored & i like to be doing something. However, laying on the couch all day on a sunday is my idea of a great time!

{7} My favorite color is green. 

{8} I have tiny feet and hands, oh and I am only 5' tall. I am a little lady.

{9} I am good listener. I dont always know what to say but i am always here for a good rant/happiness/cry.

{10}  I have slight OCD. Which is why i couldn't just leave this list at 9 things and why my closet/dresser is color coordinated and why all my books line up tallest to shortest on my book cases. No exceptions..oh & my dvds are alphabetized.

Well there ya have it :) If you are new say hello, i'd love to get to know you!!

Oh & just to remind you of how pretty I am---



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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekend Recap

Good Morning!!!

It's tuesday & yes my weekend recap is a day late. I was so exhausted that i literally napped most of yesterday away. The weekend was a long but fabulous one!! I had such a great time. We didn't get back til after 10 pm on sunday night thus i didn't even have time to start this post.

anyways this weekend was a blast! D & I went to Kansas City for my mom's side family reunion! It was  such a great time and the first time my extended family was going to meet D.

Friday I spent the whole day working in my classroom. I was pretty overwhelmed BUT got a good chunk of things done. I still have a billion more things to do though. My parents will be here next weekend so I am hoping we will be able to get in next saturday.

After D got off work we got pizza & then headed out to KC. We stayed at my cousin's house which is very north KC so it was about a 3.5 hour drive. Needless to say after we worked all day we were dog tired & passed out pretty quickly after we fell asleep.

Saturday we were up & movin early. We all ate breakfast and then D&I and my parents went to Cabella's (similar to bass pro) for some shopping. After we got back my Aunt Connie made Mexican Salad and we devoured plate fulls. OMG so good. Then it was off the to royals game. It was SOOOO muggy but overall a great time. The night ended with nice showers & whiskey cokes :)

 on the way home..still reppin the cards with dave's hat :)

Sunday we were not up as early but had homemade biscuits and gravy.After all the family (a few stayed a hotels) arrived we headed out to the lake. My cousin (who lives in KC) has a speed boat that seats about 6-7. However there was over 20 of us so while some where on the boat the rest of us were at the swim beach. It was a great time. We all tubed & swam and just had a wonderful time.

this just makes my heart happy :)

 Unfortunately D had to work early Monday so we left early Sunday evening.

I had such an amazing time & I am so glad I got to introduce D to my family. The loved him, but duh...of course they did :) HAHA!

Happy Tuesday lovers!!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Letters

Well hello there!

Didya miss me yesterday?? I took a day off because honestly...i had nothing blog worthy to write about.
I spent the day labeling all my books for my classroom library. Then i got the email saying i could be in my classroom tomorrow TO START WORKING ON THINGS!!! AHHHH :) However it's only for the day because all of next week they will be waxing the floors in my hall which means I cannot get back in there until the 29th! eeeks! I am so excited & nervous & scared & happy and ahhh :)

Also I just finished packing for the Family Reunion this weekend!! I am excited to bring D up to KC to meet all of my mom's side. I hope he doesn't hate me after this weekend!!

Now onto friday letters

 Dear D, thank you so much for coming with me this weekend. I know you are nervous & it's a bit out of your comfort zone to be meeting all of my family at once. You are such a good sport & thank you for putting up with me especially when i got snippy earlier this week. You are wonderful and i am such a lucky girl to have found you.

Dear School, AHHHHHHHHH! I am so excited to be going into my classroom today. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have a job and how excited I am. I am also scared shitless that I am going to fail but so ready for this new chapter!

Dear Family, please be nice to Dave & don't give him too hard of a time. Just a little bit ;)

Dear Self, BREATHE!!! Just breathe, it's going to be okay.

Dear STL Cards, I LOVE YA!!

Dear Florida Georgia Line, so word on the street is you are coming to Springfield in October. You can bet your sweet asses I will be there & i will be singing every song right back to you. Oh tyler farr, yah i know you will be there too and I cannot wait!

Dear new readers, HELLO there :) So glad you are here & I promise to have way better posts next week! I'd love to meetcha so email or comment me! Thanks for being here.

ookay I am heading out! Wish me luck!!
See ya monday babes!!!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Good Afternoon!
Happy Wednesday! I am so glad this week is half over because i am SO ready for the 
weekend. D & I are going to KC for a mini family reunion (my mom's side)
for the weekend! I am too excited!!

