Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No, but really?

No, but really??

...Chris Brown beat someone ELSE up & got off AGAIN??

...I made flounder & it actually turned out delicious

...I am tracking/planning my workouts & got the best one I have had yesterday

...I haven't shaved my legs in almost a week #poorD

...I have watched the 'Catching Fire' Trailer at least 5 times

... I have addicted to Seinfeld, again. (don't worry, i am still obsessed with 'Cops' but TrueTV hasn't been playing it. assholes.)

...I have already started Christmas shopping #winning mail changed & i am too dumb to figure out my inbox... anyone?

happy tuesday!

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Monday, October 28, 2013


I know I always say I hate Mondays,  but i really hate this one. I had a three day weekend (because we had conferences last week mon-thurs. aka 12+ hour days) so we got friday off. It was a wonderful 3-day weekend & I cannot believe its over.

anywhoos linking up with Miss Thang!

{one} down the strip in Branson
{two} my ootd
{three} pumpkin coffee for the road 


{one} D & I at the corn maze 
{two} Jen's delish chili 
{three} wine for the road
{four} Jen & I at the corn maze 

{one} Sunday selfie running errands
{two} watching the Cheif's game eating half priced wing
{three} afternoon out at D's parents house #gorgeous
{four} watching the cards game ( I don't even want to talk about what happened...)

How was your weekend??
Ps I know I am in a bit of a blogging slump... aka only posting three times last week, but I am gonna try & pick it up!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Randomness & A 3 Day weekend

Happy Thursday (my friday)!! & yes I know this is late...but after conferences all week I didn't even sit down to read this til...NOW!

Yep, I am off today for a lovely and relaxing weekend. EEEEK!

This has been a long freakin week! 13-14 hour days...ick! BUT it is almost over and I cannot wait for all the activities that I have planned. If you want to follow along for the shenans check out @sarah71389 on IG! shamless plug

Anywhoos I feel so disconnected with the blogging world this week. I finally caught up a bit last during the Cards game...EFF. did anyone else see that beating. *here's to a better game tonight!*

Does anyone know how to make the icons on my iPhone all cutsey? I know I have seen Allie's all cute icons...HELP!

UM and yeah I am the worst bravo-aohlic of all time BUT I am getting back into with RHOBH &VANDERPUMP!! I ALREADY told D that I will be watching those each week & he can choose to join or not! HAHA :)

Anyway this just  ramble jamble...and obv it's time to stop!


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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Little Things

Good Morning Dolls!

i only have three more days of my week and then a long weekend...i cannot wait for the all activities :)

Last night was the first night of conferences! I ended up staying until six (aka three hours after school got out) and I am scheduled til about 7:45 tonight..(aka being at school for OVER  12 hours.) did I mention i DONT get not looking forward to it, but I gotta do what i gotta do. #teacherprobs I knoooow stop complaining!

So anywhoos today I am bringing you a list of the little things. I am always inspired by Katie, who actually named her blog the The Little Things in Life. Every time I see her pop up on my dashboard it makes me wanna write this post.

So here we go--

{1} The Laundry Aisle. I love love love clean scents & walking down that aisle is just so relaxing & calming..yes I have issues.

{2} Turning to a radio station &  your favorite song is JUST starting.

{3} Finding money. Anywhere.

{4} Snail Mail that is NOT bills

{5} Waking up to sweet text messages (insert stupid girl-ness)

{6} Someone ELSE cooking for you.

{7} A first date going really well.

{8} Finding that perfect dress that fits amazingly

Enjoy the little things. I know I never stop and just realize how these little things can influence my mood, especially when the 'crap' of life starts coming up. Just breathe and enjoy those little things!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

weekend recap!


Welp friends it's parent teacher conference week! EEEEK! I am so nervous! I am hoping it all goes smoothly and there are not major probs.

The weekend went by way tooo quick! But it is only a 4 day work week for me & i know I can make it!! 

