Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Happenings

WAH, monday why you gotta come so quick???
yet friday comes SOOOOO SLOW!!

I had a great weekend and am obviously sad it is over. 
Is it summer yet?? I am ready to not set alarms!

ANYWHOOOOS, onto my weekend!


1. I made stuffed pepper for Dave & I. It was ground venison, corn, onions & a bit of taco seasoning with cheese melted on top. (recipe coming this week)
2. Feeling mushy about my boy :)
3. Friday Selfie to my sister in the couch...
4. New phone background


1. D'S  cousin came to town & we went to breakfast with his whole family---bathroom selfie
2. D with his cousin's baby. I cannot get over the cuteness in the picture :))))
3. Saturday was also my friend Megan's baby shower (we met in college) and these were some treats from the shower
2. Jen, the soon-to-be-momma, me and & lindset at the shower


1. We got up and got an excellent workout in. I blogged all my workouts from last week here.
2. Worked up at school for most of the afternoon
3. GORGEOUS sunny selfie
4. Relaxing Sunday night with friends, BBQ & Shock Top :)

Hope everyone had a great weeeekend!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Workout Recap

Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I am sad it's over and wishing that I could have just one more day of sleeping in and rest...but alas back to the grind tomorrow!

As always on Sundays I wanted to share with you my workouts! As most of you know I have joined Planet Fitness and I could not be happier about that decision! I have been able to try more things and I am feeling incredibly motivated.

Okay onto the workouts--

Monday- 2.5 miles on the treadmill (which the first 1.5 was ran TOTALLY straight through. ZERO STOPS!)
100 regular crunches
3 x 10 donkey kicks
3 x 10 fire hydrants
5 x 10 on the Glue machine (basically a standing donkey kick)
3 x 10 (on each) of 2 abdominal machines (they just said abdominal on the machine...)

Tuesday: Rest ( i had reading night at school)

Wednesday: 2.25 miles on treadmill
70 squats
5 x 10 hip adductor 
5 x 10 seated leg curl
25 walking lunges
3 x 10 leg extenders

Thursday: 2.5 miles on treadmill
100 crunches
4 30 second planks
5 x 12 abdominal machine
5 x 12 chest press 
5 x 12 tricep press
5 x 10 tricep push down 
5 x 12 row machine

Friday: Rest

Saturday:  Rest

Sunday: 2.5 mile run
100 regular crunches 
50 bicycle crunches 
5 x 10 abdominal machine 
3 x 10 abdominal machine 
5 x 12 chest press 
5 x 12 lat pull down
5 x 12 tricep press
5 x 10 tricep push down

I only made it to the gym 4 days this week. I wish it was more, BUT I am proud of what I have been doing! I have been consistently (all this week) running a 1.5 straight through, ZERO stops or slow downs! I am hoping to add another lap and make it 1.75 by the end of this coming week. I am feeling strong and great about myself.

Slow progress was getting the better of me (especially when D runs almost 5 miles in one workout) BUT progress is PROGRESS!

Have a great Sunday!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pits & Peaks


it's friday ladies and we madeeee it :)
I am so glad it is friday and that the weekend is upon us since I have many fun things in store this weekend! Baby Shower road trip is one! EEEEK!

Anyways it's been a long week and i am ready for some relaxation away from the kiddos...even though I know I will be heading up to school on Sunday to work and get caught up.

Alrighty moooooving on, I am linking up with the FAB allie today for Pit & Peak.

Pit-Worst Part of your week
Peak- Best part of your week.

I like to get the bad stuff outta the way first..


--I missed Zumba on Wednesday. It was for a totally good reason. We had reading night at school, but still I was bummed to miss it.

--The weather has been bringing me down majorly. It just makes me feel exhausted. It rained Wednesday and Thursday...where is sunny & 75?

--This one has not happened yet, BUT even though I am so excited for this baby shower tomorrow for one of my good friends, I have to miss D's brother & sister-in-law's baby shower. :( UGH, I really wanted to go...however I knew about Megan's first and we have been friends for almost 5 years.

--my email was hacked AGAIN!!! But i have since gotten rid of yahoo, and now have a gmail email. It is I hope this fixes my issue!


--I ran (ALL WEEK) a 1.5 mile straight through! I am so proud of myself for how far I have come. I know I know, you are prob thinking...'uh 1.5 miles is NOTHING' but for this girl it is! I have never ran a full mile without stopping until the last two months let alone adding more onto it. One day I might just consider myself a runner..

