Wednesday, April 30, 2014

5 things I am loving

HAPPY Wednesday! I am so glad this week is half over.
The weather has been dark and grey and I am ready for beautiful weather this weekend :)

NOT TO MENTION, i forgot my tennis shoes for zumba last night. EFF MY LIFE. I always always look forward to Zumba, and since I work 40 minutes from home, I wasn't able to go home and get my shoes in time for class. BOOOO

but hey we still went to the gym, points for me :)

Okay moooooving on.

here a 5 things I am loving on this wednesday--

{1} This song

I just love dustin lynch, his voice is so great.

{2} MAXIS. I am obsessed and I need more skirts and dresses STAT.

{3} 23 days left until 2.5 months off of glorious summer! I cannot wait for may 30th!!!

{4} This little one. I cannot get enough of her.


Happy Wednesday :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tough it Out Tuesday

Good Morning friends!

So i might as well just jump right in to this post. I have been noticing (as well as dave) that I have a problem.

Lately since I have been on this healthy food train, I have found that I have been having extreme guilt.

Guilt over a not so great food choice.
Guilt over not working out/not feeling like I did enough during a workout ie, i should have done more reps, done another exercise etc.

I worry about if I am going to be able to eat healthy in certain situation.  AKA this weekend when we went to see my sister, I was so worried that wherever we went for dinner/at the bbq I wasn't going to have the option of something healthy. Then I had a burger (no bun & it wasn't turkey) plus a bag of chips.

i felt shitty about myself the rest of the day.

D says I have to just let it go and move on and focus on my next meal etc.
But i get so down and soley focus on the fact that i didn't make the ebst choice & i end up getting crazy in my own head and think all my hard work is going to go down the toilet.

as in one bad meal is going to make me gain all the weight i lost etc.

does anyone else do this? If you did/do how do not let one bad choice defeat you?
It's not like I am letting one bad meal make fall off the wagon, but i just feel so bad about myself for the rest of the day and i dwell on it.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Recap

Goodness this weekend flew by. The next few weekends are going to be backed much like this one. D & I went to my sister's family weekend for this organization she is in at college. It was fun. We did a service event (making dog toys), BBQ, desert auction & Family Feud.


{1} supporting my cards with a new tshirt
{2} sweet tea in a mason jar, nothin better
{3} Mexican double date night
{4} sitting on Jen & Cody's patio 

{1} Healthy Breakfast in the car on the way up
{2} Car Selfie, duh.
{3}After all the events (which I forgot to take pics of) We antiqued.
{4} D & I

{1} Sunday was my mom's birthday so my sister made her a cake and we celebrated with breakfast &presents
{2} A very stormy drive home
{3} Sunday night after we got back we went to D's parents & his niece was there.
{4} Seeing him with her makes my heart so full.

How was your weekend??

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Workout recap

Happy Sunday babes! Why do weekends seem to zoom  by!? We were at my sisters school this weekend so it went by even faster!

I of course am here to share my workouts for the week!

Monday: 2.5 miles on treadmill
5 x 12 on hip adduction (inner thigh)
70 squats  
5 x 12 seated leg press
5 x 12 leg curl 
5 x 12 calf extension 
5 x 12 leg extension
5 x 12 hip abduction (glutes)

Tuesday: 1 Hour Zumba class

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 2.5 miles on treadmill
5 x 12 chest press 
5 x 12 lat pull down 
5 x 12 tricep press
3 x 12 tricep push down 
5 x 12 row

Friday: rest

Saturday: REST

Sunday: REST 

I didn't make it as much as I wanted to this week. But anything I say is an excuse! Tomorrow is a fresh start!

Have a great week!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Pit & Peak

Holy Cow is it already friday!

bring in the hallelujah choir!

I am so glad it's the weekend. We are heading up to my sister's college tomorrow morning for her family weekend. I am excited and plus the weather is suppose to be beautiful :) I like that.

But since it's friday I thought I'd like up with Allie, for Pit & Peak.

Pits---let's get the bad stuff outta the way first.

.... the kids are ready for summer. I am ready for summer. They have been rowdy & i have been cranky. We can make it a few more weeks my darlings. We can I promise.

.... I have been feeling kinda sickly lately. I am pretty sure it's from not so great food choices i made twice this week but my belly has been all kinds of sick. Eat crap, feel like crap.


.... We are seeing my family again this weekend! TWO WHOLE weekends in a row!!!

.... the weather has been simply amazing and having the windows open in my classroom is so fabulous

.... I have figured out two DIY projects I plan on doing in my bathroom {now just to do them}

have a wonderful weekend friends! I'll see ya on monday.