Onto my weekend---


{one}. Reppin my case you missed WE ARE WORLD SERIES BOUNNNNNNND!
{two}. One of my little ones brought it doughnuts 
{three}. Watching the game with my fave!
{four}. D & I had an event that the organization I was in in during college put in

{one}. Saturday selfie--it was amazing weather out :)
{two} . Lindsey & I running errands & I had to get some Sno Caps #mahfave
{three}. Jen (the one who introduced D & I) is getting married. Linds and I went to her bridal shower & guess what we got the couple... #makersmark
{four}. D & I had date night. I took him out to where he took me on our first date. It was wonderful

Sunday was KEITH URBAN!!!!

{one}. Selfie before ...duh.
{two}. Drinks & apps beforehand!
{three}. Linds & I at the arena
{four}. Little Big Town opened for him (do Did Dustin Lynch).

**of course my phone died right before keith...GAH!!!

anyhwoos linking up with little miss today!

Happy Monday!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Things that are annoyingly true

UMMMM How did it become thursday??
This week is just flying by.

I am counting down til the weekend however, i CANNOT WAIT for all the festivities. Feel free to follow along on my very important & exciting happenings on IG @sarah71389

anywhoos we all know this girl loves a list, le duh. I like to organize my thoughts in a very bullet point style. okay here we goooo--

Things that are  annoyingly true.

{1} Girls who like or know anything about sports MAKE SURE YOU KNOW they like or know anything about sports. If they have even an inkling about a sport they make sure everyone they come in to contact with knows it. We get it, you are a 'guys girl' not a a ditzy girlie girl. You play fantasy baseball, you have angry tweets when your team does poorly & celebratory tweets when they win. We get it.

{2} You sit down, pee and THEN realize there is one square of toilet paper left. Thus making you waddle, with your pants at your ankles to the closet/cupboard and get another roll.

{3} You have big plans to go out to dinner with friends or even a date night with your manfriend. You are excited all day, have your outfit and hair planned, then as you leave work the thunder starts and the rain comes in like noah has been working. #plansruined

{4} Girls who only post on blogs/twitter/etc about how fabulous being single is. They do not need a man, they give lists and lists about how not having a boyfriend rocks and they can have the entire bed to themselves they do not have to share snacks...THEN BAM! They get in a relationship and EVERY SINGLE POST on said social media sites are about the new boyfriend. We cannot get through a post without hearing about how great it is to have a boyfriend & how wonderful it is to have someone to cuddle with.. AND OF COURSE they have to make sure they put in 'my boyfriend did this....' We get it honey, you have a boyfriend. Think of something else to post about it.

*DISCLAIMER- yes i post about D & yes i refer to him as my manfriend in tweets. I am not saying all girls who do that are wrong, obviously. What is ANNOYING is when they go from one extreme to to the other 'i don't need a man--life is so much better without one'-----> 'awww my manyfriend/boyfriend this and that on most posts'

{5} You paint your nails during the week so they are looking fly for the weekend. As you get home for the weekend you notice...the chip. Then by the time it is time to do whatever it is you had planned....your nails are hot mess and look like 5th grade girl who painted them 3 weeks ago.

Just a few things that are  simply true but good lord annoying!


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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things I do that I should be more embarrassed of

Oh happy tuesday!

It has been raining non stop since yesterday afternoon, which means indoor recess. bleeeeh!

indoor recess=death

okay not really,  but its just so noisy and obnoxious.

Speaking of I was thinking yesterday about a few things that I do that are obnoxious and I should be embarrassed of but I'm not. Not to be confused with things I do that are annoying to most everyone.

These are just things that should embarrass me just don't.

{1} wearing my hair like this.

I literally wore it to school like that yesterday & not a damn was given.

{2}My lack of interest in button pants. If I don't have to, i don't. Literally I complained for a good 10 minutes when Dave wouldn't let me wear a pair of his basketball shorts into public. (for some odd reason he thinks it is b it trashy...well that & i wasn't wearinga bra at 4pm)

{3} If I am home alone I pee with the door open. NOW i live all by myself. No roommate or anything, so if i wanna pee with the door open, i am gonna.

{4} i drink straight from the carton. Milk, OJ, wine...what have you. I bought it, it is just for me...why dirty a cup. This mostly started when i didn't  have a dishwasher in my old place. I didn't wanna dirty a cup just to have a bit of that I have a dishwasher...the habit is not broken.

