Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Being festive

Happy Christmas Eve!!

I cannot believe tomorrow is already Christmas. D and I are having a romantic date night in tonight and just spending time with each other. I am super excited!

Today Katie & I thought we would do a little unofficial blog hop about how we decorated for Christmas. I hadn't showed you guys and since D and I now live together it is decorated a little different. Now we live in an apartment so I do not have a lot of space to work with but I love our little home and hope you enjoy.

Our table

Coffee Table

Counter Top into kitchen
Side table
Font door
Spare bathroom
one of my fave ornaments

I love snowmen as  you can tell and that is sort of my theme for my decorations. I have other decorations but i wanted to give you an overview.

How did you decorate?

Friday, December 19, 2014

5 for Friday!


TODAY IS THE DAY BEFORE BREAK!! As of 12:15 today I will be officially on Christmas vacay until January 5th! Oh it feels so good.

Today is 'Polar Express Day' for our school. A local bank in town is doing EVERYTHING. We are going to have 5 different stations and the kids rotate and do different things at each. For example, there is a hot chocolate bar, ornament making, we have someone coming in to read the book etc.

They are going to love it. PLUS I don't have to do anything. I just get to participate and play.

Then after school (well at 12:30 when we get to leave) a bunch of us are going for an early happy hour!! Perfect way to start break, i'd say.

alright enough bragging, let's get down to business.

1. Presents. I am getting close to being done. I am finishing D up tomorrow when Jen & I go shopping. Then I have my dad which I am ordering tickets online and a few more for my sister. Then i am DONE!

2. Snow. Where is it? Not here, Last year, I think I went a total of 8 days to school in December. This year. ALL OF THEM. I need at least one snow day, right?

3. Running Shoes. I really want new ones. Here are a few I am lusting.

*Note, I am not saying I need, but want.*

4. Christmas music is on full blast all day. My poor kids at school are so over hearing it. I can't help it. i am obsessed.

5. Gumbo my love made on Wednesday!

It was so dang good!!

alrighty happy friday folks!
Enjoy it!

Linking up hereeee.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Skinny Chicken Tortilla Soup [Recipe}

Good morning friends!!
Happy Tuesday! I am so glad that we made it through Monday, only 4 more days til I am off for two weeks. I don't know who needs it more, me or my students!

So as you guys know I meal plan every week. I always try to plan a crock pot meal for Wednesdays because I tutor and work late and since I have a 40 minute commute I don't normally want to cook so it is so nice to have something waiting for me when I get home.

This is the one I made last week and it is a favorite for sure. I found here. This is the second time I made it and we both love it. Now I know it says soup but its really more of a stew or even chili consistentcy still fab thought. If would wanted it more soup like you could add chicken broth/stock or water.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

3-4 Chicken Breasts-I used frozen (I only used three and that was more than enough for almost 5 portions)
2 cans (not drained) black beans
1 Cup of Salsa
15 oz of Tomato Sauce
2 cans (not drained) diced Tomatoes (the orginial recipe says stewed but I had diced on hand)
Corn (Optional)
Salt & Pepper to taste

I always put the chicken (frozen) in first and the dump the rest on top.

1. Put all ingredients in crock pot.
2. Cook on low for 6-8 hours
3. Stir to shred up chicken ( I have a pampered chef utensil that breaks apart the chicken- but a wooden spoon would work fine)
4. Enjoy.

SOOOOO simple & so yummy.
Plus there is no guilt. D topped his with tortilla strips and a little cheese. I ate mine plain and it was just as good!

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Haters gonna hate

This is going to be a bit of a rant.

okay maybe not a rant because I am not necessarily angry.

It is more of something I have noticed.

So I started working out and changing my diet about 11 months ago. I have had ups and downs and have been a lot more strict during times and more lenient during others. However I have been working towards a healthier me for a while.

Since that has happened there have been people in my life who have had comments to say. Many are really good. I mean better than good, great. I have amazing supportive people in my life. D and my parents top the list. D pushes me to go to the gym when I am feeling lazy but doesn't make me feel awful when I want a little extra cheese or a scoop of ice cream. My mom didn't get upset when I brought healthy foods to Thanksgiving break and didn't get mad when I chose to eat a pre portioned salad instead of the meal that was made. Plus countless comments across social media have made this journey amazing and made me feel supported.

 To them and many others, i give thanks because without them i would have had way more road blocks.

However, there have been other kinds of comments. Nonchalant, petty, jealous, and even down right rude comments.

I think whenever someone changes something about themselves especially their lifestyle, people who knew them pre-change have their own thoughts. Some of those are positive others are negative thoughts. People say things, and yes of course they have the right to their opinion, but when those comments are to be rude or to put down something positive...i ask, what is the point?

