Monday, September 30, 2013

Moving Weekend

Good Morning :)

PHEW what a weekend! I soooo did not want it to end! Three day weekends should be mandatory!

We got all my stuff moved and most of it put away. I am still hanging a few things and putting things up so as soon as i get it done i will do a little tour. I have decided that i don't like some of my wall decorations so I am probably going to have a few bare walls until i decide what I want to do.

Friday D & I got moving and took a few loads over. My parents got to town around three and we finished up. We got it ALL moved in one day! I cannot even believe it!

Saturday we went to watch a few boys in my class play jr football. It was GORGEOUS out and i just love watching them play. When we got back to town we cleaned my old place ran a few errands then mom made dinner. We also of course had to go to our fave karaoke bar which i am now only 3 minutes from!!! :)

I have one cheerleader in my room!

Sunday was for putting stuff away, hanging and relaxing! We watched the Cards game (WHO BTW  ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS BABY!!!!) The weather was gorgeous, I bought new fall candles & got them burning, and laid on the couch. How much better could it be?!

D & I also went and BBQed with some friends. I sat outside reading while the boys played catch. I cannot get over the wedding

Trees above the deck!

& now I have a full week ahead of me. I pray for patience and to have God help me remember they are only 8 and to not get so frustrated.

Also side note- my kids got a great note from the sub on Friday! I am so proud of them! # teacherwin

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Moving Day!!

Whelp it's finally moving day!!!
We have a long day ahead 

& I'm packed to the brim! Photos of the new place to come!

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Have a fab weekend!!!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Random Wednesday...more hodge podge

Another random post? Buckle up kitties because i am sure this is going be all over the place.

FIRST OFF OHHHH HAPPPPPPY DAY!! If you don't follow me on twitter (@LittleRed809--- shamless plug) then you might not know how happy my mornings started. ALEXIS IS OFF REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY!!!! Hallelujah!! We all know i cannot stand the bish. see ya never. 

in other news gretchen is off too. I don't know how i feel about it. She was boring this last season, so i am kinda ehhh about it all. Also, do we know if it was a firing or a leaving? Let me know the deets.

Packing is walls are empty and the kitchen is getting cleaned out. So much shit. GAH, BUTTTT only two more days of work! Thank the lord, this has been a hard week. again. I just need to relax and remember this is my first year teaching. #breathe.

i did get this yesterday, #findthegood.

D had stuff to do last night so it was just me last night! I got to make eggplant since D hates it.

Grilled Chicken & skinny eggplant parm (no breading, just EVOO, sauce and a bit of skim cheese)

 I CANNOT wait to move mostly because a) this bish is getting a dishwasher &&& b) I can up my fall decorations!! Don't worry for all you ladies that care, i will have a apartment tour up sometime next week :)

Of course we all know I am a pinterest addict, but here are a few things that i like that i ACTUALLY think i can do--

We shall see--- I am so excited for this next exciting chapter!
Also if anyone is interested in swapping buttons lemme know. I am broke teacher who likes to spend my monies on clothes and kids books so i am not paying for advertizing currently, but i'd love to swap.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

hodge podge.

Happy Tuesday!

Not gonna lie, I sat down to write a weekend shenannies post. But the couch, a nap and weeds won. Sorry bout it. anyways I had a great weekend--

I went to my sister's family weekend at her college. D came with.

A pit stop to look at a few clothing items for D. Then the football game.

More football, there was a talent show, dinner, and a the drive home where D was so nice & drove.

SO now that you are caught up on me weekend let's move on.

I have been having a blogging BLOCK! I hate it. Sometimes it just flooooows, other doesn't. I am needed some creativity juices flowwwwing. stat.

I started using my fitness pal. I am being real honest and i am being healthy. I am getting in my workouts and trying to plan out my workouts for the week so i can stay accountable.

