Friday, August 29, 2014

5 on a Friday


I literally didn't think I was going to make it. the beginning of school is EXHAUSTING!
Let me tell ya!

I am pooped.
exhausted. BUT I have a concert to go to tonight. We are going to see 'Turnpike Troubadours' with the boys tonight. Jen & I surprised the boys with tickets because they LOVE this band...and well those cutsie boys deserve it after having to deal with our beginning of school drama llama selves.

I am pretty excited...mostly because I have a cute outfit ;)

so anywhoos here is my 5 for Friday!



{2} I ran 4 straight miles AGAIN Monday. I killed it. I did it a few weeks ago, but I had been focusing on speed instead of distance for the past few weeks, but i wanted to see if I could do it again, and BOOM i did it! I also ran 3 miles on Wednesday, 2 of which were at the fastest I have ever ran...ever. Am i becoming a runner?

{3}Where the eff is fall? These 98 degree days need to GTFO. I want 50s and scarf weather. Fall where are you friend?

{4} Blendicano. If you follow any fitness instagrams, I am sure you have heard of it. Order it. Its great and there is no guilt for drinking a starbucks.

{5} 3 day weekends.  I have been needing this, bad. Come on 3pm

Happy Friday ladies :)
have a good one. Follow along for the fun at Sarah71389 on IG.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sometimes it's not Forever

I have always had a hard time letting go.

I hate saying good bye. I hate when things end. It has never been easy for me.

I am the type of person who always has the 'what ifs' in my head. I over analyze and think up 35309 ways things could have been different. Then I obsess over it.

However, as I grow up I am starting to realize everything is not forever. Change is the only constant in our lives. How you feel a year from this exact point might totally and completely different. People come and go from our lives. People who you were so close with and a bond you never thought would break, can and will be broken. People fall apart from each other. I have come to accept this.

Is it it easy? no.
Do I still go back in my head and think of how I could fix the situation? yes.
But some situations are not meant to be fixed.

Sometimes people are not meant to be your friends or part of your life forever. And that is okay.

Feeling awful and feeling bad is not a forever thing.
Life goes on and you have to grow from each person who is a part of your life. You will not be stuck with anger and sadness forever. You will not feel helpless forever. It will get better because you know that very few thing are forever.

Recently I have had to let go of a very good friend. This was someone who has been part of my life for a long time. We had many amazing fun times together, but we have grown apart. It is not a blame game because I know I have my faults. At this point in my life I need people who bring out the best in me and who I bring out the best in. She wasn't one of them. I am saddened the for loss of such a dear friendship. Most days I want to reach out, but i remember the hurt and anger and right now I am not ready to forgive or let her back in. I won't say we will never be friends again. Never is a long time. However, for now, for this time I need to exhale all the toxic from life and focus on the good. Its okay that we are not best friends.

because sometimes it's not forever.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Weird Girl Weird

Is anyone else so GLAD it's wednesday?
I mean tomorrow is friday eve, sooo that is great.

I am just ready for this week to be over. A three day weekend is on the horizon and we have a mix of relaxation and libations in the plans :)

So the other day I realized what a weirdo I am.

HAHAHAHAHAH okay, obviously I didn't just figure that out. But I have discovered that I do a few things that are a bit strange, and I want to put it out there and see if anyone else does these too/have any weird qualities or quirks and we can band together in weirdness

+I sing a long to local radio commercials/jingles of stations around here.

+When washing my face, I am always squeeze my eyes shut and make like a squished angry face. I think I am so afraid that I am going to get 'soap eye' that I over do it

+I turn all my glasses/cups upside down in the cabinets (aka the opening where you drink from is turned down)

+I color code. a lot

+Whenever i find bobby pins, which is all the time..because well...duh. I always inter-lock them.

+My phone is always on vibrate because I am afraid that it will go off at an inopportune time because I forgot to shut it off.

+I alphabetize my DVDs

What weird things do you do?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Under the Sea

SOOOOO I had a post that was scheduled for right before school started for a look around my room, but it failed...and i just realized it!  #fail

in all honesty I was saddened when i thought no one had commented on how awesome my room is.
lol jk

well kinda ;)

but without further ado, this is what my room looks like at the moment

From my table

My Writing Process Wall


The Library

My desk

Today we have building meetings all day and then my darlings start tomorrow :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

So I used to blog...

oh hey there.

Remember a little red head girl who would yak & yak about nothing on this little place.
well she is not dead, kidnapped, or abducted.

she is alive and kicking.
okay maybe slightly kicking..

I am sorry I have been absent the last almost two weeks. I won't even lie and say I have been reading your blogs, because well I haven't. I suck I know...but i have literally had ZERO time!

It has been CRAZY! School started almost two weeks ago and I have been going non stop. Being at school from 7am-5pm most nights & back  to school for  4+ hours both weekends. There has been many changes at school and there is A LOT more pressure put on us this year and I have lost a LOT of plan time, so I haven't had time to do lessons etc during the day..aka after school I have been busy planning, prepping, grading etc instead of catching up on blogs..

I am stressed to say the least..BUT, I am also loving my kiddos! I missed my kids and I have 4 new yes I am at a total of 29...