--I only had 3 kids not pass their area/perimeter test. I am feeling awesome about that!! My kiddos are rockstars.

--My family has finally decided on a place for vacay this year. GALVESTON!!! The last time i was a vacation was ohhh... 2009. I cannot wait AND D is coming too. I too excited. Oh and that means my ass needs to be hitting that treadmill even harder!!

Have a fab weekend ladies :)
See ya on Monday!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Wants

Good Morning!

So spring is here...well it's still cold and rainy and gross BUT i am praying in a week or two the warmer weather will start filtering in. With that being said I have a few things that I am wanting for springtime...

Spring Wants

Spring Wants by sar789 featuring wedge sandals

1. Floral. I am loving all floral things and DUH totally spring. Also flowy tanks for a light airy outfit that makes me comfortable no matter what I am doing.

2. BRIGHT shorts. I love the bright bottoms with a plain v neck with a scarf for spring. Chic & classic.

3.EOS, i am never without my egg and with the weather changing chapped lips are not something I want to have. 

4. Flip Flops. I am a lover of all flip flops but I want to get a few that are simple but with delicate touches.

5. DENIM vest. I am so obsessed with mine. I want MORE. pairing it with a a maxi or even the bright shorts from number 2, is a great way to add pizzaz to a simple outfit.

6. Aviators. I actually just picked up a pair very similar at Charming Charlies. I love the look of aviators and they really can be worn with any outfit.

7. Scarves. Okay, I do have 89573489 scarves, BUT i want some that are brighter colors and maybe even pastels. It is still going to be a little chilly, so to add a scarf is not just fashionable but also functional.

8. Wedges. Okay I hate heels. BUT a cute wedge is not going to kill my feet and perhaps bring me up to a normal person's height. Pair with a sun dress and they can dress up any outfit.

9. Denim Shorts. I want longer ones that are not as... 'hoochy'. I want the 'boyfriend' style jean shorts to throw on and go any day during the spring.

What are some of your spring wants??        

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So What Wednesday!

this is how i feel..

This has been such a long week and it's only WEDNESDAY...

Last night we had Reading Night at school. The kids got to come in and do a bunch of fun reading activities. It was a pretty good time and it was fun seeing the kids get excited for reading.

OH and the weather has been awful. It was gorgeous flip flop weather last week and now its in the low 30s....WTF is that?? I NEEEEED warm weather stat!

ANYWHOOOOS since it is wednesday I thought I'd give ya a dose of 'So What Wednesday'


...if i was more than a little cranky that i had to skip Zumba because of our reading night

...if all i can think about is getting to go workout tonight. I am becoming obsessed with our new gym and I cannot wait to head over there tonight

... if i am SOOOO excited that this is the last Wednesday without baseball for MANY months

...if i do not feel guilty about watching all my bravo shows at D's house and making him watch with me

...if i get an undeniable urge for chocolate and am pretty dang tired of depriving myself.

...if i am counting down the school days until summer vacation (i swear i still love my job)

Happy Hump Day pretties!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tough it Out Tuesday {Excerises I have been doing}


I had a crazy busy weekend thus no post was up for yesterday. The jist of my weekend was helping friends move and hanging at D's parents. That was about it....


**side note- all blogs have basically been blocked from school. I cannot open...well any of them. I promise I am reading your blogs, just on my phone and it is hard to comment---i promise to be better**

BUT today is Tough it Out Tuesday and I of course have to link up. I feel like these are keeping me motivated. I have been blogging my workouts on Sunday but I also LOVE this link up!!

So for today and this link up I am posting a few things that I have found that are working LIKE CRAY. I am totally feeling the burn at the gym & after.

{1} Planks. I hate them, duh. BUT I did a bunch (okay 4 30 second ones and I thought I was going to die) BUT my abs are feeling it today. I am a weakling so I can only go for about 30seconds, BUT today I am making myself do 5 30 second planks, it is all about improving!!

{2} Jump Squats. I am beginning to love me some squats. I am gonna add these in. I WAS doing them but have kinda faded off from them...They are major thigh burners, but he we want that. Plus I feel way less awkward doing those than burpees at the gym. (yah still chicken on those so far...)

{3} Hydrants. I know I already wrote about those, BUT those suckers are killing the side of my ass. After 12-15...i am feeling a major burn! Try them out!! Hiney and outter thighs are where it is at!!

 What have you guys been trying?
What is working?? I am always looking for new stuff!

