Friday, January 31, 2014

5 for Friday

Holy Geez!!

this has been the longest week, ever.
the kiddies are crazy.
I'm crazy.

we all need a break from each other.
and this rain that is coming later today is NOT helping  anyone's attitude.

So anyways onto 5 for Friday

{1} I have blogged for 5 consecutive days! This NEVER happens. I am pretty sure it hasn't happened since before the holidays.

{2} OBSESSSSSSED with Florida Georgia Line's new song 'This is how we Roll' Featuring LUKE BRYAN....go listen to it now.

{3} Superbowl this weekend! I am pretty excited. D's family is coming to his place and we are in charge of the snacks etc. I think i secretly want to be a housey-housewife, because the thought of making snacks and getting it all ready...excites me to no end. Plus LOVE me some Peyton Manning

{4} It is suppose to snow AGAIN next week. EFF MY LIFE. I cannot take anymore snow. Literally.
We are to the point that we have so many snow days that we are going to be exempt from some according to Missouri Law WHHHAT?!

{5} I am finally getting sushi tonight with some girls I used to work with. D is not a fan of sushi so I cannot wait go and catch up with some good friends :)

ohhhh and sleeping in tomorrow, that is ALWAYS on my list!

TGIF lovers.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grilled Thai Cilantro Chicken {EASY PEASY}

Lemon Squeeeeeezy.
too much?

okay so in my attempts to be healthier ginger I have been trying out new recipes. I came across this one and thought to myself that i obvi needed to try it. Few Ingredients + Small cooking time=my kinda meal.

Oh plus its so easy!!!

The ingredients go as follows--

2 TBS of Fish Sauce
1 TBS of Sesame Oil
1/2 cup Cilantro
4 Chicken Breast
2 cloves Garlic


1. I chopped up the garlic and the cilantro
2. Measured the Fish Sauce & Sesame oil out. 
3. Put all of that in a bag.
4. Put thawed chicken breasts in bag & squished around ingredients. (On foodnetwork they always say massage the meat....uhhhh awkward. I just squished.)
5. Put in fridge over night.

Take out of said fridge and cook.
We did it on the George Foreman, but I think in a skillet on the stove will work just fine.

Serve & enjoy. (I made mine with Uncle Bens 90 second rice and green beans)

D loved it. So I do believe it is man approved.

***Now I did not have the fish sauce or sesame oil in my fridge. It was a few dollars per bottle BUT since you use so little its going to last and last!***

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Currently {January Edition}

HELLLLLO HUMP DAY! So glad to see ya!!  
I am so ready for this weekend. I cannot wait to see The Broncos bring home a Superbowl win!!

anyways tonight is Zumba and I am very excited to go.  I was bad and didn't go to the gym Monday. It was freeeeezing and overcast and my couch was calling my name. I hopped back on the train last night and already told D we are going Thursday right after work!! Trying to stay motivated. At least my eating has been good, right?

alrighty onto my currents

I am currently

{Reading} Divergent. I just picked up the first book and have just barely started it! I think I am gonna love it. I just started on Monday & have already made a huge dent.

{Watching} Real Housewives, duh. I am loving Bev Hills. I am SO far behind on ATL that i am pretty much giving up. Can i just say Carlton is a huge beyotch. Because she is. oh and hypocritical. Vicki & her should hangout.

{Drinking} a LOT of water. I pee every 45 minutes I feel like. I have decided that for the month of February I am ONLY drinking water. Nothing else. No milk, sweet tea *CRY* or yes ladies....BOOZE. I am doing one specific healthy thing a month, February is H2O only. So yes Superbowl...will be a dry Superbowl for this girl.

{Loving} I am loving all the scarves I have. I organized my scarves a little while back and I realized I have to many of them and with these bitter cold days they are the perfect addition to all my outfits

{Wishing} for Spring DUH! I cannot wait until spring. I mean I do wish somedays it will take a little longer so I can get my legs looking the way I want them to, but most days I am craving that 65 degree weather.

{Waiting} on the weekend to get here. D & I both are plan-free on Saturday & I cannot wait to spend the whole day with him.

{Listening} to these two songs

{Excited} about ZUMBA on Wednesday. I am really love the instructor and how quickly the class goes by. Plus I am feeling to confident knowing the moves. I still look like an idiot, BUT at least I am starting to remember the moves :)


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Overheard {Part 2}

Good Morning!
It's still the arctic tundra in Springfield. I hate winter.
but all i have to say is at least it isn't snow!!

