Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I am Loving {Country Concert Edition}


the boys from Florida Georgia  Line and Tyler Farr will also be there :)

I cannot wait. Last summer I went to multiple country concerts. Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney. I also saw Keith Urban in the fall.

I love concerts, specifically country concerts.

There are many reasons WHY i love them & since I am sure you are dying to know, I have complied them into a list.

{1} The atmosphere. There is nothin' better then people singing along to songs that have meaning and not just a bunch of expletives strung together. Beers raised up and swaying to the music.

{2} The boys. Now, yes I am very happily taken and wouldn't trade D for anyone (and he happens to fall into this category). Country boys make my heart swoon. Tight jeans, boots and a plaid pearl still my heart. Jacked up trucks with country music blaring. PLEASE&THANK YOU.

{3} The attire. I can go in jean shorts and cowboy boots and be just fine. I love love love cowboy boots and a country concert is the perfect place to wear them. I don't feel like i have to go above and beyond with a crazy short dress and heels. Comfortable is what i neeeed.

{4}The music. OBVI. Country music is my favorite genre and the songs just make me feel good. end of story.

{5} My indescribable desire to be southern. yeah, i said it. I should have been born in the south. I love everything from the sweet tea to the slow draws to the monogrammed everything. I really should have been a belle.

There ya have it.

I cannot wait til tomorrow night! I am so excited to Mr. Aldean and hang out with my girls!!

happy hump day!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I don't post on Mondays anymore

I guess i don't?

well maybe i do, but i haven't had my posts ready in time..thus my weekend recap is on tuesday AGAIN this week.

I swear this weekend went my way too fast.

My weekend was pretty good. The crimson devil came this weekend so all i pretty much wanted to do was lay around and eat ALL the chocolate..which I did do some of..
but anyways..

{1} The weather was gorgeous. I left my windows behind my desk open when I went to lunch and when I came back these were everywhere!! EFFF.
{3} D and I tried out HyVee salad bar. UM DELISH! they had tons of veggies etc to put on plus different meats and a whole side of fruit.
{4} Funny pin I saw 'I got that gangsta cheese'...straight off the block

{1} Woke up and got a workout in. Leg Day. I am still freakin sore
{2} My dad surprised us and drove down for the day. We went to breakfast and then wandered around mine and dave's favorite antique/junk store
{3} D & I
{4} D took me to one of our favorite places for din. I indulged in cheese dip. (clean eating went out the window for this!)


At the antique store, Dave found this gem. We play aggravation every weekend when we see his parents. Well when he spotted this wooden board (they just have cardboard one) & the tag said 10 dollllas, he grabbed it. We painted the dots where the marbles go and we are gifting it to his parents next weekend! I think it turned out awesome :)

Welp that was my weekened. Throw in sleeping in and some naps and you get the gist.

happy tuesday ladies!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Workout Recap

Good Afternoon!!
I am back to share my workouts for the week! I only made it 4 times, I am going to try for 5 this next week.

My eating this weekend (Yesterday and Friday) was not great. Not awful, but not perfect.
Next week is a new week!

Tuesday: 2.10 on treadmill 
100 regular crunches
50 lower ab raises 
50 oblique crunches 
3 sets of 10 seated bench press
3 sets of 10 mid row
5 sets of 10 tricep push down 
3 sets of 10 lat pull down

Wednesday: Hour Zumba class

Saturday:1.63 on treadmill
50 squats
5 sets of 10 on leg press (where I pressed ten more pounds than usual)
25 regular lunges per leg
20 side lunges per leg

Sunday: 2 miles on treadmill
100 regular crunches
50 oblique crunches
50 heel touches 
50 squats 
3 sets of 10 mid row
5 sets of 10 tricep push down 
5 sets of 10 lat pull down 

Here's to another week of working toward my goals!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A day late {I'm the kinda girl}

Can I get an AMEN for it being thursday!

late to this bloggy craze, way better than 35937 months late like I usually am. I am not a big fan of these type of link ups...BUT i do really like this one :)

PLUS holly is a doll :)

So without anymore gabbing..

