Wednesday, July 30, 2014

girl, i am still alive.

Hey girl hey!!

Yes I am still alive. Things have been a little slow and crazy around here. I have had a few things going on, but then again also nothing too exciting..and a lot of napping with a hint of 'you better clean your apartment before your boyfriend is so disgusted he leaves you' action.

super sweet sarah..

I am getting ready to  head back to school to work in my classroom, because oh yeah school starts 2 weeks from today.


yeah. real neat.

So i haven't had much blog about, but I thought I'd update ya about what's been going around here.

Over the weekend we went floating, on the hottest day of the year...EFF. It was SOOOO hot but the water was great and cool! Sleeping was miserable, but hey it's all part of the experience.
Alex & I before the float
my honey :)


my friend Alex came to visit & to float and played in Branson Friday during the day.

We got sushi when she came in. These were our apps, I was too busy inhaling the rolls to get a picture of that.

OOTD from when we went to branson
Wine tasting, le duh
Friday night we went to one of my fave restaurants and got buffalo chicken dip

How have you been??
What's new?

Friday, July 25, 2014

26 Goals

Hey there!

Well it's friday and that is ALWAYS a good thing? Ammmmm i Right? We are headed to the river this weekend for a float! My friend Alex is here (she got in last night) and we are heading to Branson for a little winery action and lunch!

I mean if that isn't a great Friday, I don't know what it is.

Now as we all know I recently turned 25. I had a few goals I wanted to accomplish by the time I turned 25. Needless to say I didn't get them all done. BUT I did get quite a few.

So I want to be more focused this year and accomplish goals. Therefore I put together a list of (yes you guessed it) 26 things I want to do by the time I turn 26. Some goals are bigger than others, while others are simple.

26 by 26

1. Try 5 new recipes a month
2. Go outside my comfort zone and try new workouts/machines at the gym
3. Stay caught up with all grading/filing for the 2014-2015 school year
4. Visit the Arch
5. Go to a Blues Game
6. Plan workouts/meal for each week
7. Be more organized with my money and what I spend
8. Add more to my savings account each month
9. Clean my bathrooms EVERY week
10. Shoot a gun (D needs to get on this)
11. Lost another 15-20lbs
12. Meal Prep (at least for part of the week) each Sunday
13. Get up and eat breakfast with D 2-3 times a week (NOT eating on the go/at school every day)
14. Re-Read the Harry Potter Books
15. Start and finish all Gossip Girl Seasons on Netflix
16. Learn how to curl my hair successfully with a straightener
17. Get a professional massage
18. Complete 5 DIY projects
19. Finish all lesson plans before leaving school on Friday for the 2014-2015 school year
20. Try 5 new restaurants in Springfield
21. Build my arms and shoulders. I want them to be well sculpted and look great, when NOT flexing
22. Try 'Meatless Mondays' for a month
23. Take D on a nice date once a month for the entire year
24. Go to Silver Dollar City
25. Carve a Pumpkin (I haven't done this in YEARS)
26. Pray in thankfulness instead of asking

What goals do you have for the next year?
Have a fab weekend ladies!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Finding the Strength

Good Morning!

Today I am helping my friend Jessica in her classroom. This will be her first year teaching & I am so excited for her. Plus setting up classrooms is SO fun and is going to get me even more motivated to work in my room.

ANYWAYS, one of my fave new bloggers (okay she isn't new, but newer to me) Jessi has her own July Challenge devoted to fitness and I am excited to participate today!

I told you guys last week that I really want to focus on getting gorgeous guns. I want to have nice arms and shoulders. I am still obvi working lower body, but I need to have goals and something on the horizon to work for it.

it motivates me & meeting goals is SO exciting!

SOOOO today I wanted to share some exercises I am doing to sculpt and strengthen my arms.

Shoulder Raises

Tricep Push Down

Bicep Curls

Tricep Extension

So that is how I am increasing my strength and muscle. What are you doing? Do you have any other arm exercises you like??

Wednesday, July 23, 2014



Can we talk about how we are about 3/4 of the way through JULY??


School starts in less than a month.

where has my summer gone??

BUT in all reality I am ready to work in my room..AUG. 4th, hurrrry up! I have a lottta stuff I wanna get done!!

So anyways, back to the post--


{reading} Allegiant I finally finished it & I am not moving on to Allegiant.

{watching} uhhh all things bravo. DUH, Game of Crowns, Real Housewives... but hello you know me.

{wanting} to get started in my classroom, I feel like I have 8978395 things to do.

{missing} the beach, can we go back now?

{drinking} Water. Good lord I have been getting my H20 in.

{eating} a lotta fruit & Ezekiel bread. I am addicted to both lately.  

{needing} a cutsey planner for meal planning once school starts as well as tracking my workouts   

{thinking} I feel like I have hit a plateau in my weight loss. I need to focus more on my eating, and I know that. But I am not getting discouraged, just pushing through it!!

Linking up for July Challenge 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Meet Me in St. Louis

ohhh Monday!
hello there again. Now lately Mondays haven't bothered me because well...i did not have to work.