***unless you wanna follow along on my fun this weekend, you can be my friend on instagram--- sarah71389***

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Things that make Life Good

Good Morning my friends!

I am still pouty that i have to be back at work I thought I'd put a focus on things that make life just a little better. Now I have told you about the little things in life once before, but there is such beauty around us, i wanted to share a few more.

{1} 75 degree days that are sunny. Weather affects my mood & when it's pretty out things just seem better.

{2} Daisies. A daisy will never make you sad. plus they are my fave.

{3} When jeans that didn't fit you three months ago, slip right on.

{4} 'Friends' Re-runs

my favorite of all.

{5} New notepads for all the lists i love to make

{6} Clean clothes fresh from the dryer.

{7} New Nail Polish.

{8} Hearing 'have you lost weight?'

{9} A fresh hair cut that you love

{10} Finding a show on Netflix that you love & become obsessed with coughMADMENcough

What things make you happy?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hump Day Confessions

ugh, is it the weekend yet?
I know, i just had a 4 day weekend....but i am ready for another.


Well anyways I am here to confess my life away.

I confess...

{1} that even though i am running farther & longer than I ever thought I still isn't fun. It is still a struggle, but I want to me healthy & look good so bad that I literally have to push myself every tenth of a mile

{2} that i am counting down the days til summer. 28 school days. I swear I love my job, but HELLO summer.

{3} I want to eat allllll the chocolate from my Easter basket but have continued to exercise self control

{4} I love playing board games & when i have a family I am mandating once a week/2 weeks a family game night. Yeah I will be that mom...

{5} That I have so many DIY projects in mind, but I am overwhelmed at the thought of having to do them..

What are you confessing...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend Shenans {a day late}

Well I was off yesterday and my parents were still here, thus I didn't have a post ready.

BUUUTTT I'm back at it today..oh and back at school.
BOOOOO, but hey I am under 30 days til the end of school...not that i am counting or anything :)

How was your easter weekend?
eat too many cadbury eggs....oh wait was that just me..

okay on the easter weekend recap---

{1} My sister got to town on Friday morning and we went shopping
{2} lunch at my fave restaurant in town #NOMNOM
{3}Selfie I sent D because he was stuck at work
{4} Jeans that barely buttoned in january slid right on
{1} A little Redds refreshment on Saturday afternoon
{2} We checked out the new farmer's market in town. There wasn't a lot of produce, but I am hoping in the next few weeks there will be
{3} Emily & I at the farmers market
{4} After shopping we headed to Lambert's Cafe for a late lunch (they are home of the throwed rolls)

{1} Saturday Night we dyed easter eggs
{2} Me & Emily
{4} Of course we went out to our fave karaoke bar, the girls
{1} I might have sang...
{2} Easter Morning after church--btw his parents met my parents for the first time this weekend #bigstep
{3}A little antiquing before my parents left on Monday afternoon
{4} Just us being us...

Hope you guys had a fab weekend :)

Friday, April 18, 2014


AHHHH it's so nice to sleep in today!

This four day weekend stuff is much needed and I CANNNOOOOOTTTT wait to see my family tonight! My sister will be here in a few hours and my mom & dad will here this afternoon! EEEK!
So many fun things planned, plus I haven't seen my mom since xmas!

good times all around people.
good times.

mmmmmky on to the friday letters.

Dear D, watching you love on and be so excited for your nieces arrival made me love you even more.

Dear Weekend, BRING IT BABY! I am ready!

Dear Gym, Sorry i neglected you earlier in the week. We had two great workouts this week & i am ready to make it number 3 in about an hour. Friday morning at the gym = emptiness LOVE

Dear Scale, suck on it. I am only meeting up for a date with you once a  week...if that! I am not letting you determine my happiness, BUT the lower the numbers the BETTTTAAA!

Dear Lamberts, I CANNNOT WAIT to indulge on you tomorrow! I am have mashed potatoes &&&& fried chicken. AKA i better run my ass over tomorrow morning.

Dear Family, I cannot wait for you guys to get down here and see me!

Dear Classroom, I have so many exciting things I want to do to you this summer!! #pinterestobsessed

have a great weeeekend :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Good Morning!!

So HEYYYYOOOOOO today is my friday!!
I am SO excited for this weekend! My parents and sister are coming in to town tomorrow and we have great weekend planned. Lots of shopping, eating and maybe a few adult beverages ;)

Thursdays are one of my favorite days because I have two special classes (Art & Music) which means i  have two 50 minute periods where my kiddos are out of the room and I can work in peace :) Not a bad way to start the weekend.