I am the kinda girl who--

...can and will cry at any moment. Happy, sad, angry frustrated, at a movie during a song. You name it, i have probably cried during it.

...worries all the time about everything.

...has a hard time NOT assuming the worst.

...puts herself in other people's shoes a lot

...who will never get sick of reading Harry Potter & cannot wait to have kids so I can read it to them.

...who loves old movies (think Doris Day & Judy Garland old)

...still will obsess over Laguna Beach and old MTV shows

...still works out to Spice Girls and jams out BSB

...rehearses what I am going to say to someone in my head over and over before a confrontation might happen.

...over analyzes EVERYTHING

...can be jealous (and tries every day not to be)

...does not forgive easily or quickly

...who loves whiskey and wine equally (but will ALWAYS  say no to tequila)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random Wednesday

Hello Wednesday!!

I am glad you are here. The weather yesterday was more than amazing :) Unfortunately it is suppose to rain today and tomorrow..I do not dig it.

Spring where are you.

Today i am linking up for Random Wednesday...

{1} It is baseball season yet? Spring Training has officially started for my boys and the pictures from Jupiter, FL make me so EXCITED :)

#gocards #cardinalnation

{2} Jason Aldean IS ONE WEEK FROM TOMORRRRRROW!! Ahh can you believe it :)
I cannot freakin wait!!

{3} I got new pretties :)

I won't lie. I didn't really need them. D went to get new running shoes and I was browsing and found these. They are from the kids the department so they were a bit cheaper plus the store was running buy 1 get 1 50%...thus i got these babies for 25 dollllas :) #holla

{4} From one holiday to the next... I am already getting excited for St. Patrick's Day! One because I love this holiday, (redheads look great in green & beer..duh) but it is also mine and D's one year! (one year...holy smokes)

{5} I never told you what i gave to D for Valentines. Well first off I made him puppy chow because it's his fave. Then I made him this and found a wooden box at an antique store for it to be kept in.

I dont have a picture of the one i made..but it looks like this--
I didn't keep them in the card box. I hole punched each card twice and the put metal rings to keep them all bound and he is able to just flip through it.


happy wednesday.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekend Things

Yeah so I had yesterday off...and i still didn't post..

but i am back in action and ready to go today :)

So this weekend was quite lovely if i do say so myself. I had friday (and yesterday) off. In my school district we do not get a 'spring break' but rather a four day weekend in February, March, & April. This past weekend was our first.

{1} OOTD for running errands around down. Pink & Red for Valentines. (leggings are from F21)
{2} Tried out Pita Pit for the first time...DELISH. a bit pricey, but really good.
{3} OOTN for valentines date. Pink dress with leather jacket over top
{4} Roses & lillies with my favorite chocolates from D :)

Aa far as a our date on valentines, D took me to this movie theater that had recliners and you get to eat dinner there while watching the movie. We saw Winter's Tale. It was pretty good and nice date movie. I cried, but what else is new. It was a perfect 1st Valentines with D

Saturday & Sunday
{1} Breakfast Saturday Morning, eggwhite with peppers, spinach &  turkey pepperoni with siracha and an orange
{2} Mexican Date with linds
{3} Saturday Selfie
{4} Gym time--killing the leg press (I am going to start posting my workout re caps on Sundays--check out my first one here)

So that sums up my weekend. We did watch Last Vegas (Hilarious, watch it now!) We also watched Captain Phillips. It was pretty good, i fell asleep because I was exhausted, but from what i did see I liked it.

How was your weekend?
only 4 days til the next one.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day- Friday Letters


I know many of you are dreading today! As we all know I am lover of Valentine's Day (and not just because I have one this year).

If you cannot be happy about V-Day then at least be happy that it is Friday!

** shout out happy birthday to Jordan!!!**. 
Love ya girl!  

and because it is friday I am doing Friday Letters

Dear school, thank you for this day off. I know since it was already scheduled you could have taken back for make up for snow days, but I appreciate you didn't.

Dear Weather, HEY GIRL HEY!!! I am so glad you are doing your thannng! Loving these warmer temps, keep it up!

Dear Self, KEEP WORKING OUT! I know it is easy to slack and you want to eat all the chocolate all the time. RESTRAINT!! You can do this!