Anyways this week is MOVING WEEK! YAHOOOO! I am off on Friday which means only a four day work week! D & I are gonna try and get a lot of the moving done Friday so that when my parents get here on Saturday...there isn't a lot to do. PLUS all the crap lessons for school. #stressonstress

okay this post is pretty much a bust. I will stop rambling.

Happy Tuesday Beauties!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Letters

GOOD MORNING!!! Thank goodness it is friday!! 

I am so glad to have this weekend. After this long and tiring week, i just need it. D & I are going to see my sister for her family weekend at school. My parents are meeting us up there tomorrow morning. I am so excited.

To everyone who reached out to me yesterday, i thank you. Your sweet comments eased my doubts and helped me to try & remember God does have a plan and that I need to trust in it. I still struggle but your words helped.

Anyways on to happier lighter thoughts-- Friday Letters

Dear Students,  I am sorry I have been grumpy. I have been so frustrated. Please let a light bulb don't always need to talk. Please pay attention, that is all i am askin.

Dear Weather, I am digging how cool you are. Stay this way.

Dear D, thank you for being amazing. You always make me feel better and I am so lucky to call you mine.

Dear Gym, I promise I am coming to you more. I got one awesome run in this week  & then fell apart. I swear I am coming back for you.

Dear stress, please go away. Breathe.

Dear Lessons, WRITE yourselves? Yeah right, just help me make you interesting. Help me find the right words to tell me kids.

Dear iPhone, i still love ya!

Dear Readers, you guys are awesome.

See ya Monday lovers!
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

We have been told it our entire life {life is not fair}

Life isn't fair.
Haven't we all been told that our entire lives? Life is not fair.

It has never rung more true in my ears as it did yesterday. Yesterday Jessica texted me to tell me that one of her best friends, a girl who i was friends with as well, had passed away.

Jordynn was a new education graduate this past May and had just landed her first teaching job about an hour or so from Springfield. She was filled with excitement after finally graduating. We talked often about our classrooms and getting things ready for the school year.

She was 22 years old and was taken from this world. She was on her way to school, to help guide, teach, and love her kids in her classroom. She never made it. 

My heart is broken for her family, friends and students. It is hard for me on these days to trust God's plan. Why would he take a vibrant young woman just starting her life? Why was she needed in heaven? I think how it's not fair that she will never experience marriage or kids. Her nieces have lost their Aunt Jordynn, her parents their baby, her siblings their sister. I know I need to trust in his plan and that she is in his arms, but its tough. I am angered. I am heart-broken. I have so many questions and no one to answer them.

I think about my kids at school. How utterly in love with them I am. How they have already taught me things in the 5 short weeks I have known them. I think about what would happen if I wasn't there. How would they cope? They are mine from 7:40-3:00 every day. That is the most amazing opportunity I have ever been given.

Life is too short. Shorter than we can even imagine. I know it is cliche but hug your loved ones, call them, text them, do whatever. Let them know because in an instant, literally one turn of the wheel and they could be gone forever.

 My deepest prayers are with her family, friends, students, & co-workers.

RIP Jordynn, you were a wonderful person and you touched my life along with many others.

More information on Jordynn here.
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

yesterday was not a great day

I was at school for 12 hours plus i had a meeting in the middle of the day, which meant a sub.

The kids were not good for the sub. The meeting stressed me out, it was just all...bad. To top it all off it was mine and D's 6 month aniversary (how lame does that sound?---6 months) haha i feel like its high school, but whatever--- and i didn't get to his place til 7:45 which meant barely any time together. I know #sappy

So today as i am trying to relax and keep my patience I searched for some quotes via pinterest to help remind, that life is beautiful and i am way to blessed to stress over minor things--

And just for kicks... :)
 Here is to a fresh start today.
& remembering how in love my kiddos i am.

All can be found via my boards on pinterest.

Happy Hump Day!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Bucket List

What a dreary day!! It has been raining, which don't get me wrong, WE NEED & i am hoping it will cool down...but gah rain means indoor recess, which i don't like it. It held off, thank GOD!