Alrighty onto the business...

I am Currently

{Reading} YEAH  still insurgent. I have been SO busy I have had zero time for reading for just enjoyment.  UGH, I plan on finishing hopefully this weekend.

{Drinking} Water, duh. I drink it like its going outta style, and i pee all day err day.

{Watching} Cards Games. I am so glad (as is D) that are redbirds are back on TV. All is right in the world when those redbirds play.

{Excited} for this weekend! I cannot wait for the family to get here and start relaxing. PLUS a 4 day weekend, I will take that every dang time.

{Wanting} Summer, real bad people. I NEEEED this break. The kiddos have been a little nut-o, which makes me a little nut-o.

{Eating} A lot of veggies. I stocked up when I went to aldis on steamer veggies (its broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot mix) that were a DOLLLLLA  a piece.

{Loving} all the support my blog friends have been giving me about working and getting healthy :)

happy friday..i mean thursday

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Things people should stop doing...

Good Morning All!

I am half way through my work week.
Wednedays always drag and drag...but
TOMORROW is my friday so i can make it.

Okay so as we all know I am a complainer.
I complain.

also, I hate people.
okay that is harsh, I didn't  mean like i hate mankind. But good lord, some people just suck.
end of story.

Why do they suck, well let me tell ya....

People need to stop

 {1} Wearing booty shorts at the gym. okay maybe this one goes to just girls, BUT COME ON!!! If you have to pull your spandex shorts down every 3 minutes, they might be too short. Also, DUH I am jealous my legs don't look good in those, BUT I also wouldn't wear them to the gym.  I like my lady bits covered. thanks.

{2} Wearing PJS to walmart. Your looney toons pj bottoms are ridiculous. You really couldn't be bothered to put on sweats? I mean HELLLLLOOOO the yoga pants at walmart are the same price as the PJ bottoms, switch to those.

{3} Getting their significant other's name tatted on their bod. WTF, didn't we learn from Tamra that getting another's name on your bod is the KISS OF DEATH!

{4} Going 10 under the speed limit. I mean if its a sunny and 75 day, go the effing speed limit. I got shiz to do. Or i have to pee, most likely I have to pee.

{5} Not flushing the toilet. REALLY PEOPLE????? Wherever you are, FLUSH IT. Didn't whoever raised you teach you that is WHAT you do. Do people think its funny not to? Is it some sick joke i do not get?

{6} Stick figure families on the back of vehicles.  stop now.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tough it Out Tuesday {Successes}

Happy Tuesday!

As you guys know I have been working out and hitting the healthy train. Of course I have given into temptation a few times here and there. I of course wish I was hitting the gym more days but I have been putting forth a lot of effort and it is starting to pay off.

A few successes have happened and since I doubt you guys all read my Sunday workouts I wanted to share a few things with you guys. When I start seeing results it makes me push even harder.

{1} I can run 2 straight miles. Before this year I haven't been able to run a mile...well ever. And now I am up to 2 miles straight. I have never ever been a 'runner' and knowing I am pushing my body makes me so proud.

{2} I have added 10lbs to my tricep push down. I am self conscious about my 'bat wings' aka triceps and I want to tone that shiz up. Adding weight it making me feel awesome.

{3} I have added 10lbs to my leg press. HOLLLLLA. Dem thighs

{4} 14 lbs down. I know its not a lot and I want to lose so much more but I am trying not to let the scale define me.

What have been you successes  health or otherwise lately?


Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Things

WHYYYYYYYY is the weekend over?
I am so sad its over. It was a wonderful wonderful weekend.
But it is a four day week, so I can make it...

I am excited for this monday to be over because D's brother & wife are having a baby!! She is getting induced this morning! So hopefully in a few hours D will be an uncle for the first time :) I am so excited to meet the little one!!

okay onto my weekend happenings.....

{1} an Easter drawing one of my kids did for me :)
{2} Jen & I had a sushi date on Friday night
{3} after our workout Saturday morning D & I ran errand & went to schlotzkys for lunch
{4} flea marketing 

{1} we took a drive after our errands saturday afternoon. The weather was quite amazing
{2} might have gone to hobby lobby...might have seen this :)
{3} baby shower basket for D's niece shower in a few weeks
{4} we went to dinner @ his brother & wife's house for dinner Saturday night and of course had to take a selfie

{1} Binge watched Mad Men so we were ready for the new (and final) season that started last night.
{2} Made healthy fajitas for dinner
{3} New pretty shelf above my bed. I am obsessed and have the DIY/decorating bug. I am ready for summer for some projects

How was your weekend??
Have a fab weekend!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Workout Recap

happy sunday pretty people!!