So a while back I did this post about what I overhear in my classroom, because as you know kids say the darndest things. So these are a few things I have heard recently---

 A kid randomly comes up to me and says-
'I was fed breast milk as a baby'
Literally out of NO WHERE!!
Kid:I know something bigger on a woman's body than on a man's body.
Me: uhhhhh what
Kid: her brain

I'm not ready to have a girlfriend.
You're right sir, you are only 9.

Kid:Can't I just stay here?!
Me:No, it's just a short walk down the hall? What's the big deal.
Kid: I have to walk
totally serious. BTW this is one of my athletic kiddos

In the middle of a silent morning work time and not picking up the pencil or taking their eyes off paper 'thanks God for the day. It's been great so far.'
so sweet

In our opinion writing unit, one of my kids said they wanted to have school on the weekends. A reason behind that thought was and i quote 'teachers need more to do, they probably just sit around and watch TV all weekend'

Oh the joys of teaching third grade :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

How is it Monday?

Oh hello freeeeeeezing Monday!
Yesterday was gorgeous! Mid 50s and sunny!

Now it's below 20 degrees.
Spring where are you??

So this weekend was a great combo of productive & relaxing! D went camping Saturday morning til Sunday afternoon. So I had a lot oh 'Sarah' time.

{1} Dave & I went to bass pro to look at backpacks for his camping trip over the weekend.
{2} Grilled some chicken with BBQ sauce & zucchini for dinner on Friday
{3} Saturday morning workout
{4} D headed out to go camping to I wandered around this massive antique/flea market.

{1} Did some damage at TJ Maxx
{2} A few girls came over on Saturday night for a Premier Jewelry party.
{3} Selfie Sunday morning
{4} Grocery shopping on Sunday! Getting meals planned for this week.

Dave came on sunday afternoon. We laid around then went to dinner at our favorite place. I was a good girl and go the grilled catfish and broccoli (when I really wanted chicken tenders). We also watched 'Prisoners' with Jake Gyllenhal & Hugh Jackman. It was scary! It was really good, but terrifying.

so that was my weekend!

How was yours?

Friday, January 24, 2014

5 on a Friday


DAMN it is good to see you! I am so glad that it is Friday. This week has exhausted me! D is heading out to camp tomorrow morning til Sunday morning AKA I am going to be getting some 'sarah' time plus I am going to be having my Premier Jewelry Party tomorrow night :)

mmmmmmmkay on 5 for Friday 

 {1} I have been tracking my workouts this week and have what i am doing on Friday/Saturday Planned

2.80 on the elliptical 
50 regular crunches 
50 heel touches
50 squats
30 tricep pull down 

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Hour Zumba Class

Thursday: rest

Friday:(what I have planned)
2.0 on the treadmill-mixed walk & run
100 Regular Crunches
50 lower ab raises
50 squats
50 lunges (per leg)
15 push ups
30 tricep pull downs

Saturday: (what i have planned)
3.0 on bike
100 Regular Crunches
50 Hell Touches
2-30 sec planks
40 (4 sets of 10) Tricep pull downs)
30 (3 sets of 10) Rows
50 squats

{2} the weather needs to get warmer, my kids have been nut-o!!! They need to get outside & play!!!

{3} this song

{4} I tried this recipe, thinking it was gonna be great! WRONG!! They were slimey & disgusting!! I advise you to stay away!

{5} Baseball season is only 10 weeks away I believe!! EEEEEK :)

Happy Friday Lovers : )

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Big Pimpin'

Thursday :) Thank goodness you are here friend.
the day of two specials and the eve of friday.
love ya betch.

okay so one of the best (if not the best) thing about blogging is meeting other bloggers and making new friends. I have met a lot of great girls through blogging that I communicate with daily. I love networking and I wanted to share aka pimp out few girls that are posted on my sidebar that you might not know about I enjoy all their content and i think you will too, so go check them out.

Danae. She is so sweet and HILARIOUS!!! She loves vodka (maybe more) than I do. She has a doll of a new husband and is always very sassy.  She is very kind and really personable.She always responds to comments and i can tell she loves interacting with her readers. She is definitely a daily read.

Katie. She has guest posted a few times before so she might look familiar. She was one of my best friends in high school. She is now teaching 1st grade is Nevada living with her husband. She is sweet, down to earth and the the most beautiful writing style.