So anywhoos, since the weather is FINALLY cooling down I thought I would share some of my bucket list items for this fall. I am so in love with fall weather and this time of year there is a lot I want to do.

Fall Bucket List 
  1. Go to a Pumpkin Patch
  2. Make hot apple cider
  3. Buy new brown & black boots
  4. Decorate my new apartment
  5. Stock up on warm scented candles & soap
  6. Take D home with me to visit STL & go to the zoo and other STL things
  7. Buy a new jacket.
  8. Go to applebutter makin' days at a town near Springfield
  9. Take walks on the trails by my apartment.
  10. Make more meals in my croc pot (comfort foods)        

What's on your fall bucket list?

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Hibachi & a Rodeo


before I tell ya all about my shenans, I want to say happy birthday to my love stephanie!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLFRAN!!! :) HAVE A GREAT DAY LOVE!
Friday after school i spent pretty much the whole night on the couch watching tv, painting my nails & working on school stuff. I also found this quote while browsing instagram (add me, sarah71389) and it rings so true in my heart.
Saturday was a very busy but productive day! D & i got up early and headed into school to work on a few things. Then we ran errands and went to a birthday lunch with his family for his mom. We went to hibachi, UH YUM! Then it was PBR TIMEEEE:)

It was such a great time! Lots of riders and bucking bulls :) I am so glad i got to spend it with D

Sunday we were a bit lazier. We got up late & watched some weeds, man nancy pisses me right off sometimes. BUT i am sticking it out. We also ran a few more errands so he could get his mom a bday gift. I got some new tennis shoes which i am hoping will feel better on my arches. 

& not we are here as always monday looms on. BUT on a happier note less than two weeks I get to move into my new place & decorate for fall! EEEEEK :)

happy monday babes, oh && go link up with sami & share your shenans.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

A day in the life of

Well Hello There!!

Miss me?? Things were so crazy all day yesterday, I didn't get a second to sit down & write. But do you worry your pretty little heads, i have a treat for you. Today I am sharing what its like in the day of MOI. (exciting shiz right there, le duh). Now I have seen these floating around the blogosphere before & as always I am about 34897 years late jumping on the bandwagon! SO anywhoos--

a day in the life of Sarah--

About 6:30 i head out for work. (from my apartment, i usually leave about 6:15, but from D's I leave at  about 6:30) Obvi Running Late
Oh ya know a selfie on the way never hurt anyone *always at a stop light, no self-ing & driving*
It is pretty much rural for most of  my drive, i love watching the sun come up on my commute
BLISS, peace & quite before the kiddos come in
I forgot my breakfast, so i had to grab a few things of the breakfast cart Chocolate milk & raisins
We do reading in the mornings first. This is my log for keeping track of independent reading conferences
This was our math worksheet after our lesson. We are working 3 digit addition WITH carrying/regrouping
LUNCH--THANK GOD!! Green Beans, Brown Rice & a chicken & Walnut wrap
I had a meeting for last part of my day aka i had to have a sub...making sub plans are the worst.
Grading papers after school!
FINALLY leaving at 5pm (oh ya know just 2 hours after school gets out #teacherlife)
D & i heading to the store to get stuff for dinner since neither of us has been grocery shopping in WEEKS!
AHHHHH D surprised me PBR (professional bull riding) tickets for saturday!! I CANNOT WAIT! its basically a HUGE rodeo

Dinner time- Chicken pasta, with peppers & onions & tomatoes with bread & salad.
Ending the evening with my hunky boy watching prison break!! *note his sweet tan line :)*

How interesting??? Yeah I know. If you would like to follow along other glorious days feel free to get in on the live tweeting & IGing

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yeah I know it's a shamless plug, but i am new to this whole techy iPhone world.


PS tomorrow is FRIDAYYYY! we can do it!!