Friday, June 5, 2015

5 things on Friday



OKAY had to get that out! Tomorrow morning we are heading down to New Orleans. We are staying with Cody's mom & are planning to explore NOLA on Sunday then we set sail MONDAY!

I literally am so bursting with excitement! I am 90% packed. I need to make a quick target run/Aldi's run (for trail mix nuts) and then I will be good to go. I packed most of my stuff including my carry on yesterday.

Krysta & I are heading out  to get our nails & toes done at noon but before I go I wanted to share a few things


oh em gee.
first of all--- jax teller.

second, we are obsessed with this show. It is so dang good. It is pretty lude and a bit graphic (which usually turns me off from shows) but i LOVE this show.

{2} Baked Blushes. I ran into forever 21 the other night & grabbed this gem.

I have tried a few of f21 products, they are actually okay for what you pay for them. I am excited to try it out. I swatched it & it seemed pretty pigmented.

{3} I am actually pretty proud of myself because my suitcase is NOT busting at the seams. Your girl can pack...well this time. I know I over packed, but it all fit & i didn't have to sit on my suitcase to make it close. win?

{4} ORANGE IN THE NEW BLACK. season three premiers next friday!! AHHHH :) D has told me that we will NOT being paying for wifi to watch, rude. But you know I will be binging when I get back.

{5} Our apartment pool IS NOT OPEN YET. WTF??? I wanted to layout this week, but alas it doesn't even have a drop.


anyways this will be my last post until I get back! Have a great weekend & I'll see you in a week!!
Happy Friday!!!


  1. Holy crap your apartment complex needs to get on that ish and open the pool! Northern pools should be open Memorial Day - Labor Day no excuses! And have an AMAZING time on your trip! New Orleans + cruising for the win! And forget all about your new healthy lifestyle on the cruise, cruises are all about eating and drinking. Enjoy every bite/sip ;-)

  2. Happy vacation week! I can't wait to follow along on IG!


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