Monday, June 30, 2014

Fish bowls & baby toes

Good Morning Dolls!

It is a beautiful summer day here...
okay well the high is in the mid nineties and the humidity pretty much drenches me in sweat the second I walk out.

amen for air conditioning.
I am going to be working on some school things today, because school is back in 6 weeks from wednesday!!!

but anyways I had a great weekend, prefect mix of relax and socialization.

a few snap shots--

{1} Gym time on Friday
{2} New Mani
{3} Friday was Lindsey's birthday, so we hit the town & Fish Bowls were had
{4} The bday girl and I
{1} Saturday we ran errands & i stopped in at Mama Jean's--my new fave organic food store
{2} We went to Jen & Cody's friday night and then sunset was too gorgeous for words
{3} Sunday we had dinner and spent time with D's family...including is beautiful niece #babytoes
{4} She is just gorgeous

That was my weekend, ready to be productive this week!!
How was your weekend??

Friday, June 27, 2014

5 on a Friday

I cannot believe it is already friday!

This week is flying by! Tonight is Lindsey bday so will be going out for dinner and then our fave karaoke bar, le duh :) Then we will be hanging out with friends tomorrow, hopefully on the river...we shall see.

But since it is friday, I am gonna give ya my 5!
* i know the link up has been paused but I still wanted to do a post*

{1} This song. Chase Rice is a newer artist and I LOVE  this song!!

{2} My birthday is 2 weeks from am I 25??? like really #quarterlifecrisis

{3} Next week I am going to be starting to work on things for my classroom. I have started a bit on templates for Parent Night and reading group lessons, but I am excited to start on decorations etc.

{4}I read Lipstick Jungle over vacation and I LOVED IT. I recommend you read it. It did start a bit slow, but picked up and is a fab girl summer read! I am starting on a 'Lies Chelsea Handler told Me'

{5} I tried yoga for the first time on Wednesday and actually really enjoyed myself! I won't lie, it wasn't as much of a workout as I had hoped, but I am thinking of using it as a 'rest' day and considering it more of a stretching/practicing balance time!

I can not say this is NO LONGER true :)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Galveston {Picture OVERFLOW}

how do i get my blogger dashboard to show more than one blog at a time?

Okay so I am here to recap my vacation to Galveston, Texas. I went with D, my sister & my parents. None of us had ever been to Galveston so we were ready for the adventure and major relaxation. This is pretty picture heavy soooooo here we go--

We left Saturday morning.. sooooo early

Ready to hit the road...

after 13 hours (traffic sucks) we MADE IT right at sunset :)
We were right on the beach and the first morning definitely called for mimosas on the balcony!

 The first day we did some exploring and we ended up on the paddle boat  (it was HUGE) that went around this bay. It was an old boat that had been restored.

My sister & I

My handsome man on the boat :)

We also went mini golfing, my momma & I

Just being silly!

We went to a 'historic' part of Galveston called the Strand where there was tons of shops etc. Waffle cones with  Mint Chip Ice cream was a must!

We also took a ferry to Bolivar Island (not gonna lie there was a whole LOTTA NOTHIN there) but the ferry was fun. 

View from the ferry! We even say dolphins that were jumping outta the water. It was really neat, but alas my silly iphone camera was not good enough to capture

On one of our last days we went to this dock/museum. This place was known as the "Ellis Island of the Gulf" it had tons of neat artifacts and this boat named the "Elissa" that we go to tour. There was tons of information about life on a ship back in those days (early 1900s) and they even had a system where you could look up anyone who entered the country through Galveston.

The whole reason we went there was because my dad said his grandfather came from Switzerland and was pretty sure it was through Texas and he wanted to see if there was any information AND THERE WAS!! We were able to look up our last name AND BOOOM there it was. His departure date, his age, the year he came and the exact date he came to America. It was so neat!

D 'sailing' the Elissa

I guess this is popular in the North East. Dave's family had raved about it, so we tried it and I must say it was pretty tasty!

There was a lot of balcony reading

More beach days
toes :)

Our last night we had a fancy seafood dinner. We went to this place called Gaidos, and it was AMAZING!!!
Last morning, Last Sunrise!
We do not wanna leave :(

Overall it was an amazing trip and I would definitely recommend going if you get a chance!!

Can I go back yet?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How I Stayed Healthy on Vacation

*first & foremost, can anyone tell me how to make blogger show more than just one blog at a time on my*

WELL here I am, back to the grind.

okay that's a lie because I am on summer break, but I am back from vacay and back to somewhat normalcy.

Now since D & I joined Planet Fitness back in February, we haven't gone more than  2 days in a row without being there...well it was over a week (we made it back EVERY DAY since we have been home.)

it worried me.

