Monday, June 1, 2015

7 days + Sno Cones

Good Morning!!

it is another dreary day in Missouri. It has been rainy/overcast for pretty much the last week. I am over it.... Bring on the sun!

Speaking of sun....

7 days til we set sail!!!!!!! AHHHH :) I seriously cannot freakin wait! I am hoping this week doesn't drag by. I am sure it's gonna, but I have a few things to get done so hopefully I will stay busy!

Well I guess since it's Monday I'll share my weekend---


D & I went to dinner with Jen & Cody because Cody's brother was in town. We also headed to a little hole in the wall bar for a little after.
For a hole in the wall it had a LEGIT selfie obviously we had to take one!


We slept in, it was much needed. Then we ran some errands. We stopped at this smoothie shop & I got a green smoothie (Kale, spinach, mango & banana + stevia & ice) YUMMM!

We also stopped by the mall. D wanted to look at MC sports so I wandered around Pennys & Forever.
This was my OOTD

We also went to dinner with his parents & sister that night. I was too busy playing with his niece to take pictures. I am seriously obsessed with her.


We slept in again...but it was seriously so nice. I made breakfast & D watched this documentary about Vanderbilt, Carnegie, & Rockefeller. I colored. HAHA :)

We went to the gym because the mexican from the night before made me NEED some cardio.
Then I came back, watched Harry Potter on ABC family...#always

SNO cones were had, the first ones of the season :)

Then we grilled out with Jen & Cody and dreamed about the cruise!! EEEEK!

Anyways, there you have it! How was your weekend?

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  1. You are looking fabulous gurlie, loving those pink shorts! And YAY for the cruise being soooo close, can't wait to hear all about it :-D


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