Some things that have been said to me--

'Oh of course miss healthy is ordering a salad/veggies/chicken etcc'

'Well we can't all be healthy here like Sarah'

'What are you treating yourself to? Celery?'

*posting a fitness/gym photo or selfie* 'Just pulling a Sarah'

'Yeah yeah we know you went to the gym this morning, but i got to sleep in'

*eating something unhealthy* 'yeaaaaah, we will let you be healthy'

'Oh just skip the gym, you already went this week. Make me feel better about not going'

While the actual words are not 'hateful' the tone can say it all.

these are just a few that I can remember.
I get it. Not everyone wants to be so concentrated on what they put in their body and their working out. I get it.

I think a lot of people make the majority of comments like these absent mindedly without trying to be malicious. They are not meaning to hurt my feelings or get under my skin which is why most of these comments do not bother me much.

However, there are those make comments to tear me down. To make me feel like I am being annoying or not doing what I should be. Not everyone has the same goals as I do and that is totally fine, but why put down mine? If you don't like my instagram fitness photos, don't follow me. It's that easy. Or if you don't want to seem me order a salad, don't ask me to lunch.

I think there is jealousy involved. Now I am not some self absorbed whore bag who thinks people are jealous of her, blah blah.  What I mean is jealous of progress. I have made progress. Not huge leaps and bounds (probably because of my affection for ranch and chocolate---not together but in their own separate deliciousness) So many people want to get healthy and lose weight and I have. So instead of facing their own issues they want to make off handed comments to me.

that pisses me off.

well it did.
I am not choosing a new route. I am not longer letting comments malicious or not get to me. I am brushing that crap off.

instead I am going to focus on me and let them focus on me if they want or themselves. that is their deal. I want to build others up and help others with their own journey.

which brings me to the end of this post. YOU.

If you are working towards a healthier you, LET ME KNOW!! I want to be there for you. We can swap recipes, workouts, cute fitness apparel or just motivation. I love following fitness IGs and feeling like I am part of this fitness family. I want to continue that feeling to others.

/end rant.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I am not a school marm..

Obviously I am NO fashionista like kate. HOWEVER, i have been putting together, in my opinion, cuter work outfits rather than the dress pants and cardigan (my go-to). I always joke with D that sometimes I feel like an old school marm, however I feel like I have been stepping it up..lately.

I thought I would share some of my creations.

Shirt// old navy pants//f21
Blazer// Gordmans Pants//Walmart 

Pants// target Top// khols

Vest & Shirt//Old Navy Jeans//Gap

I am so obsessed with vest right now. I want them all.
I got the black one on black friday and am now on the hunt for an army green one. I need one that is not super poofy but more flat aka flattering on my bod.

What have you been wearing lately? Anything I need to add to my closet?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Fake Fur & Presents

Ohhhh Monday. You always come too early. #twss

This weekend was very low key. Productive & quiet. Which is just how I like it. It was mostly D and I getting stuff done and napping. Wild crowd I know. Well pictures can always so better than I can.


Starting my friday off healthy &trying these for the first time. Verdict: eh..
We are doing secret santa at work and this was the first day :) I have a good one!

We hit the gym then ran errands. This was my ootd. Vest- F21, shirt- Khols

Saturday night D took me out to one of our favorite Steak houses. It is a little on the pricey side so we only go there once in a while. It was fun to get dressed up and be out with my man. We also drove around to look at the lights after dinner. I was feeling extra festive.

When we got home we put together our gingerbread house. I think it turned out too cute. It is currently sitting on our dining room table.

Slept in and it was glorious. We were such bums. I did meal prep-- Buffalo Turkey burgers and turkey tacos.
I did reading lessons plans too.
eeeek and we started wrapping presents. We ran out of tape and tags so we had a late night walmart run. and yes I was that person, in a sweats and an oversized sweat shirt.

at least i had on a bra and was not wearing slippers.
at least..

How was your weekend??
Is anyone else is full blown holiday spirit??

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Thanksgiving Recap?

Okay so turkey day was only a week ago, so I cannot be that behind, right??

Well anyways, here is my break, ala photos

My new mani, I AM obsessed with the ring finger glitter fade.
My sister Emily & I on Thanksgiving
D & I
The feast, NOOMMZZ
My little cousins and I :)

Post Turkey Day Run, it was COLLLLD!!
Black Friday shopping OOTD
A little Vino on black friday night to relax
Staying on track & not eating amazing cinnamon rolls my mom made.
I saw some of my college girlfriends for dinner or Saturday, my OOTN
uh, yum.

Brunch before we left on Sunday. My mom rocks.

Overall it was amazing & i loved being home. 12 more school days until Christmas Break.