Amy. She has been one of my longest bloggy friends. She is mommy to a little stud named Cash. Her posts are filled with mommmy, DIY, and other fun things. Even thought i am not a wife or a mom I still connect with her and love reading her content.

Now those are just 3 ( i love all the gals on my sidebar) So glance over there and check 'em out!
Happy thursday!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Guilty Pleasures

Happy Wednesday! I am so glad that this week is half over!
I am ready for the weekend.

So yesterday as I was perusing the blog world I can across a post (i can't find it) and it inspired me write my very own post. I don't think I have done a post like this ( i could be wrong, bc I was lazy and didn't look) but I loved the idea. (plus you girlfriend loves lists)

{1} Reality TV, LE DUH. I love me some housewives & *shudder* TLC and MTV shows. I wish I was  a bit more embarrassed but I cannot help my love for the trashiest of the trashy.

{2} Eating in front of the TV. D & I do this pretty much every night. As a kid we would go through spurts where we would eat at the table, but a lot of the times we ate in front of the tube. I want this to stop. I think that whenever I have a family I am going to insist that we sit at the table, i just think its nice.

{3} GOMI. yeah yeah that site has mostly hate on it. I get it. I never post, i swear. BUT I did read it on occasion. mostly because i love all things ridiculous and the fact that some people come up with the MOST INSANE things over a few words that someone else writes on the internet his amusing. Oh and i won't lie...sometimes I agree.

{4} Lists. I make about 35385 lists a day. Do i always cross them off...NO. I need to better about that. But I love making lists (obvi-see:this post) it soothes me.

{5} Q-tipping. I LOVE to Q-tip. D reminds me daily that it is not good to do it so often, but i cannot help it.
 how cute is the q-tip dispenser?!

What are your guilty pleasures??

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekened Blate

Oh hey there monday,
a monday I was suppose to have off. However, since we had so many snow days...they took MLK from us.

I would have enjoyed sleeping in, but I am ready to see my third graders!

SOOOOOOO this weekend was my BLATE!!!! Stephanie came to town and we had a fab weekend!! She got in friday night. It was filled with wine, food and a little fireball :) Saturday we shopped,, did lunch & then watched a lot of Pretty Woman. Saturday Night  a few of D & my friends came over and I made dinner before we headed out to the karaoke bar...where many beverages were had. I am so glad she FINALLY came to see me in SPFD :)

{1} Whole wheat tortilla pizza on Friday Night
{2} Kale Dip & Fireball on Friday
{3} Selfies my handsome boyfriend sends me
{4} Breakfast on the go!

{1} Jen & Steph
{2} D & I
{3} MUGS ON MUGS with Steph
{4} The girls of our group

How was your weekend??!
Let's Conquer this week!

Friday, January 17, 2014



I have not worked a full week in i don't know how long!
PHEW it feels good to be almost done!

I am feeling a teensy it better but still rather sicky. I basically have a vitamin C drip going because I need to be pumped and ready to go for this weeeeekend!

Alrighty I am linking up with the gorgeous momma Leslie for Friday Confessions.


* I have not cleaned my apartment for Stephanie's visit yet. Ooooops. I will be a mad cleaning woman tonight after work!! (at least I did laundry)

*I am proud of myself because I went to Zumba on Wednesday night (only my second time going) and the girl i go with canceled 3 minutes before class started and i STILL WENT IN!! I felt pretty self conscious because I didn't know a lot of the moves, have no rhythm and had no one to joke about it with...but i still did it!

* i confess I cannot wait to have an adult beverage tonight. #wineme

*That a full week with my kiddos has been great but it need the break! (We officially do not have MLK day off anymore bc of all the snow...)

*That I now pee 978975973 times a day because of all the water I am consuming.

*I have figured out what I am making Dave for Valentine'ss Day..err should I say make. I cannot wait to share it.


follow along on instagram for all our shennanies this weekend!!

happy friday babes.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Adult Purchases

Good Morning!
I have been absent this week...obvi. Work has been a bit crazy and Tuesday wasn't a good day for me. Just a lot of stress at work, but feeling much better about everything! However of course not my throat is killing me and my nose is all stuffy.... EFFF. Doesn't this sore throat know I have have great plans this weekend???
anyways, I am back today and as I was making out my walmart list last night for groceries etc I realized that being an adult sucks. Now I have been living in an apartment/on my own since about 19. However, certain things DO NOT get easier as you get older. For example buying 'necessity items' is NEVER fun. I am not talking about grocery shopping because I am weirdo who LOVES to grocery shop. I am talking about that stuff that your parents bought you when you lived with them...things you didn't have to worry about.