I had a wonderful weekend and I am so ready for this four day week!!
As always I am here to share my workouts with you from the past week!

I like keeping  of my workouts, especially when I am feeling down on myself, i can look back and see all the stuff I have done!! Also, even if not one reads it (BUT I LOVE THAT YOU ARE HERE & YOU ARE READING IT) It keeps me motivated.

If you ever have questions about what i am doing/what the exercise work on my bod, let me know.

Monday: 2.5 miles on treadmill
100 regular crunches 
5 x 12 tricep press 
5 x 10 chest press
5 x 12 lat pull down 
5 x 10 tricep push down 
5 x 12 row machine

Tuesday: 1 Hour Zumba Class (i encourage anyone thinking of going, TO GO!!!!-- have zero rhythm and mess up pretty much every song, BUT I am moving and the hour goes by a lot faster than at the gym. Plus, I'd rather look silly for an hour and then hate my bod for lifetime, also people are too busy watching the instructor to watch you.) 

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 2.5 miles on treadmill
70 squats 
5 x 12 hip adduction (inner thigh)
5 x 12 leg press
5 x 12 leg curl
5 x 12 hip abduction
5 x 10 leg extension (aka killers)

Friday: rest 

Saturday: 2.5 miles in treadmill 
50 heel touches 
100 regular crunches 
40 lower ab (hip raises)
5 x 12 tricep press
5 x 12 lat pull down 
5 x 12 chest press 

Sunday: Rest

Had a great week. I have been feeling a bit sore lately, but hey! That is a good thing right?!
I have run 2 straight miles every time I have run this week! Holllllaaaa :)
Could I be becoming a runner?

How were your workouts this week?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pit & Peak {happy friday}

I am SO SO SO SO SO happy it is friday :)
I cannot wait for this weekend of relaxing and enjoying some gorgeous weather!!

Before we get started, can anyone tell me how to get my email changed for when I comment on other blogs. For example,  when you comment on my posts it goes to my new email...BUT when I comment on other people's post and the reply it goes to my old email address which is continuously hacked.

AND how can i shut that email off my phone?

So anywhoos since it is friday I am linking up for pit & peak with Allie.

Pit- worst part of your week
Peak-Best part of your week


... I have been exhausted lately at work. I have been overwhelmed. I am just so tired I think. The school year is wrapping up..they need a break, I need a break.

that is honestly the whole pit i can think of....that's pretty dang good :)


... We had a bond issue for our school district and it PASSED!! Meaning we as a district will get money to work on our school buildings that are in desperate need of it

... I have consistently running 2 straight miles with ZERO STOPS!!


... beautiful sunny weather the latter part of this week. When the sun is out I just feel better

Have a great weekend ladies!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A teacher's Inner Monologue (or perhaps just mine)

5:30 uggggh snooze
5:45 can I hit snooze again?!
Oh crap I gotta get up...
I better make my hair presentable so I don't get told I have Dr. Seuss hair again

Driving to work -okay I need to remember this kid owes recess & I need to get that book for next week. What else am i forgetting...i know there is something..
At school- do I have time to pee before the kids come in... No, okay I hope I can hold it for four hours until recess
Why are they not doing their morning work?! 
Ohhh you cut your finger last night?! Thanks for ripping the bandaid off to show me the hald scabbed wound.

Whole group reading time- Do third graders think my voices during read alouds are funny or stupid?!
Oh they laughed-- so funny 
Why did I fumble over those words?! They probably think I'm an idiot.
Okay is it time for snack? WHAT its only 9am effffffff.

math time- UHHH WHY CAN'T YOU MULTIPLY WE JUST DID THIS...oh wonderful you did it, you are so smart. I knew I had not failed you.
 Let you pick your own partners for this game? HA? Do i look crazy?
I really have to freakin pee, i cannot make it.
will the librarian cover my class while i sprint/pee dance down the hall?
oh great she isn't in the library.

can i sneak a snack without them noticing...
shit, they saw me and now want snack early. 
no judgement here kids, im starrving too.
Did he really just eat that off the floor? sick.

omg thank God it is recess time, i need to pee, it's actually about to be a peepee emergency.
Well great I only have 15 minutes to scarf my lunch down...HELLLLO indigestion. 
but good lord I am hungry.

 okay 2 hours left. I can make it.
AHHH I love having the lights off and ZERO noise when they are at special classes.