I was afraid I would totally derail off my plan and slump back into laziness since we were not hitting the gym 4-5 days last week.

SO instead I decided to do some workouts at the condo, to make myself feel better. I tried to do them in the mornings before our day got started (& so they were outta the way)

I wanted to share a few At-Home workouts I did. I did a combos of any of these moves.

100 jumping jacks
50 squats
100 regular crunches
10 push ups
4-30 second planks
1 minute of jump rope (x2)
50 hip raises (lower abs)
5o bicycle crunches
3 x 10 fire hydrants
3 x 10 kick backs

Did I do these every day? I wish I could say yes, but I didn't. I got these in a few times plus we did stairs (we were on the 7th floor & D and I took the stairs a lot)

I also tried to be prepared for the eating portion. I won't lie, I splurged a few times and it WAS SOOOO worth it. However, I didn't want the whole week to a crap fest of eating so I packed smartly.

I made a trail mix & the portioned them out into baggies to eat for the car ride down/back so i wouldn't be tempted.

I also premade sandwhiches (using Ezekiel bread, turkey & mustard) so i wouldn't have to worry about fast food temptations/fatty sub sandwiches)--plus got these brown rice snaps (aka crackers) and am obsessed.

I brought my organic oatmeal and topped it with bit of granola, when everyone else as eating biscuits and gravy.

Other things I did, I made sure we got a lot of fruit and had a big fruit tray to snack on. I brought my kashi bars for breakfasts. When we would go out to lunch I would look for 'lighter options' such a s grilled chicken & veggies because I knew that night i wanted to enjoy the mexican food.

all about balance.

I am proud to say I didn't gain one single pound on vacation. I am feeling great and ready to be back on the the healthy train!

How do you stay healthy on a vacation?

Monday, June 23, 2014


Happy Monday Friends!

I am back from vacation and while it feels great to be back in somewhat of a routine, I am missing the beach in such an awful way. I was really made to be near the ocean.

ANYWAYS I have a whole vacation recap post for ya, but that will have to wait until Wednesday. I am looking forward to catching up on everyone's blog, because I did not get blogger ONCE the whole time I was gone.

I will share my weekend back with you however.
It consisted of naps, shaved ice, workouts, long hot showers and more napping.

Sunday ootd

plus a little OITNB (yeah I have not finished it, i am savoring it--2 eps left)

Hope your Monday is going great!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Green Fashionista

Well we are on our 2nd to last day here in Galveston! It has been so amazing here and honestly being able to look out to ocean from any window is going to be hard to leave. We are heading out soon to the beach for a little before heading into the city but before I go I want to share with you someone who is pretty awesome! We have been blog friends for quite  a while! We share a lot of the same interests, and I actually guest posted for her when she was out exploring Europe.


Hey there, my name is Kate and I blog over at my little corner of the internet Green Fashionista about everything from fashion & beauty, traveling, my weekend shenanigans, and I also host a recipe link up on Tuesdays with my friend Emily.

As much as I love fashion, my all time favorite hobby is traveling and that's where the majority of my fun money goes, even though it makes my closet sad. So, of course I'm super jealous that Sarah is on vacation right now while I'm stuck at work... wahhhh.

I'm notorious for over-packing and have gotten much better over the years after realizing how I only use about 20% of what I packed. 

Beach Vacay Necessities

On a beachy vacay, you'll spend the majority of your days at the pool or on the beach, so I pack several bathing suits and cover ups for the day time and sundresses and sandals for dinner and night life. Don't forget sunscreen *practice safe sun*, your make up bag, and a beach bag. And most important of all your passport! You can pick up anything you may have left at home, but you're not getting anywhere without your passport.

*Bahamas Cruise for a friend's 30th b-day*

*Jamaica 2012*

*Snorkeling the South Pacific in Fiji on our Honeymoon 2010*

City Vacation Necessities
When site seeing in a big city you'll want to pack comfortable clothes such as your favorite pair of jeans, a flowy top, and walking shoes for the daytime. The best investment I made for our recent trip to Europe was a cross-body bag. I loved having everything I needed right there where I could be hands free, and keep it where I could see it to avoid being pick-pocketed. Also, don't forget to carry cash for cab rides and for tipping and to bring a cocktail dress or two for dinners out. Nothing makes me feel fancier than dressing up and going for cocktails before dinner on a trip. If you've booked any tours beforehand, don't forget your itineraries and vouchers.

*Barcelona, Spain 2014*

*Lisbon, Portugal 2014*

*NYC 2013*

You can keep up with my travels on my travel tab which was recently updated with my trip to Europe last month. Next on the agenda is an end of summer trip to Chicago with great friends. Can't wait to eat my way through another amazing city!