Dear D, i cannot wait to spend this evening with you. I am so glad that you are my first real valentine and I cannot wait to celebrate with you night! Love you!

Dear Kiddos, I sure hope you get lots of energy out this weekend are ready to hit it hard next week! We got a lot to do friends!

Dear Jason Aldean, I will be seeing you in two short weeks! I CANNNNNOT WAIT!! tyler farr & FLGA you too!!

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you have a great Valentine's Day, no matter what you're doing!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Workout Recap

So I've been keeping track of my workouts and I thought I'd start sharing them on Sundays! I want to keep myself responsible!

Monday: 2.93 on elliptical
100 regular crunches 
50 heel touches
50 oblique crunches 
50 squats
5 sets of ten on the leg press

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Hour Long Zumba class
Thursday- I was a bum & exhausted from work..., so we shall say rest day

Friday: 2.14 on treadmill 
100 regular crunches
50 heel touches
50 oblique crunches 
50 lower ab raises 
3 sets of 10 donkey kicks
3 sets of 10 fire hydrants
3 sets of 10 mid row machine
3 sets of 10 seated bench press machine 
3 sets of 10 tricep push down 

Sunday: 2.93 on elliptical
50 oblique crunches
50 lower ab raises
100 regular crunches 
50 squats 
5 sets of 10 on leg press machine
30 lunges per leg
20 side lunges 

Ps I have lost 9 lbs since jan 13 :)

What to Wear {Staying In OR Going Out}

As we all know  LOVE clothes and fashion. Now granted I am ALWAYS in stretchy pants, i do enjoy getting dressed up and doing things. As I posted here, I love special occasions/holidays where you get to dress up and follow some sort of code. AKA valentines day is PINK & RED.

If you are not sure what to wear just yet, i put together a few looks that I think will work for ANY valentines day plans. YES I am all about DOING SOMETHING on this holiday even if you do not have a significant other.


Okay so for 'the going out' I picked two looks.

The first peachy one shoulder is sweet and classy. I picked it bc I know D would love this one. He likes this type if 'sexy' best. Paired with nude heels and some gold & punk bangles finish it off. It is elegant and not overtly sexy with all the business hanging out.

The second going out look is more va va voom. A tight black dress with bright pink jewelry ( it's valentines day after all) makes this look an excellent choice for a night out with a date or with girlfriends. Slap on the nude heels from the first look and it's a go. It is time for dancing, drinking and being merry.

For 'a night in' look, I still wanted something sexy but not too over the top for dinner in. I picked dark skinnies with a pretty lace top(in the holiday pink). Sweet heart earrings and black flats for a comfortable yet chic night in outfit. This can be if you are your hunny are eating in or going somewhere a bit causal. Also, if you are heading to get Mexican with the girls this is cute enough to be celebrating but not over the top for some cashew chicken.

Have we all figured out plans for that night?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Days Activities

It will never be summer
 I swear.

So since I have now become an expert on snow days, ya know since I have had 14 this school year and counting. There are many types of snow days to have, and to be honest I have had them all. Now there are a few things that you can do on these beloved (and sometimes drawn out ) snow days.

{1} Sleep in. I will say I have done this most snow days! These times vary from 7:30-9 when I roll outta  bed. I am usually up by 5:45, so sleeping in any later than 6 is great.

{2} Watch extensive amount of reality tv. I have gotten caught up, re watched and gotten sucked into new and old shows. Just being a big ole vegetable on the couch. Yoga pants & a hoodie required.

{3} Clean.  The kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, the whole house. Get the nitty gritty places sparkling. Dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing grout...HEY you've got the whole day..why not clean {riiiighht}

{4} Organize. Clean out the closet, re-fold messy clothes in dresser drawers, use those baskets that are in the closet to get under the sink neat. I am sure there is SOME place in your house that needs to be organized.

{5} Shop. yes I am guilty. Since I live in the city, the roads are usually way better than where my school is located (in the country). So while the roads near school are terrible the city streets are clean and I hot target, the mall, wherever...and it is WAY less crowded.

