Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Good Morning Sweet Friends :)

I am currently snuggled in my bed. Yes I took today off. I have an appointment later and D is working on my car. Its doing this screechy thing when I back up. Plus I have only taken 2 days this year.


So anyways I am really slacking on that whole goal of 3 posts a week. So is life...

Anyways I am here to share my currents

{loving} This LIPSTICK I am not a lipstick girl, mostly bc D hates the 'goop' but I want to be a lip stick girl and so I saw this at CVS, and i am in love.

{watching} Scandal & New Girl! We are obsessed and binging both on Netflix.

{drinking} This coffee. I tried it out (with my serving of almond milk and a TBS of agave) & I LOVE IT.

{wanting} The warm spring weather to stay! I am ready for shorts with hoodies. Love me some spring!

{excited} to head home for Easter this weekend! Except I am not totally sure if I will even be in STL or if we are heading up to see my sister. Not sure yet

{eating} A lot of strawberries. We got fruit at Sams this weekend and got TONS of strawberries! They are so stinkin good :)

{wearing} a lot of maxi skirts.  I wore all three of mine last week. I am searching for more :)

{reading} Blubber by Judy Blume to my students. Many of them are HUGE Judy Blume fans, so I wanted to read this one to them.

What are your currents?

Friday, March 27, 2015

My 5!

Holy Moly thank goodness it is friday.

Spring fever is in full swing with my 4th graders aka they are so chatty and are only thinking about recess and playing.

I get it.
me too kids, me too.

BUT it is friday and next weekend is a 3day weekend. (we have good friday off) and I am heading to see my family.

I can make it.

ANYWAYS it's friday so here is my 5

{1} I forgot my beloved Quest Bar yesterday (my usual breakfast in addition to my coffee and a fruit) So i stopped & grabbed a Cliff Bar on my way...NOT GOOD!!! I was so sick all day. My belly did not like it. As in AT ALL!! What is with me forgetting shit?

{2}Boot camp kicked my hiney Wednesday night! I am still sore two days later. But it's a good total body soreness, so I am okay with it.

{3} I have not straightened my hair ALL WEEK!! I have worn it in a low bun pretty much the entire week. I am not even upset about it.

{4} These.

i need this.

{5} We are already planning for concerts this summer! I literally cannot wait.

Flashback from a concert last summer with jen!


happy friday!
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A forgotten lunch

I was SO amped for my lunch.

Like so excited because it was left overs from lunch yesterday and the left overs included some of the best fish tacos with corn salsa I have ever had. Plus apple sauce ( i have been on an apple sauce kick lately)

I was amped.

Until I got all the way to school and realized that my my delicious lunch was 40 minutes away on my kitchen counter.

Happy Monday to me.

Anyways here I am on tuesday and I have actually had a pretty good day thus far. My coffee was on point and i actually remembered my lunch. I am resisting the chocolate in my kids candy box and dreaming (okay that is a stretch) but thinking about leg day and few difference exercises I want to try.

So i am going bring you my Tuesday Musings aka a ramble of thoughts in my brain.

11 weeks. that is how many weeks until the cruise....AHHHH :) I cannot wait. Literally I cannot freaking wait.

That also means 9 weeks of school until i am out for sweeeeet summertime! 8 more mondays, bring it onnnn.

This weekend we went to D's parents and his niece was there. I AM OBSESSED with her. It was so gorgeous out so we got to play outside and I could just eat her up.

New mani. I feel like this is the last time I can go dark before being bright & cheery for spring & summer. I am ready for the brightness though.

I need to clean my car. like yesterday. It is not necessarily messy, but it needs a major vacuum and wipe down.

Anyone else excited for Bethanny to be back on RHONY. I might actually watch this season..

alright that is all i got. what are you musing on?
Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Things I will never love

First of all thank you so much for all of your sweet words from yesterdays post! You guys are so sweet and it makes me so good that I have people that are happy for me. So for that I thank you.

Hope everyone had a wonderful St. Pats Day. I love to celebrate any holiday and dressing for a theme is my JAM! I live for that shiz. I of course wore a green dress and we did a few saint patty's day things in my room! Plus D and I went out to dinner for our anniversary at the place of our first date awwww :)

BUT now I am back to reality of a non-holiday day. At least it's wednesday which means only one more day til Friday and that is something to celebrate.

Alright on to today's post.

Now I love A LOT of things. Chocolate, wine, bravo..I mean my family, D, Friends... But there are also A LOT of things I do not love.

like at all.

These things include but are not limited to

-Cold Toilet Seats

-Socks while sleeping. HELLO my toes need to breathe

-Charlie Horses in the middle of the night, or really just in general.

