Thursday, August 29, 2013


TGIT!! Thank God its Thursday! On Thursdays my kids have two specials (Art & Music) Art RIGHT when we get to school and it is SO nice to sit & relax and work at the beginning of the day. ESPECIALLY when I worked 3.5 hours after school yesterday, oh and if you were wondering teachers DO NOT get paid overtime. blardy, (as D always says) I am tired.
 Tonight D & I are going to a goodbye dinner for my friend Hannah who is moving. :( I am excited to see all the girls I used to work with but also sad she is leaving. I know her & her boyfriend are off to new adventures!!

Anyways, I haven't done a 'Currently' Post in a while..


Watching: well we finished  Orange is the new Black last night, so i think we are going back to Weeds. It is starting to lull & nancy has been pissing me off lately.

Eating: The fire hot cheetos my mentor teacher brought in for me.

Drinking: SO much water. I drink at least 2-3 tervis cups at school each day and 3-4 waterbottles at home. I am a peeing machine needless to say.

Loving: This bracelet one of my girls made for me..just because. (its the green & blue)

Upset: over finishing OITNB :( New season, where are youuuu??

Wanting: To move into my new apartment already!!!

Hoping; Fall weather is around the corner so i can start purchasing my neeeeds without feeling guilty!

Cooking: a lot of chicken recipes. I feel like dave is getting bored so i need to find new (and inexpensive) ways to change it up!
Reading: Her & her, and Her

Happy Thursday!


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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Somthings just go together

peanut butter & jelly.
chocolate & peanut butter
toast & peanut butter

......okay anything with peanut butter. I digress
Sarah & stretchy pants
toothbrush & toothpaste

you get my drift. some things are JUST MEANT to be together. However, there are somethings that are not meant to be together, in fact, and i cannot stress this enough...somethings will NEVER go together. Right or wrong, its just how the world is. Let's examine some of those things--

{1} Sleeping and socks. Now we all know I have talked about this. These two this should NOT go together. It is awkward, uncomfortable, stifling, and over all just a bad time. Naked feet are the sleepiest (and happiest) feet.

{2} Theresa Guidice & owning mistakes. Unfortunately girlfriend missed that gene. She cannot own to a mistake to save her life. "Theresa you hurt my feelings when you called me that name!" ......"OOOOOOH you called me this, this & this!" NO tre, that is NOT an apology or owning one's choices...that is shifting blame.

{3} Reality TV & boyfriends. Now D will watch real housewives or hardcore pawn with me. If i beg... haha BUT overall i am embarrassed to watch any reality TV with my boyfriend, or honestly...anyone.

{4}Electronic devices  & toilets. WTF, how are you dropping your phone or ipod or whatever in the toilet. My sister has done this TWICE. 2 times she has dropped her ipod in the toilet. People what are you doing in the bathroom that you are not paying attention to your electronic device in the toilet?? Get it together.

{5} Cheese & peanut butter. mostly because i tried to think of what PB is not good with..& I got cheese, which is weird, because cheese is AMAZING.

what things do you think do not go together??

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wants & Needs

Good Morning my darlings!

Thankg goodness it is tuesday, only four days til a three day weekend!!! Don't get me wrong, i do LOVE my job, but i always long for those weekends! School is still going great and i am loving it. Things are a bit stressful on the 'business' end of things, but we really are starting to get the hang of procedures so it is making my test analyzing & data analyzing easier.

yesterday as i was perusing blogs I cam across Mikell's post about 'back to school' fashion. It got me thinking about my fall wants and needs for clothing and beyond. Now I often cross over my wants & needs...into ALL NEEDS :) but don't we all. 

Now of course fall seems to be the furthest thing these days since it is suppose to be north of 90 degrees all this week in Missouri, BUT i cannot help but day dream about cool weather and crisp autumn days.

So here are a few things that I am thinking I need want for fall---

Fall wants/needs

Fall wants/needs by sar789 featuring skinny fit pants

{one} Grey leather jacket, gahhh lust lust lust. I have a brown & a black one. I am so obsessed with these. I reeeeally want a slate grey one for this fall & winter.