I know, right. That is a lot of little souls for me to handle. BUT we are doing the best we can and trying hard to get things movin and groovin in 4th grade.

So that is where  I have been...busy as hell.

I have missed you & I have some posts planned & I'm trying to get back in the swing of things!

Here is a photo dump because photos are way more fun than me gabbing on!

Open house the Monday before school started!

Dave's 26th birthday :)
My table after the first day... Holy smokes..
There's been a lotta gym time even though I've been busy!
One if my kids knocked over my vase with my massive flowers ;/
Selfie. Duh

Meal planning... I've also been meal prepping on Sundays!
The best chicken tacos
This one :)
Finally tried the blendicano, no guilt Starbucks drink :)

We went to broil fest (basically like a three day long festival in a small town near us) over the weekend! I won a little Dino :)
They had skee ball :)
& rides

Meal prepping!

So that's been life lately! What have you guys been doin?! Fill me in!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

To my Kids

Dear Students,

                           My darling 4th graders. How are you 4th graders already? It seems like we just started our journey and you were my little 3rd graders. Now look at us. We have survived our first year together. I survived my first year teaching. I didn't totally fail you. This is a new year and I pledge to be a better teacher to you. I pledge to tell you I love you more, to show more compassion. I promise to listen, really listen to you. I won't get caught up in all the things I need to do, instead I will take time to listen to you. I promise to be more prepared for each and every lesson, because you deserve the absolute best I can give you. I promise to have more patience for you and remember you are still little ones and I need to respect that.

                           I hope this year brings us joy. We will laugh, cry and probably get angry with each other. We will forgive and understand each other. I am so incredibly blessed to be your teacher for another year and I cannot wait to get started. I want to celebrate our successes both big and small while learning from mistakes, because we both will make many. I hope you find your way this year and that those 'light bulb' moments come quicker and if they don't I hope you remember how smart you are and just because you don't get something right away, it doesn't mean you never will. We will make it this year together.

                        My sweet kids I have the most confidence in you and I am so proud to call you mine. Here's to a new school year and a new opportunity to work and grow together. I love you and I cannot wait to watch you shine this year.

                                                                                       All my love,
                                                                                                  Miss S

Friday, August 8, 2014

5 on a Friday

2 posts in a week... yikes.

Sorry friends but I have been sooooo busy working my classroom! I haven't had much time to sit and write! Today we have district meetings today then we can work in our rooms in the afternoon.

My parents are coming in today and I am pretty excited to see them! The plan is come up to school and work in my room! I am so lucky to have them help me especially since I have only had a few days to work and school starts WEDNESDAY!! eeek!

okay so since it's Friday I thought I'd give ya 5 thannngs on my mind.

{1} THESE.

I AM OBSESSED. We all know I love chocolate, duh. BUT since I am on this healthy quest, I am always looking for healthier ways to get sweets in. Almonds covered in dark chocolate...get in my mouth.

{2} This song.

I am not really sure how I feel about Jason Aldean (yannnno with the whole leaving his high school sweetheart wife for a 20-something and now extremely public with his new relationship with his mistress) but i do love this song.

{3}RHOC. I mean COME ON we all know I am obsessed with this show, but holy moly. Tamra is stirring that shit up. I love my girl, but she needs to shut her TRAP. OH and Shannon is coming around to me again, I might like her? Also, thoughts on Lizzie...she kind of annoyed me the last two eps, but I still like her.

{4}Where did this summer go?? I literally feel like I was just on vacay at the beginning of june...and now school starts in 6 days..

{5} I am looking for healthy crock pot recipes. If you have any or know where I can find some...please let me know!

Welp, that's all i got for ya! have a fab weekend lovlies!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pencils, Crayons, & Markers OH MY!

Is it really wednesday?? This week is flying by!

I have been up at school working in my classroom! I had to pack it all up in May because we were getting new it was like starting ALL over.

BUT I have gotten a lot done! Jen came and helped me on Monday and my parents and D are coming to help me on Saturday! I am so lucky to have people helping me :)

Other than, not a lot is going on! I thought I'd check in with you and give ya a little update since I haven't been showing up all week...yikes. #badblogger

Here is a little iphone dump for ya, because pictures are better than words, right?

What it looked like when I first walked in on Monday
Yesterday before I left

I have been getting some good gym time in!

D & I started 'The Following' on Netflix, it is SOOOOO dang good!
There has been mini golfing with Jen & Cody!
We also went to our local organic store and picked up a few things!

So there ya go, that is what has been going on with me! What have you been up to??

Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Vlog


happy friday! So word on the street is we can get into our classrooms THIS WEEKEND!!!

EEEK! So my plan is to head up to school tomorrow to start working! I have so much to get done and I cannot wait to get started! D has graciously..errrr said he would help :)

BUT today I am SOOOO excited because I have VLOG for you. Allie and a few others put together a link up for accents! Well you all know I love a vlog, so I was SO excited to participate!!

without further ado

Also, when I was talking about soda/pop I meant Kansas City/Nebraska NOT STL. oooops

If you are here from the link up, welcome! I cannot wait to watch your vids :)

Have a great weekend lovlies!!