{6} Blog. DUH. I am mostly caught up with all my fave blogs and started scheduling posts. I am feeling great about getting things organized and ready to go.

{7} Cook, bake, what-have you. Since I had so much time on my hands I have made a few treats for D and had somewhat fab dinners ready for him when he got home (house wife wannabe i tell ya). The house smells good and everyone loves little treats.

Anyone else effing sick of snow?
yeah i am.

Monday, February 10, 2014

is the weekend already over?

Oh hello Monday.
Go home.

We got more snow last yes...I AM EFFING OFF SCHOOL AGAIN! Winter sucks.
so much.

This weekend was a great one  however and I a sad it's over...

{1} selfie at target 
{2} D and I had a double date on Friday night and after dinner ended up at a coffee shop. We played Mexican dominoes.
{3} my cute coffee
{4} love this quote

{1} Platos closet was having a huge crazy sale
{2} grocery shopping at Aldis. If you dont shop there, start. Lots of savings and their product has improved tremendously over the last few years
{3} bowling on Saturday night with D's family
{4} selfies :)

{1} tried turkey jerky! It's actually good and only 80 cals a serving
{2} we gave in and got Girl Scout cookies.... Which are not 80 cals a serving 
{3} new background for my phone :)

I am starting this squat challenge ends with 250 squats. Michelle got me on it...
here's to a tight ass.
How was your weekend?!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Confessional Friday {Getting to Know You}


I am not totally sure of my plans for the weekend. I know I am getting a new shelf for above my bed and that is about it. I was thinking of perusing around ULTA. I have been watching TOO amny make up vlogs since I have been out because of the snow and now I think I need tons of new make up. I also need tons more monies.

I hope there is sleeping in, working out and getting the next book in Divergent...I HAVE TO get it.

SO I am trying the new-esque confession friday with Miss Leslie! I adore her and i love this idea.
obvi I love all quizzes and question/answer type posts! aka myspace quizzes

1. What's your middle name? Christine
2. If you could live anywhere else in the world where would you live? Somewhere near the beach. I'd like to say I'd stay in the US, but I just don't know. Just near the beach.
3. Tell us about your guilty pleasures. uh hello, you know me. Cheese, Reality TV, Chocolate
4. What do you like best about your job? If you weren't doing that, what career would you have pursued? I love that I get to do new things each day, i get to see growth and smiling kiddies. A new career, Trophy Wife. duh
5. Five items you'd grab during a fire. (People and pets don't count. Those are a given.) iPhone, lap top, MK watch, dark skinnies, and Harry Potter DVD Set.
6. Marathon running...something you'd like to pursue or just plain crazy? cray cray. Don't get me wrong, i would love to be able to do that..but i am pretty sure i'd die.

7. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Sesame Chicken with white rice & crab ragoon
8. Last person you spoke to...annnnnd....go! Dave this morning before he went to work
9. Favorite childhood toy Oh gosh... I don't know. Probably my stuffed dog, i still have under my pillow on my bed.  ORRRRRR my spice girl barbie doll
10. Breakfast cereal of choice No cals counted?! probably captain crunch, Counting Cals?! Cherrios

Go link up!
Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

wednesday {Snow Day}

and school is cancelled.

this is our 12th one i believe this year.
what is is this mother nature, what the eff is this?

so anyways i think we got a good 4-5 inches (maybe more) yesterday. The wind today is fierce. Plus a high of 18 (without windchill) all results in sarah at home in her sweats again.

My runny nose and sore muscles and my need to finish Divergent is thankful.
my cabin fever is not.

So since it is Wednesday I thought we would just do some randomess--

Since warm weather seems so far away, i thought I would share some winter items I am lusting currently.

pleated skirts with tights. This looks has to be worn correctly (probably by someone with little to no butt aka not me) but i think it is so chic
found here

Bulky knit scarves. Warm and they look so cozy

found here
aztec. Yeah I am late to this trend i s'pose. BUT I LOVEEE it.
found here

I missed Shahs last night. D and I made deer burgers with some friends and I was vetoed for the watching of trashy tv. BOOOO. I am hoping Bravo shows it later.