{two} MINT. This is not just a spring or summer color. I love mint and I really need more of it in my wardrobe. 

{three} Warm toned skinnies. I bought, grey, bright green & red. I really want brown, dark green and black. They look so good in boots, they are comfortable &&& I can teach in them. I like skinnies because generally they are stretchy, and we all know mama loveeees a stretchy pant. 

{four} Sassy Sweatshirts. I love shirts/sweat shirts that have a funny/quirky picture or saying. Forever 21 always has pretty good ones to choose.

{five}  WARM scarves. I have a lot of cutsie scarves, but they do not really keep my warm. I need something that will keep warm and cozy as we start heading into cooler months.

{six} Cardigans. Um yeah, that is a teacher STAPLE!!!. Same 2-3 black v-necks, add on a different cardi, i have a new outfit everyday. I need to stock up..yesterday.

{seven}   Boots! I have a few pairs, but my grey ones finally bit the dust last year. I have some short booties in grey but i want tall grey and black boots this year, because le duh, they go with everything.

{eight} Dark colored polishes. I just picked up a navy, but i need to get darker cooler tones for this fall. I am thinking emeralds & violets.

{nine} Coffees & cocos. Now I am not huge coffee drinker (unless it tastes like chocolate & had whip cream) but i love some hot chocolate and on my cold drives to work they are going to be come a necessity.

{ten} I am going to try out the stocking cap again this year. My ears get frigid & i am not a fan of ear muffs. I do love the headbands or should i say ear bands that go over your ears and wrap around like a head band. i have two of those & I really want to add to my collection.

there ya have it ladies, my fall wish/want/need list.

what are you needing this fall??   
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekends just seem to fly by..

Oh monday why do you gotta come and ruin a perfectly great weekend??

Ugh. I am excited to see my kiddos though :) This weekend flew by, like they all do. I slept in, laid in sweats & watched a lot of netflix. I call that a perfect weekend.

Friday I stayed after school a bit then headed home where i proceeded to take off the dress pants & slip on those yoga pants in all of 8 seconds. Yep, i am that girl. I then decided to each popcorn, watch TV and play on my phone. It was amazing. I love laying on the couch all by my lonesome just relaxing. D was out with a friend, so it was just sarah time....ahhhh. I ended up over at daves after his man time. We watched Weeds & went to bed early.

Saturday was suppose to be a day to sleep in, yet we were up at 7 am. Eff. After we got up & movin we got breakfast and ran a bunch of errands.I ended up out at Lindsey's where we got orange leaf & watched Orange is the new black (TWO EPISODES LEFT!)

one. OOTD, i just got that denim vest from plato's. 8 dollllas.
two. Barnes & Noble looking for kids books for my classroom, why are books so expensive??
three. Grading math tests.

Sunday WAS finally our day to sleep & sleep in we did. 10 am baby!!! Then we proceeded to be bums all day.
one. snap chatting my sister. I am such a rare beauty.
two. Breakfast, D made pancakes while i worked on lessons
three. Car wash, i have ALWAYS loved them. I am weirdo, but when D asked me to go with, i said..DUH.

OH & i have officially been approved for a new APARTMENT...moving in 31 days!! YAHOOOO! I cannot wait to move into a nicer place. It only going to be  a 35 minute  commute to work now and i am going to literally be 2 minutes from D. :)

Happy Monday my dears, only 4 days til a three day weekend.
Let's do this.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Confesions


 I really did NOT think it was going to get here! I made it through my first FULL week of school! YAHOOOO!! Thank Goodness & I still love all my darlings, there are a few that really test me...but i still love 'em!

I am so ready for this weekend. No plans equals bliss. I am hoping to not have to put ONE pair of button pants on. #stretchypantsforlife I am also hoping to sleep a lot, work on a few lessons & snuggle with my manfriend *insert gagging now*---yeah yeah I am gross.

