Thursday, May 28, 2015

Because of D

Last week Taylor posted about things she now does because of her fiance

I thought it was a great post (as always) and it got me thinking, what do I do now that I have been with D for so long...

How I roll chip bags. He is crazy OCD about that stuff. He literally gets compliments from everyone about how he rolls down chip bags or cracker bags inside the boxes. I always thought I was a fine roller, but alas I was wrong.

Coffee. I was never really a coffee drinker until we started living together. I always loved the smell & would get the occasional starbucks, but never make it on my own at home kinda gal. Now, everyone morning I have to or the scary Sarah comes out.

Antiquing. I never used to be a flea market/antique shopping kind of girl, until I met D.  Now we go all the time. We have 2 HUGE indoor flea markets in town and we go at least once a month so walk around and to look for 'treasures'

Tents. As most of you know D is a huge outdoors guy. Hunting, fishing, camping, whatever. Well for some reason, D does NOT believe in tents. Right, i know. HELL. But since being together I have not slept in a tent when we camped. (Luckily last time I got to sleep in the bed of a truck & NOT on the ground as per usual.)

Those are just a few off the top of my head. What have you began doing since  being with your significant other?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Weekend of Summer

Good Morning Friends!

Did everyone have a great holiday weekend? I did, for sure. It flew by as per usual, and now it's already tuesday. I mean I literally feel like it was just friday morning! I am officially on summer break! (EEEEEEK) I am spending my first actual day of summer at home relaxing and cleaning.   I feel like our apartment is a disaster zone so i need to get that taken care of first! It is cloudy and suppose to rain (pretty much the whole week) so I am going to sip coffee, turn up some music and hangout at home today.

So here is my weekend. (I really slacked on pictures on Saturday & Sunday)


Last Day of School picture.
After school on Friday night, the local minor league team (minors for STL cards) was having Teachers Night at the Ballpark so D & I headed out. It was a gorgeous night!

This is my only pictures from Saturday (fail) But I headed to the gym early and then came back & got laundry going.  D & I headed out to get which which and then binged a little Sons of Anarchy. That is currently our new show (we finished the episodes of Scandal and are ALMOST done with New Girl on Netflix) and so far we are loving SOA, I do think some parts a little graphic for my liking, but I can look past it for now.

Saturday night Jen & I went and saw Pitch Perfect 2. AMAZING. If you liked the first one, go now! SOOOO good!


 I took ZERO pictures, but we pretty much did nothing.  We went to the gym, grocery shopped, watched SOA and then went to his parents for dinner. Just a nice & lazy day,

Monday (Memorial Day)

Finally a day of sun!! D, Jen, Cody & I headed to the lake. It was gorgeous. We laid out, grilled, ate watermelon & the boys played in the water. ( it was too cold for us). It was such a good day of relaxing and being with good friends!

How was your weekend?? Happy Tuesday :)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Goodbye is the hardest word to say

Today is our last day of school.

I am filled with a mix of emotions. I am so excited to have my summer off and relax and tan and of course the cruise. Those things are jut so exciting I am about to burst.

Then I have the other side of the coin.

I have to say goodbye to my 27 little souls that have come to my room everyday (most for the last 2 years). I have spent two years falling in love with these kids and  now I have to say goodbye.

Maybe it is because I have been their teacher for 2 years so I have had even more time to grow attached to them. Or perhaps it is the fact they are my first 'real' class, i don't know.

It is so bittersweet. I am not ready to not be their teacher. I am not ready to let them go to 5th grade. I worry. I worry they will not be loved and appreciated by their teachers like I love and appreciate them. I worry their teachers will not know what they need and will not help them succeed. I worry they are going to struggle and maybe even drown in school work.

However, that is all about me. Not about them.