I had a great workout last night. I basically speed walked (4.0) and 4.5 incline for 2 miles. I am getting bored with the elliptical. (my toes fall asleep, anyone else??). I was sweating really good at the end. I am adding more ab workouts in and killed 50 squats. *my legs are feeling it today*

Being home has made my breakfasts more fun the last two days.

L: Whole Wheat PB2 rounds with an orange
R: Egg Whites with spinach, chicken, peppers & siracha plus pineapple

happy wednesday friends.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Single Valentine's Day

SO Valentine's Day is right around the corner and as per usual I am excited. NOW, I don't really like the whole stigma that goes along with Valentine's Day aka Single Awareness Day. I do not like that saying at all. I mean, I get it. When you do not have a significant other/someone to celebrate with it definitely makes you feel more aware that you are single. It doesn't have to be about having someone to not having someone. It can just be about showing affection and care for anyone, even friends.

I think it should be that way.
just showing care and love for those in your life.
not a depressed day.

I am lover of all holidays. Valentine's Day is no exception. Give a reason to dress up I will take it.
This is actually my first Valentine's Day EVER with a boy to share it with it. I spent a lot of V-days with friends or just on my own. I don't remember ever being super depressed on this day. Last year was a bit rough, but that was other stuff going on.

So since I have spent ALL Valentine's Days without a 'normal' Valentine I thought I'd share a few things that you can do to get more in the spirit and not let this holiday make you feel bad about yourself!

For you marcy :)

{1} Wear it. I love dressing according to the holiday. Halloween, black sweater & an orange scarf. St. Patty's Day, GREEEN..DUH. Valentine's Day, wear the red or pink. Even if it's just a scarf or jewelry.

{2} Buy chocolate FOR YOURSELF. There is no shame in that game. Get yourself a big ole box. Splurge on the expensive chocolate, just do it. You will enjoy it.

{3} Workout. Balance the chocolate and hit the gym. Chances are the gym will be bare since others will be out with their own Valentine. You can have your pick of a machine and those endorphins are gonna make your mood sky rocket.

{4} Chinese food and a slasher flick (or a comdey, NOT a ROMCOM) Get take out, put on sweats and indulge in a NON romantic movie.

{5} The classic. The classic single girl's evening with friends, wine and dancing. V-Day is on a friday this year. Grab other single friends and hit the town. ORRRRR grab some wine and watch Harry Potter....that sounds pretty fab any night though.

{6} Send Valentines. This is not just for my 3rd graders! Send Valentines to your co-workers, family & friends. There are tons of cute valentine (cheap) ideas on pinterest. Your friends will love it and it will definitely make their day! (Plus making someone feel special, always makes you feel good!)

Don't let Valentine's Day getcha down friends.
Celebrate. Get in the Spirit :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Shenans

I don't even wanna say good morning.
It is not a good morning because I want to be back in my bed.

Mondays always suck, but this one even more so.
This weekend literally went by at a WHIRLWIND pace! I feel like I was just driving home on Friday. PLUS did anyone else wonder where the Broncos were last night? I sure as hell was. The best team in the NFL was not playing the Sea hawks last night.

mmmkay moving on....

{1} OOTN for friday night sushi
{2} new 'merica background on my phone
{3}Sushi on Friday night. OMG delish. We tried a new place and I am obsessed
{4} Tropical Smoothie for a late breakfast on Saturday
{1} Qdoba on Saturday. I was a good girl and ate as healthy as i possibly could. NO queso, or chips and salsa. I got brown rice and black beans with chicken and veggies.
{2} Just a rainy day selfie. #hotmess
{3} We went out to D's parents Saturday and obviously played aggravation.
{4} I AM SERIOUSLY OBSESSED with this Tyler Farr song!
{1} Painted my nails for the game (poor bronco's)
{2} D & I got up to workout Sunday before the game, this is what we awoke too...snow & ice. WE STILL went and walked over to work out #motivation
{3} D & I waiting on his parents to get here
{4} Our feast of game day snacks. I may have indulged a bit too much yesterday but I am back on today and have a healthy lunch packed and ready to hit the gym tonight after school!

Alrighty, let's just get this Monday over and done with!