They were chatty in library? NO WAY! they are never chatty with me *side eye to kids*

Why do they insist on playing in the bathroom?
It is disgusting. Hello, pee.

AHHH writing time, they are quiet, I can play music... I wonder if they like this time as much as i do?
doubtful. they love to yell. 

okay 2:15, 45 minutes...we can MAKE IT.

cleaning up & moving onto social studies or science. Why can't they be as quiet during this time as they are for writing??

If one more person asks me when school is over I might lose it...
its not like i haven't taught them time or I am counting down as well.

okay time to pack up, only 15 minutes til dismissal...

UM did he really just throw that planner, do I make a big deal or let it go..
let it go, pick your battles pretty.

I wonder if they are like this for their parents?
i should ask.

Was that the bell?


PHEW, welp I made it & no one died today.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It never fails...

glad to seeee ya :)

Half way done and three days til the weekend! I like that. Wednesdays are usually my longggest days. They are the most boring I think. It usually drags on and on, but I am gonna stay positive today and hustle on through.

So anywhooooos, I was thinking yesterday as I was running late for zumba that it NEVER fails when I am running late i hit red lights which then inspired this post.

It never fails...

... that I tell the art teacher who comes in to see if I need a potty break, that I am fine and 15 minutes later I am about to wet my pants

...that the  day that I am not feeling 100 percent my kiddos at school will act up. One days when i am feeling great they are quiet and do what is expected, I am feeling poorly...they are nut-os! (I still love them to pieces though... *side eye*)

...that I would fall in love with someone who could care less about harry potter #sadpanda

... that I am hit with an inspiring award winning idea for a blog post that i just know I will remember and awe you with my writing so i don't need a petty thing like a pencil to write it down....and oh wait...yeah i forget it.

...that I write an important event on my desk calendar in PERMANENT marker with cute designs all over it and BOOM it gets canceled.

...that i get on pinterest to look at school related ideas for math & i end up in the DIY section re-doing my entire apartment

...that i have a HILARIOUS joke to tell me kids..and CRICKETS. What a hit to the self esteem that 3rd graders do not think you are funny... #fail

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tough it Out Tuesday {Why I am doing it}

Good Morning!
So I suppose that I don't post on Monday's anymore...

I promise I will get back to it, but I really had nothing of consequence to write about..

BUT since it is Tuesday, I am linking for Tough it Out Tuesday which is basically a healthy living/fitness/etc etc link up!

Today i wanted to share some of the reasons (superficial and not) reasons why I want to lose weight and get fit. Now we all have our own reasons and chances are they are probably similar to each others' in some way shape or form. However, they tend to be special to us AND help us get through a tough workout or say no to that brownie (how do you people say no, i haven't figured out yet....)

I personally like writing things out. It gives me a better look at what I am doing and is quite therapeutic. Plus when it's in black and white right in front of me it's hard to turn a blind eye to.

WHY I want to lost the poundage----

+ Be able to walk into any store and fit into anything there. Okay so I know it is unreasonable to say ohhh I will fit into and look great in errrrthannnng. yeah I know that won't happen. But I want to be able to walk into any store and try and clothes and have the majority at least fit/go over my bod. It's the worst when you go somewhere and even the Larges are WAYYYY to small.

 + Dem thighs. yeah my legs. I would love to NOT chafe. If you have no idea what that is, thank the lord on your pretty little knees. I would like my thighs to not rub. OBVI, I want the thigh gap, BUT  who knows if that will ever happen. *do not roll your eyes at the thigh gap, I am not saying you have to have one, I'd just like it. Oh and don't worry D thinks they are gross and told me he doesn't want me to have one...*  But at least not have them rub together where it is painful. ALSO I have been squatting like a mad woman, so really just toned up thighs perhaps over the thigh gap.

+ To not be worried when D picks me up. I love piggy back rides, picking me up when we are smooching or just picking me up in general. I'd prefer him not to feel like his back is breaking/secretly thinking 'Omg my girlfriends weighs so much' yeah I know he doesn't probably think that, but its in my head of over it's a reason.

+Do a pull up. yeah  I have never done one EVER. I wanna build that upper body strength! Even if it's just one, (HEY that is a big goal for me) I am going to work for it.

+That yellow polka dot bikini. So I am not a bikini wearer. Never have been. My belly doesn't need to be out like that. I am well aware it might not happen this year. I get it. Summer is in like 2 months, BUT I eventually want to not feel self consious in one. NOR feel the need to suck in

Why are you choosing to get healthy?
OH & have you checked out my workouts I blogged from last week?