{5} My straight up complete & total enjoyment of Reality TV. I actually cannot get enough. The trashier, sleazier, more unbelievable...the better.

What should you be more embarrassed of?

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Shenans {STL edition}

What a weekend :) I am glad to be back at school to see my kids but I am so NOT ready for this weekend to be over!!

D & i went to STL this weekend and it was jam packed full of stuff


1. Cookies I got for my kids for turning their conference notes in.
2. Left overs from Thursday night...NOMNOM
3. Breakfast of champs.. a banana & chocolate milk
4. D & i on the road to STL
5. Selfie I sent D before I left school...he is lucky!

1. Face in Hole at the Farmer's market
2. The teeny doughnuts at the Farmer's Market
3. Old time beer truck on the brewery tour
4. Brewery Tour
1. D & I on the Tour
2. My sister & I on the tour
3. Our Free samples
4. Shock Top Pumpkin
1. D with light up glasses at the gift shop
2. Dad & i at the zoo
3. Elephants
4. D & I at the zoo

1. Hodaks for lunch..BEST FRIED CHICK EVER.
2. D & I at the flea market
3. WE BOTH miss QT slushies so we had to get on the way back to Springfield
4. GORGEOUS drive

Linking up with little miss.

How was your weekend??

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Funnies

Hello Darlings!

Let me get the obvious TGIF  outta the way!! I am so ready for this weekend! But we still gotta get through friday and i think to help us glide through it easier we need a few things to put a smile on our face!

Happy Friday Loves!

Follow along for the fun on IG @sarah71389

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Apartment Tour {Bedroom}

Good Morning Dolls!

Thank goodness it is thursday!! I am so ready for the weekend! I cannot wait to see my family & take D home to see STL :)

ALRIGHTY so my apartment is finally coming together and I am so excited to share it with you! I figured I would do it room by room since a) not everything in every room is done & b) i don't want to overload with pictures.

So anywhoos I thought i'd start out with my bedroom. i still want to find a few more things for the walls etc but overall I love it.
View from my door. My new duvet cover from Marshalls. The pattern looks a bit brown but it's actually a metallic silver.
From the foot of my bed.

The 'cupboard' next to my bed. I scored this nugget at a garage sale for 8 bucks & then painted it.
Corner my by closet. D is building me a frame a la here bc my mirror broke in the move.
I just started this picture collage on my wall and I want to add a few more pieces to it.

Well there ya have it! Like I said I still want to add a few things but I don't wanna just buy something to buy it. I want it to be a special something that i love.

What do ya think??
Happy Thursday loves!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013



Ahh what a beautiful morning it is! Fall has been all around me and I am totally obsessed!! I cannot get enough of my windows down, scarves and candles burning!! MMMMM!

So today I bringing you another installment of 'Currently...' Since i know you are just all dying to know what I am Currently doing-


Drinking... the sweet tea from school. The ladies in the cafeteria have been making huge jugs of sweet tea for us FO FREE!! I am trying to get a cup three times a week, but it is just so DANG GOOD!!


Eating... a lot of brown rice. i have it three times in one week. HOWEVER, I think soon I am going to be snacking on these pumpkin cookies that i wanna try out!

Wanting... to finish putting up all my fall decorations! I will show you guys soooooon :)

Hoping... you like my new apartment. I will be showing a few rooms TOMORROW!!

Excited for... bring D home to STL this weekend!! He has never been home with me! I cannot wait to do all STL things with him EEEEK!!

Frustrated with... my kiddos' figurative language test scores. UGH! I thought everything was going so GREAT, but...nope!! So many of my kids failed, so now I have to go back & re-teach it all.

Annoyed with... EFFING CANDY CRUSH! I have been stuck on the same level for over a week. Why am i such a moron & cannot figure it out.

Thinking...I need to buy some more fall items. These are a few I like--

 Long Cardis
 Oversized sweaters with skinny jeans & boots

UH LOVE IT ALL. Patterned tights, 3/4 dresses, and bulky sweaters :)

Well there ya have it folks. What are your currents?

Happy Wednesday!

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