{1} Toilet Paper. I freaking hate buying this. It sucks because I HAVE to have it. It is expensive. I mean really, I am paying 8 bucks for something I wipe my hiney with. COME ON!!

{2} Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Staying in the bathroom realm, buying this is obnoxious. When I lived at home, we always had it & I never really thought twice about having to buy it for my own sucks.

{3} Batteries. We use these everyday, but geez I never keep xtras around, so when i run out i am effed.

{4} Band-Aids. I NEVER HAVE THESE SUCKERS. Of if I do they are the jumbo ones froma  first aid kit. How did my mom ALWAYS have these in stock.

{5}Razor Blade refills. Mostly because I hate shaving my legs.

Anyone with me? Anyone else pained my having to buy things like this?

maybe I am just a brat?

happy thursday!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday Shmooozeday

Good Morning! 

DIDYA miss me yesterday?? I was busy with my first monday back at school in i don't even know how long plus I had a doctors appt...thus no blog post.

Nothing too exciting in these parts. The weekend was wise. 56 degrees was like swim suit weather...almost. Since we have been stuck inside for so long we got out n about (Im a bad blogger & that was legit all the pics i took.

(down left first)
1.Had qdoba with Lindsey on Friday night
2.OOTD for saturday out running errands
3.Healthy snack during the day
4.WHICH WICH with D on Saturday
5.Famous Dave's for date night

i feel like i ate out a lot, but at least  did healthy options at WHICH WICH & qdoba! #fitness

ooooh D & I got a great workout in on Saturday morning. It felt so great to get it movin first thing in the morning! Staying motivated and meal planning is a go for this week! Plus Zumba on Wednesday which I am super excited about!

Only 4 days til the weekend :)


Friday, January 10, 2014

5 for Friday

Is it really Friday?

this was suppose to be my first full week back after Christmas Break
suppose to be....
Instead this is my first day back..

HALLELUJAH!! I cannot wait to see my kiddies

{1} Almonds are NOT a filling snack. So I am on the healthy train & I am switching out some snacks and I have been adding almonds to the rotation. Let's just say, the fact that i only get 9 pisses me off. Also, they are not filling, and I am still hungry after i inhale them.  #fail #Iwannabeaskinnybitch

{2} SNOW SUCKS. I truly hope we get ZERO snow for the rest of the year. I love it when i get a day or two off, but we are currently at 11 snow days for the school year. EFF MY LIFE!

okay enough grouchyness

{3}A week from today Stephanie will be visiting me! EEEEEEEK :) I cannot wait! I am trying to find fun things to do that week. Since D & I usually sit in sweats and watch Prison Break, I should probably up my game a bit.

{4} I am still meal planning. I have all of next week planned out. D & i are really working on the whole gym thing. I wished I loved it. I would say we are making it 3-4 days a week. I really want it to be 5 days with 2 days of rest. Still pressing on though. 

{5} Have I mentioned I am going to see JASON ALDEAN in February??? BECAUSE I AM!!1 Florida Georgia Line & Tyler Farr open for him. I could not be more excited!!! EEEEK :)

alrighty. have a great weekend lovlies.
Drink & be merry ;)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2 house-wifey things 2 days in a row??

okay obvi I am not a housewife by any means.
Yesterday I shared a recipe, which i hardly EVER do.
and today i am showing you a DIY project I did.

hi, I need to go back to work.
*we are on yet ANOTHER snow day & it is going to snow more today.*

anywhoos, since I am stuck inside, I thought let's be productive.
i mean, i didn't even put on a bra yesterday so it really wasn't that productive (TMI? nahhh)

I had started this a while back. Well Really I had painted a wooden letter and the was the extent Anyways, I really LOVE all the burlap wreaths floating around pinterest and I wanted my own.




okay so basically I just took a foam wreath, wrapped/hot glued plain burlap all the way around. Then I took the pretty burlap (with cream satin, gorg!) and the looped & glued where I thought it looked nice. I wanted it to be a bit 3-D and obvi very rustic. Then I glued the wooden letter on (previously painted)

It took like 30 minutes max. Honestly what took the most was waiting for the glue to dry.