-Putting my sweaty sports bra back on after I tan after my workout. Yes, I know tanning is bad. I know, I know. 

- Being allergic to avocado. I want to eat all the guac and also not look like an idiot for having to check and double check there is NO avocado in my sushi.

-Having to wash my hair. Sorry it's overrated.

-Chipped toenail polish, even though since i have been running/wear flats to work, my toenails are ALWAYS chipped. I hate myself.

-Will Ferrel. He isn't funny.

What things will you never love?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Seven-Hundred and Thirty

Seven-Hundred and Thirty.


730 days.

That is how many days I have known D.

Two years ago I met my handsome man and my life has been changed ever since. Last year I shared how we met and all that jazz, so I won't bore you with that story again (even thought it is one of my favorite stories).

Instead today I just want to share words from my heart and I love letters so I thought I would write one.

Dear D,
 I  never knew I could love someone like I love you. I never thought anyone would love me the way you love me. Some days it feels like we have been together forever and other days it feels like we met yesterday. You are the part of me that I never knew was missing. I used to be afraid of the future. I was unsure of where my life would be and what it would look like. Of course I cannot say exactly how it will be, but what I do know is that you are a part of it. Your are my other half and I cannot wait to see what our future holds. I am so thankful every day, that I walked into that restaurant and sat down next to you. I cannot imagine how life would be without you, and I know I could search a million years and never meet someone like you. The last two years have been wonderful. I know we have our arguments but it only makes us better and knowing I can share my feelings makes me feel safe and makes my love for you even stronger. You are the peanut butter to my jelly. Cheers to the next year my love. I cannot wait to see what adventures we get into.

love you more,

P.S I am sorry I always forget to turn off the lights in the bathroom in the morning always. I swear I will try harder.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

4:30 am

HELLO Friends!

It's Thursday which means I am here to share a new healthy choice I am making. Thursday has just become my day to share what I am doing to live a healthier life. If you missed any of these posts, In have talked about resting, protein, boot camps and more.

This week I did something I NEVER thought I would do. EVER.

I set my alarm for 4:30am to go to the gym.

let that sink in.

As I posted yesterday this week was parent teacher conferences, which are after school, and I have been staying late. I skipped monday (WHICH WHHHHHATTTT? I never skip mondays, but i was so wiped out I couldn't do it #excuses). Well Tuesday was my late night (my last conference didn't start til 7:30 and then i have about a 40 minute drive aka I would be home super late) and I knew I wasn't going to make it to the gym after.

I am trying to hit the gym 6 times a week and since I already skipped Monday I knew I had to get my butt there tuesday. So I set the alarm.

and guess what?
I actually got up (albeit at 4:35) and got myself to the gym.  I got my run and my lifting in all before 6am. It was great. Okay I say that tongue in cheek because it was NOT great leaving my warm bed, but it felt so great staying dedicated and knowing all day I had already killed it at the gym.

I don't know often this is going to happen, but I know I  can and will do it again.

How are you making yourself healthier this week?

Just like Usher


I finish up my parent teacher conferences today (which is why this is the first day i have posted this week). It has been long 12-hour days this week, but I see the light. I just gotta make it through tomorrow and then I have a four day weekend!


So anyways since it is wednesday and I love Melissa, I am linking up with her for Confessions today.

I confess

....it has been so rainy and dreary that the fact that its suppose to be sunny makes me more excited than it should

.... I cannot wait to sleep in on Friday

..... 89 days til the cruise!! I have been stalking pinterest looking at what to pack and tips for people going on cruises! I am too excited!

.... I hate the word toenail. The thought of toe nails, especially boys' makes me instantly gag.

....While I am so excited for spring/summer the thought of actually having to keep up with shaving my legs actually exhausts me. Poor D.

What are you confessing?

Friday, March 6, 2015

My Friday 5


Welp the week is over and I have spent most of it at home because of the snow.
I did mention to be productive...sort of. I mean I blogged ALL 5 DAYS this week. WHHHHATTT??

BUT I am so excited for this weekend. D and I have plans with friends and there is SUPPOSE to be good weather! The snow can get out & bring on the sun.


okay onto my 5 for Friday 

1. This  cover by Ed Sheeran. I saw this on Melissa's page a while ago and I am still obsessed.

2. The weather for next week

I mean really, YES YES & YES.

3. Real Housewives of Melbourne. I didn't watch the premier last night, because well..Scandal on Netflix. But I did watch last season while I was running/doing school stuff yesterday and holy cow..these women. Anyone else watch/have thoughts?

4. I have crossed to the dark side. I have been drinking coffee everyday. I am a coffee drinker. My perfect combo- Black coffee, 2/3 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk & a tsp of agave syrup. I am obsessed.