Now pop on over & say hi to her!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This Life of Mine

Hey there friends! 

So today I am bringing you a new blogger friend! her name is Ashleigh. I only recently 'met' her and I have liked her ever since I met. She is down to earth & so easy to talk to. Plus she is pretty funny as you will see..


Lately I have been coming upon instances when I literally stop and think, “Wait, how does that work?” or “wow that really is a mystery!” Maybe I am just slow, or don’t understand the basic principles of life, but I want to share with you the things that baffle my mind. And shout out to Sarah for letting me ramble about such things on her blog!

 Dead stink bugs 

 Okay, but really how does this happen? First off, at least where I live, we see these things all of the time. You can’t drown them down the sink. You can’t suffocate them. You can’t spray them with cleaning chemicals. They are literally annoying indestructible bugs. And then I find dead ones randomly around the house. HOW?!?! Do they just get old and die? Is there some crazy special thing that kills them and I just happen to have it in the air at my house? I need answers people!

 People who forget to eat 

I admit, this isn’t really so much a mystery as a “how the hell does that happen?” kind of thing. I think this meme pretty much says it all. Because I do that. As soon as I wake up I am looking forward to breakfast. 12 noon hits you can find me in the lunch room. Oh, it’s almost 5:30? Yep, it’s time for dinner. Seriously, you people who just “forget to eat” are downright crazy. And complete liars.
Men’s armpit hair 

So I apologize if this is gross, but the other day Tony had his arm up and I was looking at his armpit hair and I just thought to myself, “How does the hair know when to stop?” But really. Why doesn’t it just keep growing like the hair on your head does? Why don’t guys have to have the task of cutting/shaving armpit hair because if they didn’t their underarms would look like Rapunzel? 

 Girls with naturally straight hair Again, probably not technically a mystery, but kind of. I know you could probably say some babble about genes and DNA and whatnot, but WHY do girls like me get hair that has to be groomed and whatnot after showering, and then some girls can just let their hair air dry and it’s GORGEOUS. If you are one of the latter, I am eternally jealous of you. Because this is how I am looking when my locks air dry. 

If anyone has the answers to these things I consider life’s mega mysteries, I would be grateful if you share your answers. Oh, and I hope you will hop on over to my blog and follow along!


HAHAHA life's mega mysteries! SO FUNNY :)
You obvi need to go check her out!! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Stephy Lee Photography


So this is has gotta be the best monday, because well I am currently sitting on the balcony overlooking the ocean with my family & D. We are on the second full day of vacation and I am enjoying every minute of it!

Today I wanted to bring you a very special blogger, someone who has become a real life friend, Stephanie!


Hello! I'm Stephanie. I am a photographer, who also has a blog, over at Stephy Lee Photography. Sarah and I became blog friends a couple of years ago. We went on a blate once and I also stayed an entire weekend with her another time. We are actually in the midst of planning another weekend for me to visit her this summer (probs her birthday weekend). I cannot wait. She is always too much fun!

Anywho, she is on vacay right now, and I am totally jealous. I haven't been on a vacay in a long time. As a matter of fact, the last trip I went on was for work and I didn't even get any free time to do fun stuff. Boo! So, I'm here taking over her blog today! Sarah usually posts stuff about all this awesome, healthy food she eats or these amazing workouts she does...I'm not here for that. I do eat healthy and I do workout, but her stuff is always better than mine. So, I'll leave that to her.

Today I am going to share some photography tips. I am by no means a professional photographer. This is just a hobby for me, but these are some things I do when taking/editing photos.

1. Make sure you have adequate light. Natural light is the best, but we don't always have that. So, if you are inside make sure you have enough light to take a photo. Open curtains/blinds if needed. Using the flash is the last option for me.

2. Take your time. Make sure your subject is focused and looks the way you want it. Don't just snap a photo and hurry on. Make sure it captures what you are wanting.

3. Take lots of photos. Any time I am out taking photos, I take multiple photos of each shot. That way, when I get home, I know I will have at least one that captures exactly what I was wanting. I took photos of flowers the other day and had over ten shots of one flower. I only liked two of them.

4. Edit. I edit every photo. Even if it's just to fix lighting. Most of my photos are not "finished" quality straight from the camera. Photoshop actions are my best friend. They are one-click edits that do all the work for you. I love them.

5. Watermark your photos! This may seem obvious and/or dumb, but if you don't watermark them...people may try to use them as their own. You don't want other people claiming your work!

Here are some of my favorite photos I have taken:

Those are my five quick tips for taking and editing photos! I hope they helped you out. I know, they are very basic, but still. I hope y'all have a great day! Don't forget to check out my website; and you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!


Her photos are just gorgeous!!!
Go on over & say hello!