Okay so onto my confessions, i am linking up with the gorgeous momma to be Leslie-

I Confess--

--I instagramed my FIRST photo. (add me sarah71389) yah I am late to the game, but HECK I just got my first smart phone.

---I am also OBSESSED with snap chat. too bad I only snap chat D & lindsey for the most part

-- That I have only cooked an actual dinner ONE TIME this week. D was a doll and made me dinner on Wednesday. I made pork chops, roasted red potatoes & green beans last night #goodgirlfriendaward

--I feel like you all judge me when i hashtag on posts

--that i was a southern gal and could have said 'i feel like ya'll...' in the last post.

---that I love when my fridge is full & i feel even better when said food is healthy.

--oh & here is my first friday selfie--- i know you are pumped.

sexy beast is what you are thinking...i know

mmkay that is all i got for you. What are you confessing this week?

have a great weekend lovers.
see ya on monday

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

thursday already & things I DON'T love

HOW is it thursday already friends?? i cannot believe it! This week HAS FLOWN by!!
I am so ready for the weekend. D & i have ZERO THINGS PLANNED :) It is such a relief. I am hoping for a lot of sleeping in & watching of Weeds & Orange is the New Black. (I got another episode in last night) BTW D is now just as hooked!
The kiddos are at ART so i thought I would pop in & write a quick post. I am planning on catching up on blog this afternoon! I know I have been slacking. GAH, silly life getting in the way of blogging.
anyhooooos--- How do i get pictures from my phone to the blog post. I just tried (from my phone) & it wont let me...I am probably a huge idiot.

OKAY on to a link up, I have not done in a while--


1. Bugs. There was a MASSIVE grasshopper on the hood of my car yesterday.
I drove all around town & that little sucker held on & i was so afraid when i got out 
of my car he was going to leap in to my face. SCARY!!
NO BUENO. GTF outta here buggy.

2. Forgetting socks. I am wearing boots today & i forgot socks so i had to borrow
a pair of D's. Let me paint this picture for you, i am tiny lady with tiny feet (size five ish)
and he is a boy with large feet add in boots that are just a hair to small, and its ouch city.
my feet feel like they are being squeezed to death.
on the flip side its better than no socks, wearing closed toed shoes without socks....makes me wanna
3. Paper cuts. is this just being a teacher? I handle papers all the time...well let me tell you
they hurt, a lot. NOT TO MENTION the fact that i am a germX fanatic in my classroom and when you forget you have a paper cut & you germX it...OWWW!
what don't you love?

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

after 8978953893 years

I am officially a smart phone user. iPhone 5 TO BE CORRECT :)

I am still trying to figure it all out. I made an instagram
------ sarah71389
add me, maybe?
I do not have any pictures...and I am still trying to figure out how to get everyone on my 'feed' i guess? I only have one person i follows pictures on the feed

Of course I have been at school all day so i haven't really been able to plan. I had the most frustrating math lesson today on telling time (to/past times aka what time is 12minutes past 4, or what time is it if i say 14minute to 6) SO HARD. They looked at my like i had three heads...eff.

BUT we shall try again tomorrow.
Happy Hump Day friends!!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hodge Podge

Happy Tuesday Darlings :)

I am exhausted this morning already. Probably because my alarm went off at 4:45 am and i was at the gym by 5. EFF. I don't if I will get used to it.  Doubtful. #ohtobeskinny

So last night I watched RHOC reunion part two. I literally cannot get enough. I still haven't seen the last episode. ACK. I am SOOO behind on RHONJ. I suck.  Anyways, poor gretchen. Everyone pretty much told her she is the worst  ever.---good lord. I hate alexis as always. 

Vicki, HYPOCRITE. END OF STORY. but really, she is crazy. She holds herself to a totally different standard than anyone else. She can do& say things and then when someone says something SIMILAR but totally true, she breaks down & screams.

My kiddos have been really great so far. I won't lie pretty chatty, but i am bringing the hammer down this week. We are working on being quiet in the hallway & especially at carpet time.