ALSO what are some of your fave workout music??? I need to add to my playlist!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Workout Recap

Happy Sunday!!!

We are getting ready to head out to D's parents but I wanted to share my workouts from the week! The end of the week was busy plus the crimson devil came....

But over all I'm feeling good about the workouts! I have been consistently running 1.25 miles straight. :)

Monday: 1.75 miles in treadmill
100 regular crunches50 heel touches
50 bicycle crunches 
50 lower ab crunches
5 x 10 seated bench press
5 x 10 mid row
3 x 10 tricep push down
2 30 sec planks

Tuesday: hour long Zumba class 

Wednesday: 2.5 miles on treadmill
5 x 10 on hip adduction
5 x 10 leg press
5 x 10 seated leg press
60 squats
30 lunges per leg

Thursday: rest

Friday: rest

Saturday: we moved out friends to their new home so I'm counting that as a workout

Sunday: 2.5 on treadmill
4 30 sec planks 
5 x 12 chest press 
3 x 10 bicep curl
5 x 10 tricep push down
5 x 10 row

How was your workouts??

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Things I have never done

UH HELLLLLO thursday :)
Tomorrow is Friday and I am loving it!!

SO earlier this week Allie posted this post about things she has never done. Since I love lists (and her) I had to steal the idea.

Things I have never done...

-broken a bone
-been out of the country
-eaten clams
-had anything other than my ears pierced
-been west of Colorado (I was 1, so it barely counts)
-liked a roller coaster
-sky dived
-taken a business class
-seen Top Gun (D is embarrassed of me for this)
-been married
-ran a marathon
-Been to NYC

What are somethings you have never done?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What I'm loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Is it really already wedneday?? This week is flying by! We are helping Jen & Cody move into their new house EEEEK :)  I am so excited for them. I cannot wait til I can have a house (oh far away) but I am so excited for them and their new place.

So to get me through this hump day I making a list of a few things that I am loving!

{1} Getting back to Zumba. This is my first time back in about two weeks. (we had snow and then conferences) I went last night and had  such a great time. They moved locations and it's a little difference with more people but I still had a fab workout!

{2} This nail polish :)


 {3} My workout tonight!! We joined Planet Fitness last week and it opened today! I cannot wait to get in there and get a workout in tonight :) I am slightly gym-timidated, but I am still pushing myself and I want to get my sweat on!

{4} Mint. I have been obsessing over mint for a while and I cannot wait to wear more this spring/summer

{5} The weather. Spring is coming and I cannot wait!! The temps have been rising this week & any day I get to wear flip flops is a win in my book :)

What are you loving?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tough it Out Tuesday {Lunch Ideas}

HAPPY Tuesday friends :)

I am back at school after our little four day weekend!  Uh year we got snow on Sunday (how annoying). How was the weather for you? The rest of the week is suppose to be amazing, so I will let the snow slide...JUST THIS ONCE!

So today for Tough it Out Tuesday I am sharing some lunch ideas. I have gotten pretty good at making healthy lunches. I do need to find more because I have been reusing a lot of ideas but I digress.

Now I am a teacher so I have about 15 minutes to eat after recess duty and getting the kids to the cafeteria I have about 15 or so minutes to inhale my food before I have to pick them up. Now I do have access to a microwave so most of these ideas require a microwave and since its been so cold I have wanted a warm lunch. Anyways onto a few lunches I have been having.

{1} Quesadilla

Now I made this at home, but I am thinking about making one ahead of time (or an extra when I make them for din & just reheat at school) I used to two small whole wheat tortillas. I took chicken, bell peppers, & onions and sauteed them up in a skillet. I did once around another warmed skillet with olive oil spray and put one tortilla down then added all the meat&veggies. I added a bit of siracha then skim cheese (2TBS) then put the other tortilla down. NOW for the best part, I take the skillet i used to cook all the stuff in and put on top of the the quesadilla. I have noticed this helps it all mix together and the bottom gets crispy. Flip it after about 3-5 minutes and cook for another 2-3 mins. Cut with a pizza cutter, add rice and black beans and voila.