*note-yes I am doing center text again, but maybe just for today*

Soooo all over the blogosphere about a month, maybe more, ago ladies all over
were writing about the things that make them the most happy. Now I am all about jumping
on the bandwagon but i didn't when it was the hot thing to do.

HOWEVER I am jumping on the ever-so-late bandwagon and telling you all about things 
that make me happy.

{1}The laundry detergent aisle. I love how it smells. It has always been my favorite aisle.
Even when I was a little girl I am pretty sure I walked even slower through it.
I am HUGE lover of 'clean' scents so obvi the laundry detergent aisle is

{2} Hearing my favorite song on the radio. Sure I can listen to it 2165453
time on spotify but hearing it on the radio is just more...special?
I can't describe it.

{3}Chocolate. Pretty much any chocolate any time.

{4}Knowing I will be real-full-fledged teacher next year. Some days I still cannot
believe it. I am so incredibly excited & happy that I have a full time job doing what
i love so much.

{5} Making a recipe & having it turn out delicious. I cook a lot for D & I and usually it 
is the old reliable dishes so every once in a while i will try something new
and when it turns out amazing it makes my heart happy.

{6} Gas prices going down right when i fill up. le duh.

{7}Peanut butter toast. Gah, the perfect breakfast? pretty much.

{8} 75 degree weather with puffy clouds & blue blue skies

out n about one day in springfield.

{9} Snuggles. Cliche, i know. But I love to snuggle. Whether it be with
D, my parents cat, my little baby cousins, i love snuggles :)

{10} Finding the perfect outfit. I love when I am out looking for something
to wear for a specific occasion and I just find the perfect thing.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Things I don't do well

Hello Friends!

Ugghh tuesday, no one likes ya. Get outta here. So anyway last night was my birthday dinner & it was so fun! We went to this really nice restaurant that is inside bass pro. It was a lot of sea food meals, which are muh fave! It was so good :)


so a while back I share with you some things I do well. It wasn't an extensive list or anything but ya know, i do some things pretty well. However on the other hand, there are things I DO NOT do all. So today I am sharing those with you.

{1} Whistle. I cannot whistle. I just cannot. I have not mastered that skill. So many people have tried to show me, but alas I am an idiot.

{2}Remember to buy dryer sheets. I just gave up a long time ago. i always forget. Thank god D always has them & since I do laundry at his house...i just steal his.

{3} Vacuuming. I hate it. I put it off way more than I should, i am gross. I know. I just don't like doing it thus it gets put off.

{4} Taking compliments well. I always feel awkward. If someone says "oh i like that dress" I can never just say thank you. I always end up saying where i  got it from or how much of a deal I got on it. i am akward, aca-awkward.

{5} Parking. I cannot park my car. I know you all hate people like me. This picture just speaks for itself.
mine is the silver car...but in my defense..lindsey's is the red.

what are some things you don't do well??

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans {Birthday Weekend!!}


Well I am back & alive from floating! I had such a great time & it was probably one of the best birthdays yet! I am not an outdoorsy girl & sleeping on the ground is not the best, but everything else was great :)

But let's get right to the shenans--

Friday- D was off work so we lounged around for most of the morning. He made breakfast for us, i just love when he does that. Then we ran errands & got all the stuff for the float. We ended up back at his house where we watched Mad Men & I made jellos shots. I headed out to dinner with the ladies & when i got back this is what I was greeted with ---

EEEK :) How cute is he?? I am so lucky.

Saturday- BIRTHDAY DAYYYYY!!!! WOOOP! We were up at the ass crack of dawn. After a walmart/gas station/mickie dees stop we were on the road for a quick 2 hour trip! Then it was river time!!
There isn't much to share. We floated, drank, sang. swam, camped, grilled over the fire, watched karaoke, and fell asleep. It was amazing.

Sunday- after realized my air mattress deflated I was up basically with the sun. D made breakfast for all of us over the fire & we packed up & headed back to Springfield. I took like an hour long shower trying to get all the nature off of me. Then i napped for 541634588 hours. D made lunch and then we watched Housewives of New Jersey and then of course the cards game!! #sorryboutchacubs

He is taking me out for my birthday dinner tonight & I am SO excited!

Happy Monday friends :)

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