They are precious & I already love all of them. Eeeek. I am so lucky :)

I am sorry I have been sucky on the whole reading & commenting. Things are finally getting into the routine & I am trying to make more time for le blog & catching up on all you lovers.

Can we also talk about how effing excited I am the Duck Dynasty is back on. I am basically counting down until wednesday! uh yeah, happy happy happy.

I have noticed a LOT of my post today is about TV. I wish I was embarrassed, yea right.

My iPhone might be here today!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

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Monday, August 19, 2013


Ever heard that saying? My mom used to say it all the time! Basically...I am a day late with my weekend post, mostly because it was a fairly low key weekend. I am totally fine with it.

Friday went basically like this:
-dinner with Lindsey
-sleep, I was a huge grandma & was passed out by 9:30 or so. I was SO exhausted from my week!

Saturday was a bit more productive. I got up early made breakfast & started in on lessons. D was out on a boat with his family all day so i had ZERO distractions when it came to writing my lessons. I also cleaned out my closet & dresser. I felt ultra productive...THEN THE BEST PART OF THE WEEKEND...i went and looked at NEW PHONES!! You got it folks I will be entering the smart phone world, hopefully as of tomorrow!!! My parents so kindly allowed me to stay on their plan (THANK GOD!) and they switched to verizon which mean new phones. my new iphone 5 was shipped this morning!!!! EEEEK! I am praying I will get it tomorrow, possibly at the latest wednesday! 

I am legit over the moon!!! :) Its probably going to take me 8098700 years to figure how to use it, but i simply cannot wait!!

Saturday night we went to the karaoke bar, a dandy time at that. Of course when certain ex boyfriends & their finaces show up...its always a bit of a buzz kill. BUT we had a fab time anyway.
Why is my face so fat?  put down the chocolate sarah, put down the chocolate!!

Sunday we slept in then watched a few episode of Orange is the New Black (OBSESSED) & of course weeds. It was D's brother's bday so we went to his parents house to celebrate with dinner & cake. The boys shot their bows & played catch. It was AMAZING weather so the girls sat in chairs in the yard & chatted.

Also I am planning on being a much better blogger this week & get some posts better scheduled!!

It was a fab weekend!
Happy Monday!!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Some Days are just SO Great


So yesterday went quite well!! It was A LOT of talk about routines & Procedures. I read quite a few short books & then next thing I knew it was time to go! It literally flew by!

 I figured out how to use photobooth this morning :) 

Thank you so much for all your kind words & comments. I so appreciate it & I was really feeling the love :)

Last night D was the best & took me dinner. to 5 GUYS! ummmm YUMMMO! It was so delish. We also went to Barnes & Noble. I could just spend hours in there, not to mention thousands of dollars. & dave being the best boyfriend bought me a children's book :) It was one i have been wanting for my classroom and i am so excited to read it to my kiddos!!

Then of course my evening was ended with Duck Dynasty season premiere. Doesn't get much better than that!!

Even though it's only the second day of school I am so ready for the weekend. Dave is going on some boat adventure/day (i dno really...) & I am going to be at home working on lessons. I am hoping the weather stays this gorgeous & i can open my windows! My apartment is in DESPERATE need of a deep cleaning so it is getting it Saturday afternoon!!

& now my kids are at Art & I am working on lessons :) #teacherlife

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! We can make it loves


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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


AHHHHH today is the first day of school...OH MY GOD.
I am so freaking nervous!! I have 25 beautiful little souls being given to me at 7:40 today. & i have them for the next 180 days to take care of & to teach and to nurture.

holy shit.

I am SO very excited. I cannot believe this is actually happening. I remember how awful it felt last year not getting a job & now look where I am. I thought this day would never get here.

I have a lot of fun things planned for the next three days & i hope my kiddos enjoy them.  I am just praying to make it through the next three days successfully & with zero tears...that is my hope anyway :) Thank you all so much for the out pour of love & support. You guys are the bees knees!!!

