Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I dwell.

I always have. I am an over analyzer, over thinker & worry wart.

Lately I have been dwelling on a few things from my past. Things I am embarrassed of and regret. Things that I wish I could have told my younger self

"don't be stupid. You will regret that"

 I have a had a lot of time at home alone since I am on summer break and D works during the day and these thoughts have been something that I cannot get off my brain. I want to forget or to put it out of mind but it is weighing too heavy on my heart. It makes me sad, upset and almost sick to my stomach. I am not perfect and I know I never will be but I am in such a different place than I was, say 3-4 years ago and I want to accept  choices I made and move on.

I need to forgive myself but I am really struggling.
really struggling.

I am not sure how to get past this and just 'move on' and not let it bother me. I looked up a few quotes so I thought I would share these, even if its just something I can look back on re read to remind myself that I made mistakes but that doesn't define me now.

I am trying to find forgiveness for myself.

I will be back to blogging once I get a new layout etc & once I get my mojo back.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Shenans {Day Trips & Fourth of July}


happy Monday friends! The sun is shining for gorgeously this morning here in Missouri. Which is a nice changed from the rain we have been having! This weekend flew by, but I feel like I always say that! D had a 3-day weekend which of course made me the happiest girl. We had a semi low key weekend nothing too crazy--

Since D was off we took a day trip to Kansas City. We both had been wanting to go up there for a while and we headed to The Legends which is like a big outdoor mall (with lots of outlet type stores) I spent way too much money but got some good stuff!

{1}Picked this little package up at CVS. It was a nice healthy road trip snack. They had tons of flavors so i might have to go back & get more to keep in my desk at school.
{2} Mid shopping we stopped at Jose Peppers for lunch
{3} I got grilled fish tacos
{4} OOTD- shorts are old navy & Kimono is Charlotte Russe


{1} We slept in a little bit, but then headed to the gym & ran a few errands (aka walmart)
{2} We celebrated at his family's house. There was lots of hanging out outside
{3} His parents recently went to Gulf Shore, AL and brought back shrimp & Crawfish and we hadna big boil & BBQ
{4} There were a few fireworks


This was literally the laziest of days! We binged (I mean like 9 episodes of Sons of Anarchy). We did make it out for a little Sno Biz (shaved ice stand) & that was about it. I didn't mind at all though :)

How was your fourth?? What did you guys do?

Friday, July 3, 2015

5 on Friday


happy friday my friends!! D has today off so we are going to be spending the whole day together. I am not sure what we will be doing, but I am so glad he is off work with me :) I hope most of you are off work as well and are getting ready to enjoy this weekend! I am not 100% sure of our plans this weekend. I believe we are hanging out with his family and possibly going to the lake with them.

We are heading the gym shortly but before we do that I thought I'd share my Friday 5 with you!

{1} We finally started Season 4 (the one that just aired on TV) of Scandal! We only watched a few episodes and I am already obsessed again! LOVE Oliva Pope!

{2} Ice pops.
i cannot get enough. They are 25 cals ( I know allll sugar) but just so darn refreshing :)

{3} WE HAVE OFFICIALLY OFFICIALLY (aka the deposit checks have been cashed) booked our photographer and venue. I know I mentioned i earlier this week but it is actually official now!

{4} I might have had a mini shopping spree at Hobby Lobby. I went in to get stuff to make a summer-ish wreath & none of that was bought.... this stuff was

{The 'L' will hang in our hallway, the black wooden sign will go in my room, mason jars I thought would be cute for smoothies/just drinking out of it, glue sticks & spray pain for a few DIY} There was so much cute stuff I will def be going back soon!

{5}  This song.

I am obsessed with it!!

 & that will do it for me! Have a great weekend friends! Stay safe and keep the cool beverages coming :)

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Goals

Is it really July 1st?? I love July mostly because it is my BIRTHDAY MONTH  :) I will be 26 on 13th and I am excited. Not for turning 26, but because i LOVE birthdays and summer!

I also need to start working on things for my classroom. Nothing too hardcore but just getting organized. I need to print a bunch of stuff and instead of using all my ink/my crappy printer I was thinking of going somewhere to have it printed (in color). BUT I have never done this before? What I need is a PDF file and I don't want every single page in the file, am I allowed to use a computer and print on my own or do they do it for you?

ALSO, i am in need a of a new blog design. I want something simple but in all honesty I don't wanna have to pay/pay a lot for it. I know,  what a cheapo. Any thoughts?

Okay moving right along.... As most of you know I love a good list and I love seeing things in print. It is something that works for me. Here are a few Goals I have for July

+ Begin on School organization and *fingers crossed* work in my room
+ Go on more evening walks at the park with D
+ Go to a Springfield Cardinals (minor league team) game
+ Finish at least one book
+ Get Sno Biz at least oncce
+ Focus on biceps/legs at the gym, build those muscles
+ Try at least 3 new recipes

What are your Goals for the Month?