5. This mani. I am channeling spring and my inner romantic.

Happy Friday Friends!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mixing it Up

Happy Thursday!
Is it spring yet? I mean really?

So I am back with how I am making myself healthier to share what I did this week. Last week I shared how I started boot camp (which was actually canceled yesterday BUT being the dedicated group we are & since school is canceled we rescheduled for today--so if the roads are fair I am heading out to do that this morning before the gym tonight)

gettin' shit done.

Anyway so I was a very gungho running girl. I was building my speed and stamina. That's all i did pretty much for cardio. Just run run run run.

Which is great. I am going to continue to run a lot.

But i need to mix it up. I feel like i have hit a mini plateau and I want to mix it up for my bod to get over this plateau. I have been doing stairs on Thursdays for a few months but i know that isn't enough.

My plan is to do stairs two days a week and uphill walk another day. I have been putting the treadmill on the highest incline, 15, and then walking from anywhere from a 3.8-4.1 for 45 minutes. It is a HUGE  calorie burner plus so so so so good for those glutes. Then I will run for the other 3 days. (I have been trying to make it to the gym 6 days a week, some weeks I only make it 5).

That is my plan anyway. Getting out of my comfort zone of running (which WOAHHHHH when did running become a comfort zone, that is still insane to me) is needed and I know it. I gotta trust this process and try new things to see what works for me!

Here is to continuing to kill it and making changes!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Confessions {I have no self-control and more}

Welp it was in the 50's yesterday...and here i sit.
at home with yet another snow day. We are suppose to get 3-4 inches of snow and ice and since many of the roads where i teach are rural, ice doesn't bode well for school buses aka school at all. The sleet has already started

I'm over it. I am ready for spring.

Anyways I will be hunkering down and doing a little cleaning/organizing since I am stuck inside all day. Who knows I might even pop over to the gym...since I am little nervous boot camp will be canceled.

However, since I had a little time I thought I would share a few confessions since I haven't done one in a while.

I confess--

+That the cruise is like 97 days a way....and I may have eaten one too many Hershey Kisses yesterday.... what am i doing? I do not have self-control...

+That even though missing these days for snow, it was nice to sleep in a little and drink coffee/eat breakfast with D this morning.

+That I am already making lists of what I want to do in my classroom next yr and projects I want to work on over the summer.

+My gym selfie game is strong. #sorryimnotsorry Follow me on IG to find out @sarah71389

+I really need a new layout for this blog of mine. I need to be inspired.

+The rate in which we are watching Scandal is ridiculous on Netflix. We are obsessed.

What are you confessing today?

Making Melissa

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Goals

And we are back!

yes I am back at school today and there is suppose to be a high in the 50's. I mean what the heck is wrong with Missouri...especially since there is only suppose to be a high in the 20's tomorrow.

Anyways I digress.

For me, personally, Working toward something motivates me. I like having something that I know I am working for. It keeps me going.

anyone else?

Any ways here are a few of my goals for the month of March

March Goals
  • Lose 3-4 lbs
  • Run for 6.5 miles straight (at 6.2 now)
  • Have all my lessons done before leaving school on Friday
  • Get our luggage bought for the cruise
  • Stretch more/focus on core work
  • Try 3 new recipes
  • Gym 6 days a week for the ENTIRE month
  • Stay on top of the laundry
  • Blog at least 3 days a week

What are your goals for the month? Fitness or just life related?

Monday, March 2, 2015

More Snow?

Good Morning Friends!

This is me currently. We got a lot of snow over the weekend, so school was out today. I am still sitting in bed...at 8:15.. yeah. Just sippin on my coffee.

anyways I am going to the gym and then to get my nails done soon, but before I get my life together, I thought I would share my weekend.

School was...school. So afterwards D & I had a hot date night at the gym then proceeded to snuggle on the couch and watched TV.

The snow started late friday and continued all day Saturday..but that didn't keep me. I walked over to the gym in the freezing snow and got my long run in :)

D & I headed to the mall and tried Moe's for the first time, not bad. But I think I prefer q'doba though.

Driving...hoping not to die..on the way home.

Saturday night OOTD, girrrrrl. HAHA :) Yeah we just binge watched Scandal on Netflix. #wildtimes


We got up early & headed to Walmart to get food for the week and ready for prep
I got this little guy that I have been eyeing for a little while,  I needed to try it out. Anyone else use it?

Sunday Selfie. It was D's dad's bday so we headed to his parents house to celebrate, so duh since I straightened my hair for the first time in days...a selfie was needed.
these two :)
D & his niece. I am obsessed.

That's all she wrote.
Happy Monday!