I hope everyone is having an amazing day, i know i will be.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Making a Difference


I am heading out to work in my room (big surprise) because
am i ready???? goodness

Open house went well last night & it was just so wonderful to meet the little ones. It was nerve wracking meeting parents but i think over all it went well.

Today I wanted to share a story I heard last week during one of the district meetings I was at. One of the speakers was talking about 'making a difference' which is incredibly cliche in the world of education. It is on EVERY website i looked at about interviewing for a teaching job. Somehow get in there about how you want to make a difference. It was almost redundant. I of course want to make a difference, that is why I am a teacher. But after hearing it so much it almost just becomes something that goes in one ear and out the other.

Anyways one of the speakers first spoke about a student he had who was incredibly successful. He had a wonderful job, family, everything.  They were close when this speaker was a teacher & still kept in touch to this day. He talked about how this student was the all star athlete the honor student. He was successful at whatever he did. He was one of those kids who was going to be successful no matter what any teacher did.

Then he talked about another student. This student was feared by students and staff alike. He didn't come from a lot and did put forth effort. If he had been suspended once he had been suspended twelve times. He didnt have many friends.  He spoke about how he thought for sure this kid would end up in jail someday. As pessimistic as that was, it just never mattered what the teacher did or said, it wasn't making an impact. He went on to say that some years after this student had left the district (whether by graduation or dropping out--he didn't say) he saw the student's father out somewhere. They got to talking and he found out that not only was this student not in jail but had a job, wife & kids. He had turned out just fine. The father turned to the teacher & told him that his son was so grateful to that teacher. The teacher, shocked of course, asked why-

Then he said 'because you were the only one who ever treated him like a human being'.

That last quote really stuck with me. It really hit me, that these kids are coming to me & I need to remember they are just kids. Yes, they need to be responsible and accountable but I need to check my frustrations and keep my impatience at the dorr because i am HUGE part of their lives & how I treat them can and will be reflected in their self esteem, self image and self worth. And even if no one ever tells them how special they are, I can. I have to. It makes me excited and emotional and so unbelievably happy to know that i have that type of responsibility and can have that role in someone's life. It is a blessing i do not take lightly. I really can make a difference and i should never let that opportunity become redundant or let it go in one ear & out the other.

I cannot wait to start this journey tomorrow.
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Monday, August 12, 2013

I AM BACKKKK! {Classroom Pictures inside}


well I am back my darlings! I hope you enjoyed my lovely guest posters last week! I am really trying to get back in the swing of things with le blog. Life has been HECTIC and crazy the past week. I had meetings on meetings on meetings last week. Luckily I learned a lot..along with being SO overwhelmed. THANK GOD I have a strong supportive team of teachers I work with who are going to help me.

So this weekend was fairly low key.

Friday was spent at school in building meetings and working in my class a bit. D was out with one of his friends so i spent the evening just relaxing and playing on pinterest. It was so nice to just be on my couch and have some alone time.

Saturday I was up & at 'em early. I got my tush to the gym and got a workout in. Then Staples was having teacher appreciation day so i headed over there. My parents came down and helped me put the final touches in my classroom. I am so blessed to have them in my life and they were so incredibly helpful getting everything set up with me.

& now the moment you have all been waiting for..haha yea right.. MY ROOM :)

 My room :))
 Behavior Clip Chart
 View from my door
 My small group reading table
 From my small group reading table
 Front of my desk

 Classroom Library & the baller octopus I made
My Classroom Library
 The bulletin board outside my room

My Desk

Saturday night I got together with a few friends downtown. I hadn't seen them in a while & it was great to be out and not working on school stuff.

Sunday we went out to D's parent's house to celebrate his birthday---WHICH IS TODAY :)))It was such a good time. We had sloppy joes & all the fixins', cake & played Catch Phrase. The boys played catch & shot their bows. It was a lovely sunday.


& Now I am here. Sitting in my classroom trying to get ready for tonight. EEEEK!
Wish me luck.

Happy Monday Babes!!

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