And today is really about them. They are leaving 'elementary school' and moving to the intermediate.

so to my kiddos--

Thank you. Thank you for being my first class. Thank you for teaching me more than I may have taught you.  We have laughed, cried and had flat out amazing days. There were bad days, but for some reason those seem to escape me. I am lucky to have been your teacher and I am so proud of what we have accomplished. I know that you will do amazing things next year and for years after. Remember to be kind.  In the years to come you will drift apart from kids that were once your best friends in this room. BUT please remember that we are still a family, even after you walk out of my room for the last time. You will always hold a place in my heart and I am so blessed to have known you. I am not ready to say goodbye but I know that i have to let go because you are on to bigger things. Remember you are important and your life is not determined by your circumstances and that you CAN do whatever your hear desires, you just have to try. I believe in you. I always will. So goodbye my sweet friends. I will miss you more than you will ever know.


Miss S

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

UWell hello there friends! I am here because I had a few extra minutes and I wanted to sit down and chat with you.

Tomorrow is my last day before summer vacation and I am very excited! We have a pretty good weekend planned and I cannot wait to get it started.

Today I gave my kids their end of the year presents. A week or so ago I had them describe each classmate in one word. Then I made a word cloud for each kid, matted and then framed it with a letter on the back. I hope they are going to enjoy them :)

I also recivied these two guys in the mail on Tuesday. Yes they are coloring books for adults. I AM SO EXCITED. I love to color and this will come in handy for the road trip coming up. I already started on one page. I am a child.

The weather has been unexpectedly cooler the last few days and I am not hating it. I want warmth, but i know it will be so hot this summer so i am going to enjoy these cooler days now.

I already have two DIY projects to start as soon as school gets out. I am very excited to work on them! D is thrilled...i am sure ;)

Lastly, i STILL need to find a nicer dress for the fancy dinner on the cruise. I am going to Branson so shop next week and fingers crossed I find one!

Any tips from past cruisers? I have been researching & have talked to Kate a lot, but any other help is always welcome!

happy thursday :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Life Lately

I'm  I wish I had some grand reason as to why I haven't even opened a new blog post in over a week.

But i don't.

The school year is ending and I have been so busy planning and trying to squeeze everything in plus working out and spending time with D that blogging has not been a top priority. It probably won't be until after next week.

That isn't a very pretty statement but it is true. Once school is out I will be back at this blogging thing. I just honestly haven't had the time to put out good posts, I don't want to fill your feed with meaningless junk nor do I wish to write about it.

BUT let me catch you up on life as of lately--

This littler girl (D's niece) celebrated her first birthday a few weeks ago :)

The weather has been phenomenal so we grilled out with a few Saturdays ago and it made me excited for summer and BBQs
 D & I grilled our own Kabobs last week and let me just day, I AM OBSESSED with kabobs. I do not know why, but I am! We just used Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce on the chicken.
I also took my kids on a field was exhausting.
Cinco de Mayo was a HUGE  success in my book! A few teachers I work with & got a margs and lots of chips and queso!

There has also been a lotta gym time!
My parents came into town last weekend for Mother's Day and we did much needed shopping. I of course had to get in the cart to be pushed around... shopping is hard work!

Momma & I at Mother's day Brunch!
D & I before brunch!

Oh this boy :)

Gorgeous Weather calls for denim vest and the windows down and selfies..

alrighty there you have it, life as of lately!
See you soon!

Friday, May 1, 2015

My 5 for Friday



I am so so so glad it is friday! I need a break, really bad, I am just so exhausted.

So to make this easy I am gonna get on with my 5.

{1} MY CARRY ON :) I mean how cute is that & it was only 18 bucks from walmart. Win-Win

{2} It is going to be in 70s all weekend and I could not need it more.Sunshine and 70 degrees, sign me up.

{3} Last night D took me to Barnes & Noble and I picked this little book up. It has different positive writings on each page. I have been struggling with positivity and I think this might be helpful in recharging my batteries

{4} This girl is going on 3 day hair but we get to wear hats on Friday, so all is well.

{5} This song.
He is a Missouri Boy too :)

happy friday my loves!