Welp, I am down to TWO mondays before I can get in my classroom. (including today). I should be able to get in my room starting the 4th of August, and school starts the 13. Didn't I just get out for the summer??

Anyways, I will be enjoying this monday and relaxing ;) But most likely I will be cleaning out the closet on my deck. 

This weekend was a good one. D & I headed to STL to see my family and celebrate my birthday with them. It was so nice seeing them. We had plans all weekend, but there was some relaxing and the weather was gorgeous, so overall it was great.

{1} Got an early gym sesh in before we left
{2} My new phone background
{3} It felt great after the 3 hour drive to snuggle on my parents couch
{4} I blogged about my 5 faves, including this home made flavored water

{1} Saturday morning we were up early & headed to the local Farmers Market in STL, and I had to get a bloody mary
{2} Flowers Dave picked up for me at the market :)
{3} Running Errands with my sissy
{4} yum, just yum
My Aunt has a pool and we grilled and played there for most of the day saturday. My cousins are in love with D. We played all day and had such a great time
Men with kids = :)))) I mean duh :)


{1} We were up early again and headed to a MASSIVE swap meet.
{2} We had to leave Sunday, thank goodness I had this cutie for my drive partner
{3} Whenever we go to STL we ALWAYS stop at Quick Trip on the way home to get slushies since we do not have QTs back in springfield
{4} Gorgeous hills on the way back, it can be  a beautiful drive

It of course flew by too fast, but I am back and ready to work on my school stuff and get back to routine.

Have a great Monday dolls!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

5 favorites {for Friday}


thank god, you are here! D & I are heading to STL this weekend! We have a jam packed weekend with the family, including celebrating my birthday with them :)  I am ready for a weekend away from Springfield and relax at home.

So I am linking up again for the July Challenge today and the theme is '5 Favorites' and since I have done 5 for a Friday before, I thought I can participate this go 'round.

{1} Flavored water. I bought this glass container at Target and I have been filling it with water and fruit. I have only used sliced lemons and pineapple and I cannot get enough. I keep it in the fridge so it's always cold and I go through it so fast.

{2} Game of Crowns. UMMMM middle aged women and beauty pageants? Does it get trashier/better? NOPE! Bravo, you have hooked me again.

{3} New goals. I have decided I am going to be really focusing on my arms and shoulders in my workouts. I want to have some 'guns' and really nice sculpted shoulders. I love having new goals for the gym and having something to work for! It excites me.

{4} Farmer's Market. I love the one in town (D & I went over the weekend) There is a huge one in STL, and we are going to be heading there Saturday with the fam. Cannot wait to get some delicious goodies :)

{5} School supplies are out! I can't wait to get in my classroom :)

Happy Friday Friends! Have a good one..and maybe a brew or two :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm Feelin 25

HEYO! Happy Wednesday!

So some of you know I turned 25 on Sunday.
yeah.. 25. UGHHHH.

Anyways, I am here to share some of the happenings over the weekend. It was a combo of relaxing & fun. The perfect mix.
There was a lot of naps, and that is something I like :)

{1} Friday I got my nails did. 
{2} D & his brother & Cody went gigging, so I stayed in and watched Netflix
{3} Saturday D & I got up early and headed to the farmers market to get some goodies
{4} Jen & Cody were having a garage sale, so we stopped by to chat

{1} I got my self a little birthday present, new ink :)
{2} D took me to my favorite Italian place for my bday dinner
{3} My new dress is from Charming Charlies, the back is to die for
{4} We ended up at our favorite Karaoke Bar with friends after dinner

{1} Sunday was my birthday, feeling 25 :)
{2} We took a long drive around the ozarks, love spending time with this guy
{3} & {4} we ended up at his parents for dinner, and got to spend time with this little cutie :)

SO now I feel part of the oldies club

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Healthy Staples

So even though there is no longer a Health/Fitness link up on Tuesdays anymore, I still want to keep posting about my healthy lifestyle change. One it keeps me motivated, and two I like hearing other people's insights and idea. So if you know another link up about fitness or health, let me know :)

So of course I am not expert on any of this. I have only been really concentrating on losing weight and making my focus on being healthy since the beginning of the year. I am constantly scanning pinterest, following health instagrams, and of course healthy living blogs for ideas etc.

HOWEVER, I love sharing what working for me or things I have found helpful.

As we all know, I LOVE TO EAT.

mostly chinese, italian and french fries. But since I want to beat the pudge, rock the skinny jeans and tell my back fat ciao, I cannot eat those things. (well except on very few occasions). Sooooo I am always looking for ways to make and eat healthy foods that are not simply what a rabbit would eat. (PS LOVE SALADS & CARROTS, so i could probs be a rabbit)

but i digress.

So I am on the hunt for healthy foods and ingredients. Now I am broke teacher who spends the majority of her cash monies on her classroom and shoes. BUT I am learning to budget more for groceries, because DUH healthy foods are more expensive than the crap foods.

HOWEVER, with that said I do not eat 100 percent organic or spends wads & wads on groceries. I am an ALDIS shopper. I love it. Sorry if you don't. I buy almost all my produce there and a lot of my my meats. I also buy somethings at walmart that I prefer a brand name for.