{2} Turkey Sausage/Chicken and veggies

This is EASY PEASY! The top one is turkey sausage links (i get mine from aldis). I cut them up and grill in a pan (i season with Mrs. Dash, but you use whatever you like) I do the same with the chicken. Then for the side I get frozen veggie steamers (just plain no cheese etc--just the frozen baggie) It takes about 4 minutes for the veggie bag to heat up. Then put a little pepper on the veggies and its all done. I usually add fruit to go with. (for the veggie bag, i eat about 1/2 or so with the meat and the eat other part of the bag the next day/for dinner that night)

{3} Chicken Wrap with Carrots & Dip
So this one doesn't require a microwave. I just take whole wheat tortilla and add chicken, bell peppers, red onion and spinach. (you add whatever you like. I have done radishes lettuce, nuts etc). I usually have carrots for crunch instead chips. NOW THE DIP, don't run away from this lunch because I put the dip on there! All it is, is a a container of Greek yogurt and package of Hidden Valley Ranch Mix (found in the salad dressing aisle) Mix it up and BOOM, ranch dip without the guilt. I dip carrots/radishes/peppers in it. OH and as far as the dressing for the wrap i use a bit of the ranch dip or raspberry vinaigrette. I usually have an apple sauce or fruit with this meal.

OKAY SO WHAT do you do for lunches. i want to add some more ideas to my rotations.
Are you linking up???

Tales Of A Twenty Something

Monday, March 17, 2014

one year.

One year ago my entire life changed.

It was St. Patty's Day weekend and I was downtown during a bar crawl with a few friends I used to work with. I never even had the slightest inkling what was in store for me that night.

After a few drinks two mutual friends told me to stop by the bar they were at because they had a guy they wanted me to meet. I assumed the worst since the last few months had been filled with let downs, but I missed see the two friends so i headed over. I promised a ONE drink max to the people i was with and we would be out of there.

Little did I know that I would spend the rest of the night sitting a table talking to the person who would change my life.

A year ago today I met Dave.

Three days after meeting we went on by far the perfect date (one day maybe I will share that story).  A very short time after that date I was hooked.

hook-line & sinker.

I cannot believe it has been a year. Some days it feels like we just met because I just look at him and I get those butterflies all over again. I think "i cannot believe he is mine". I have never felt this lucky in the entirety of my life. But then other days it feels like we have been together much longer because I feel so incredibly comfortable with him.

Many months ago, I just l felt it.
We were meant to be.

He brings out the best in me and i like to think the same about me for him.

Words cannot describe how happy I am with him. I have never felt secure in a relationship like I do with D. I am never worried that after we bicker that he is going to leave me. I am never afraid that he is going to flirt with next girl at the bar. I know that what we have is strong and they we are both willing to work and fight for it.

The future doesn't scare me. I am not instantly thinking of compromises I am going to have to make. The world (in the most cliche saying ever) is our oyster and I cannot wait to experience more of life with him.

I always wanted to find someone who tells me I am beautiful everyday and actually makes me feel it. I never thought I would.

I am so glad I didn't settle for anything less than the wonderful person i get to wake up to.

Happy 1 year my love. You are the best thing to ever happen to me and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

I love you babe.
for all the times.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Things have been crazy this week so I have been out of sorts with my posting! I will be back to regularly scheduled programming next week!

HOWEVER, My email has been HACKED AGAIN!!!!!!

So if you got a spam email from me, i am sorry! I just changed my password, AGAIN!

This is so annoying!

have a great thursday!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The people you see at the gym {tough it out Tuesday}

Good Morning!

Day Two of my Parent-Teacher Conferences are tonight. This is my extra long night...ugggh!
Since I have been BUSY with the shiz I am being a bad blogger....

re-using a  post.

NOW WAIT, before you go and click away...this post is EXACTLY what I I have been thinking anyway & I am linking up for Tough It Out Tuesday (which is all about fitness & health, which I am trying to do these days)

Original post here--

But I give you the "People you see at the Gym"

typical resolution- get fit. lose weight. get skinny. workout more.
all the same. People are promising themselves to lose the bulge.

AMEN! I am all about trying to get  skinny and get my tush into those skinny jeans.
Since i have been home I have gotten to use the gym here. It's one of those fancy shmancy
gyms with lots of cardio machines/classes/weight room/yoga room blah blah blah.
it's great. I love it.  Much better than the little apartment gym I will be using
when i head back to springfield.

there are a few things about this super cool gym that 
do not find super cool.
Now one might ask,
 "What is there not to love about working out a fab gym where your parents still pay the membership?" 
(i only cost them ten bucks a its not like it's an arm&leg, but i digress)
to that i respond with these few items of contention-

{1} Girls who pile on 564311 pounds of make up, tease their hair and wear hoop earring to the gym.
Yes,  I get it you might have just come from work thus you have makeup on.
But let's get real, the teensy tiny, over tanned high school chick in her soffe shorts that are rolled so many
times that leaves her 'shorts' smaller than some of my undies is NOT just coming from
work. I suppose the gym is a good place to meet someone, and that is what these
ladies are doing, but if you are planning on just walking at a snails pace
on the treadmill with your teased hair not even put in a pony while
texting/instagraming pictures of your water bottle,
get THE EFF off the machine & let me run off the 5 lbs of fudge i inhaled last night.