I got all the stuff at hobby lobby, and it was ALL on sale. Their stuff is on sale pretty much every other week!

What are some of your DIY recents?

Kale Virgin

yeah I am a kale virgin.

It's this crazy super food & so healthy. Well since I am trying so hard to get healthy and fit, i thought well let's try this. I am not totally sold on kale chips (how do they get crispy & i don't believe they will taste better than reg chips) So i found this recipe for kale dip.

I thought, what the hell. Let's do this.
It was simple & very few ingredients (all things I dig) so I tried it out yesterday when i was all snowed in.

all you need is a--

*thing of kale
*1/4 Cup Water
*4 Garlic Cloves
*One small onion (I used red)
*3/4 cup of ricotta cheese
*1 1/2 TBS of parm (i just used the kind in the jar)
*Red Pepper Flake/Salt to taste
*Lemon Zest/Juice


In a skillet saute the kale, garlic & onion in the water for about 10ish minutes. If you notice it getting dry add a few TBS of water. After it is all tender put into a blender/food processor.

Add remainder of ingredients in blender, MIX and serve.

Next time I am going to use less lemon, it was just a bit lemony for me. Also, might try some yellow onion instead.

OVER all i LOVED IT! I cannot wait to snack on it for next couple days.
How have you prepared Kale?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Snowmagedon Part 2

See you should have found me at school today. I should be teaching 25 little ones about graphing and main idea in non-fiction texts. I should be..

instead i am at home... for yet ANOTHER Snowday! We got about 4 inches over the weekend and currently with windchill it is -20 outside. 

needless to say school was cancelled along with many other business all around the ozarks. As I sit & complain, my parents (who are in STL) got about 10 inches this weekend, so i guess it isn't too bad.

 I have cabin fever, I want to go back to school, I want to see me kids.'
end of story.
Since it was bitter cold this weeked D & I didn't do too terribly much

{1} I found this quote on friday, and it rings to true in my heart
{2} D rocking his Duck Dynasty tee my sister got him for xmas
{3} We went to D's parent's house on saturday and played what else...Aggravation. It is now  basically a tradition
{4} Snuggled up at D's on Sunday Morning!
{1} Healthy Brunch on Monday, Shrimp, grilled zucchini, & beans
{2} Got a workout in on Sunday (even though it's about 200 feet to apartment gym, i died of cold on the way)
{3} Cooking up veggies&chicken in my new Calphalon skillet for din!
{4} Fajitas, Black Beans & Mama's Family to round out Sunday

How was your weekend?!
Are you freezing your hineys off too??


Friday, January 3, 2014

I NEED TO GO BACK TO WORK. {ramble post}

So i have a mix of the post-holiday blues and the excitement of a new year.
that added in with the fact that i still have four days three days til school starts...i am all

 I am so ready to get back to a schedule and routine. dying here & I know when that alarm goes off at 5:45 on monday it will be pure hell.

anyways I am heading back up to school today, probably put on another coat and organize & organize. I am trying to get those resolutions  goals on track! D & I are hitting the gym tonight. Also I have all my meals planned for next week. I gotta stick to it & go grocery shopping this weekend.

Let's do this shiiiiit.

Has anyone taken down Christmas decorations? GAH I don't wanna. A combo and feeling lazy & not wanting to admit the holidays are over have caused snowmen and ornaments to still be hanging out in this house. So if you love to take down, organize and put away christmas decorations, holla atcha girl.

oh and possibly clean out my car while you are at it?

Last night D & I went into my classroom and painted my built-in book shelves. I think it's gonna take some more coats, but looks so much better. D is such a great sport and always so helpful. Gah, love that boy!

I still need to read Divergent. I meant to read it over break, but totally forgot. Plus there is like a 6 week wait at the library. I guess I'm just gonna have to buy it & have my own copy. I am all about reading the book before seeing the movie. I guess it will depend on how much i like the book if I even see the movie, because I cannot stand the girl who is in it. She played in 'The secret life of the american teenager' aka the worst acting I have ever seen. It was literally ridic. /endrant.

anyways, has anyone read it? Liked it? Hated it?

okay this rambling has gotta stop.
i need to go back to work.

this hair-do, non-button pant wearing hot mess has gotta stop.

have a great weekend babes.