I go shopping about once a week because I buy so much produce and I go through it quickly and I make dinner for D & I aobut 5-6 times a week plus lunch for school every day...aka I go through a lot of food for one little lady.

Today I wanted to share a few things that I get every time I shop/always have on hand to throw together (if needed) a healthy meal.

Things I buy from Aldis/Walmart
  • Frozen Chicken Breasts (Boneless/Skinless)
  • Ground Turkey
  • Fresh Veggies- broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, romain lettuce/spinach, Baby Carrots
  • Canned Veggies- Corn, Green Beans (Yes I eat canned food, not every day-but I do)
  • Whole Wheat Tortillas (Aldis has a brand called Fit n' Active, and I like thier flatbreads)
  • Frozen Tilapia
  • Fresh Fruits- Apples, Tangerines, Pineapple, Oranges
  • Siracha (I don't use this a lot, so it lasts a long time)
  • PB2
  • Mrs. Dash Seasonings
  • Garlic (quick and guiltless way to add flavor)
  • Plain Greek Yogurt (I get this at Walmart, its a bit expensive, but I make my 'ranch' dip a lot)
  • Pre-Cooked Chicken Breast Strips (a bit pricey, BUT TOTAL life saver for a single gal)
  • String Cheese
  • Eggs.

Now I have been venturing to an organic store in town and buying a few things every once in a while. I am trying to step outside my comfort zone more, so heading into this store was a step in trying new stuff. These are a few things I have found and liked, that I am willing to spend a smidge more on.

  • Ezekiel Bread. I LOVE THIS. I have been making toast in the morning and sandwiches a lot
  • No Sugar/Preservative jam. (30 cals for a TBSP---I'll take it, and I hardly ever use a whole tablespoon)
  • Rice Crackers, I KNOW you are thinking, EWWW gross. BUT NO!! I love this kind. 
They are yummy, and flavorful. A great alternative for chips etc.

*there are few more things I have tried, but I always get that when i go in/have it on hand*

Those are just a few of my staples that I always keep to stay on track. What are some of your healthy go-to foods??

Friday, July 11, 2014

A day in the life {a teacher's summer)


I am so glad it is friday, because that means it's birthday weekend! I turn 25 on Sunday & I am ready to get this weekend underway! I love confessional friday with Leslie, and this week she had a special task, and it was the day in the life...

So I documented my life yesterday, oh yes... i know, SUPER interesting..

A Day in the Life of a Teacher on Summer Vacation

I woke up a bit before 8:30. This is actually later than normal. Oh & note how i forgot to plug my phone in.

Breakfast, 2 pieces of Ezekiel Bread (one with PB2, one with Sugarless Jam) and a peach

Scanning etsy for a new planner for meal planning once the school year begins.

OOTD, Clearance sandals from Target. HOLLLLLA.

I attended a teacher workshop about using cooperative learning  from 10-12.

Stopped off at Mama Jean's after the workshop (local Organic shop)

Lunch- Leftover Skinny Turkey Sloppy Joe on Ezekiel bread, brown rice crackers and fresh pineapple (yes Ezekiel Bread again, but I got back home after 1pm, and I was starvin and didn't wanna cook)

I usually go to the gym around 4:30 with my boyfriend, BUT today was rest day,  so I happily rested on the couch!
OOTN- My daily look pretty much all the summer. Stretch pants &  tshirt.
For dinner we I tried out sweet potato fries. #fail. I mean they tasted great, but were not crispy. I tried using cornstarch to get them that to crisp up They didn't. D hunts a lot, and he got a deer last year so we had deer burgers (which are VERY lean) to accompany it.

Our night ended with Food Network and 'Chopped'

So now you know a little sneak peak into my summer days.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Copy Cat Burrito Bowl {Healthy Recipe}

Good Morning!
Happy Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday and the start to my birthday weekend :)
ugh, how did 25 get here so fast?


anywhoos, since I am always looking for healthier recipes to try, when I come across a good one I gotta share it.

a la

Copy Cat Chipolte Buritto Bowl

For the Chicken Marinate
4 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts Halves
½ a Lime, juiced
¼ cup olive oil
1 packet taco spice mix

For the Burrito Salad
¾ cup sliced bell peppers (any color combo)
½ cup diced tomatoes
½ cup diced onions
½ cup of canned corn
½ cup of canned black beans
1 cup chopped Romain lettuce
small bunch of cilantro chopped
1 TBS of shredded cheese (per 'bowl')

2 Packages of Ben's Ready Microwave Rice

**NOW I have 1/2ed this recipe because I only made it for D & I**

1. Combine all marinade then put chicken in bowl and coat. I covered the bow in foil & let set for about 4-5 hours in fridge.
2. Cut up fresh ingedients, I also rinse and drain beans.
(The salsa is not part of the recipe, but D loves it, so I put some on at the end)
3. Brown Chicken in pan. After chicken is cooked through (about 8-10 minutes) Let cool on cutting board, then slice

4. Cook rice in microwave.

5. Then I layered--
Shredded Cheese
Sour Cream (I used Plain Greek Yogurt instead for a healthier option)

6. ENJOY :)

Original Recipe found here,  just tweaked it a bit