{2} Next on my gym shit list is the people who take pictures of themselves.
I am not necessarily talking about those, who after an intense workout
take a pic in the bathroom mirror or whatever to document their
hard workout
.That bugs me, but i don't really care.
I am talking about those who sit on the weight machines and take pictures of themselves
in the gym mirrors...IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GYM.

Hey bro, we can see you...and you look like a tool. 

{3} Then there is the thing that doesn't piss me off, but makes me feel awkward.
The women who walk around the locker room naked.
Not the women who are changing into/out of workout clothes. That doesn't bother me.
It's when I go in to the bathroom to tinkle and I am washing my hands and there is a woman
topless standing next to me. Ma'am at least a bra is mandatory.
and would make me a little less uncomfortable. 
WHY must you walk around the whole locker room nakey? 
Change & get on with your life.
Don't even get me started on people who shower at the gym.
I know sometimes it's your only option, but it skeezes me out.

{4} Finally something really grinds my gears are the chatty cathys.
Maybe it's because I hate working out & i just wanna get in and get out
that i don't get this. People who come to the gym then just stand around and talk.
Now I love a good workout buddy. Someone who keeps you on top
of your game & make the gym more fun. But there comes a point
where I have to wait over 20 min to get on a machine because people
are just sitting on them gabbing. If you are not using the machine get up and MOVE.
Stand in the corner & chat. i don't care. But get off my machine.
There are some of us whose time is precious & have better things to do
(not me necessarily, but others I am sure...)

Why come to the gym and spend 3 hours there but in reality only work out for 30 minutes.
What is the point?

I mean don't get me wrong this is me at the gym which probably
annoys others--

Anyways, anything about the gym (other than having to go) bug you?
Maybe it's just me.

**note, i no longer use my parents fancy schmancy gym because I am back in Springfield and just use me apartment gym***

Are you linking up??
Tales of a Twenty Something

Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Happenings

Oh helllllo there Monday!
Not happy to see you! This weather is amazing but instead of enjoying it, I will be stuck at school from 7:00am-8:00pm for parent-teacher conferences! UGGH, its gonna be a long week!

But that does mean I get a 4 day weekend! (Since we don't get spring break we have three four day weekends--the next one is Easter weekend)

I had a great weekend, but it went too fast as usual!

{1} selfie on a friday
{2} I finally got my premier jewelry, obsessed!
{3} loved this quote, I think I can, I think I can 
{3} Delicious wine night (there was pizza guilt)

{1} D & I went to school in Saturday morning so I could work on things 
{2} it was pouring cats & dogs... So I borrowed Ds hat 
{3} killed a Saturday morning workout
We went to our fave bar on Saturday & had do much fun... Photo shoot obviously...

I was a bad blogger and  didn't take any pictures. D & I worked out then headed out to his parents for lunch and hung out there. Nothing too crazy

I also blogged my workouts last week on Sunday 

Happy Monday friends!!! 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Workout Recap!!

Happy Sunday!!!

These are my workouts for the week!!


Tuesday: 2.5 miles on treadmill
50 regular crunches 
50 bicycle crunches
5 sets of 10 seated bench press 
5 sets of 10 mid row 

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 2 miles on treadmill (which I ran the first miles FROM START TO FINISH!! Not one stop!)
50 bicycle crunches
100 regular crunches 
5 sets of 10 seated bench press
5 sets of 10 lat pull down
5 sets of 10 mid row
2 30 second wall sit
20 push ups 

Friday: rest 

Saturday: 2 miles on treadmill
50 crunches
50 squats 
3 30 second wall sits
25 regular lunges per leg
5 sets of 10 on leg press 
25 side lunges per leg

Sunday: 1.75 on treadmill 
100 regular crunches
50 bicycle crunches
50 lower ab raises
30 heel touches 
5 sets 10 seated bench press
5 sets of 10 tricep push down